Listen Live – Will US Catholics Knowingly Abort America?

Listen live Wednesday July 22 at 9:00 AM Eastern

Mike Hewitt

Mike Hewitt (News Talk 1090 WKBZ-AM) interviews Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, author of
The Pope Offers the Masses the Opium of Marxism.

Do US Catholics love America enough to actively reject Pope Francis’ Liberation Theology before his historic visit to America this fall?

The speech by Francis to a joint session of Congress could be akin to listening to Reverend Jeremiah Wright preaching social justice and condemning “G-d Damn America.”

Listen in and start this important conversation at church next Sunday!


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1 thought on “Listen Live – Will US Catholics Knowingly Abort America?

  1. Most Catholics are already socialist style thinkers. They don’t know truth because they not only don’t read the real Bible but they are taught that only the priests can interpret their botched version of God’s truth. All good little socialists don’t do the homework they should and just go along with the propaganda they are indoctrinated with.

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