4 thoughts on “Trevor Loudon Making His Book ‘The Enemies Within’ Into A Movie

  1. can’t wait to read the book. I love all tell all books. but of course the democrats won’t believe it. I have several by other people.

  2. Good luck to you Mr. Loudon, as I will certainly be looking forward to this film. You are a true gem, in all you have done FOR America, and trying to ‘open people’s eyes to What is going on, and I thank you for that.’ I have both your books, and again, Good Luck. Jo

  3. Looking forward to such a movie. Read his first book, and want to buy the second book. Difficult reading when one realizes the communist entrenchment in our government from Obama on down.

    I had planned to contribute twenty=five dollars toward this great endeavor but was stopped dead when I was told no periods which my offer as 2500, that scared me.

    I want the new book and should I buy it from the author or go elsewhere?

    Do it, and I know you will. Good luck.

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