9 thoughts on “Glenn Beck names his “Dream Team” for 2016: Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina top the ticket

  1. Beck no longer has credibility with thinking people. He’s all over the map and the sooner that Trevor gets any reference to him off his blog the better off he (Trevor) will be. Fiorina is nothing but an establishment Republican and so is Marco Rubio, but Glenn doesn’t get it. He’s too busy breaking American laws by trying to smuggle Syrian refugees into America while claiming he can vet them while the government can’t. There is no credible information about these people and yet Glenn wants to bring them into America. He should consider Franklin Graham’s points that the best thing to do would be to get them into a safe zone in their part of the world. As Graham says, most refugees eventually want to go home so it’s not only safe to keep them in that part of the world, but more cost effective. Trevor doesn’t need to be aligning himself with Glenn’s nonsense.

  2. Hi there – – – are you aware people think Glenn Beck is a nut?!

    Cruz is OK … but big NO to Fiori a.

    I’m liking Trump as the anti establishment candidate. The establishment Rs and Ds are all corrupt.

    Trump/Cruz ticket – and fast.

    1. Hi there—are you aware people who watch Glenn regularly for a length of time do not think he is a nut…
      Cruz is excellent and so is Fiorina…
      Trump is a Bully and a Clown….with no plan and no clue…

      1. Beck plagiarized Trevor Louden the whole time he was on FOX with his stupid chalkboard. He finally, at some point acknowledged where he was getting his info from because he was called on it.

        His opinions are ego orientated and he needs to go away as no one cares about his opinions.

        1. Do you know that Glenn Beck has repeatedly had Trevor Louden on both his TV and radio shows? That is where I first even heard of Trevor and became a fan. Stop the hate and criticism.

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