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It’s time once again for the Watcher’s Council’s ‘Weasel Of The Week’ nominations, where we pick our choices to compete for the award of the famed Golden Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or her dastardly deeds during the week. Every Tuesday morning, tune in for the Weasel of the Week nominations!

Here are this weeks’ nominees…

Barack Obama and Islam

Barack Hussein Obama, Defender Of Islamism, President of the 57 states and fluent Austrian speaker!!

The Noisy Room: Barack Obama and his Administration for prioritizing the fighting of Islamophobia. In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher Market slaughters in Paris, France. Once again, Obama came to the defense of Islam and terrorism, not the victims:

There are some individuals that are using a peaceful religion and grossly distorting it, and trying to use its tenets to inspire people around the globe to carry out acts of violence. And we have enjoyed significant success in enlisting leaders in the Muslim community, like I said, both in the United States and around the world to condemn that kind of messaging, to condemn those efforts to radicalize individuals, and to be clear about what the tenets of Islam actually are. And we’re going to redouble those efforts in the days and weeks ahead.

According to Breitbart, here are his 5 other greatest Islam defense remarks:


My job is to communicate to the American people that the Muslim world is filled with extraordinary people who simply want to live their lives and see their children live better lives. My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy.


So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.


When I became the NASA Administrator, [President Obama] charged me with three things. One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering.


[A] crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. Now, I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. 
It is an insult not only to Muslims, but to America as well — for as the city outside these walls makes clear, we are a country that has welcomed people of every race and every faith. We are home to Muslims who worship across our country. We not only respect the freedom of religion, we have laws that protect individuals from being harmed because of how they look or what they believe. We understand why people take offense to this video because millions of our citizens are among them…. The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

2014 – Kerry for Obama…

[Our effort] has to start major efforts to delegitimize ISIS’s claim to some religious foundation for what it’s doing and begin to put real Islam out there and draw lines throughout the region.

In the ‘Audacity of Hope’, Obama is famous for the quote: “I will stand with the Muslims if the Political Wind shifts in an ugly direction.

At the rally in Paris in commemoration for those who died this week, Barack Obama was noticeably absent. Over 50 world leaders showed – Obama ostensibly sent Eric Holder, who was not seen at the vigil, march or the rally. Plausible deniability, but if a politician goes to a wake and no one sees him, did he really go? Obama is dining and golfing… Holder is probably meeting with Islamists.

Ask Marion: My nomination for the weasel of the week is President Obama… yes again… this time for not joining the other leaders of the Western world in Paris to stand in unity against radical Islamic terrorism. Guess he is still recovering from jet lag after his two week Hawaiian holiday vacation?

President Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry were noticeably absent as most of the world’s leadership stood together in unity and linked arms against terrorism and for freedom. At a time when the US looks ever weaker after our president has spent 6-years apologizing for American exceptionalism and continues to appease those who would oppress anyone who chooses not to accept their radical ideology, our president needed to be part of the united coalition in Paris. Radical Islam is at war with us. They are attacking us and the rest of the Western world on all fronts and President Obama is still cutting deals with the Muslim Brotherhood and inviting them to the White House.

This is what happens when we don’t vet our candidates and vote for people we do not know or understand.

Noted Author And Wealthy Left Wing Fantasist JK Rowling!!

Bookworm Room: I’m giving my Weasel of the Week nomination to J.K. Rowling. She’s a brilliant writer, but when it comes to world issues, logic, and politics, she’s proven herself to be an uneducated, illogical, and possibly racist moron.

When Rupert Murdoch correctly tweeted that Islamic terrorism stretches around the world and that it needs a reformation from within, Rowling sent several inane tweets in response:

“I was born Christian. If that makes Rupert Murdoch my responsibility, I’ll auto-excommunicate.” [See tweet here.]

“The Spanish Inquisition was my fault, as is all Christian fundamentalist violence. Oh, and Jim Bakker.” [See tweet here.]

“Eight times more Muslims have been killed by so-called Islamic terrorists than non-Muslims.” [See tweet here.]

By tweeting this nonsense, Rowling ignored the fact that Murdoch has never justified any of his actions by saying that he was following Biblical mandates; that Christian reformation resulted in rejection of the Spanish Inquisition; that American Evangelicals, rather than distancing themselves from Bakker by announcing that he wasn’t a Christian, instead denounced his conduct, calling it unbecoming for a Christian; and that citing to Muslim internecine massacres as an excuse for not castigating Muslim violence sounds remarkably like saying “It’s all good when the brown people kill each other.”

Secondary Weasel nominations go to all the Progressives around the world who actually thought Rowling said something intelligent, and lionized her accordingly in social media.

Murderous Islamist Thugs The Kouachi Brothers!!

The Glittering Eye: These murderers of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and editorial staff are hard to match for sheer perfidy and are clearly the weasels of the week.

Progressive Whack Job Sally Kohn!!

Nice Deb: I nominate Sally Kohn for being one of the first leftists out of the gate to make absurd equivocations, attack strawmen, and expose her own gross hypocrisy in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo slaughter in Paris, last week.

In a double whammy of stupidity, she tweeted:

Christians or Jews killing in name of religion = Extremists

But Muslims killing in name of religion = All Muslims??!

Come on…

Fallacy #1 She seemed to be suggesting that Christians and Jews commit terrorist attacks in similar numbers as Muslims.

Fallacy #2 She was also suggesting that a significant number of conservatives were accusing all Muslims of being terrorists. When I asked her who was doing that — name names, she ignored me.

She also put her gross hypocrisy on display with this tweet:

It is not inconsistent to believe in free speech AND be against insulting other people’s faith traditions. #CharlieHedbo

It took conservatives approximately two seconds to find examples of Kohn insulting other people’s “faith tradition” on Twitter here and here:

Those tweets are just a small sample of the irritatingly inane weasel-speak coming from Kohn in the past week.

Islamist Shill and terrorist Groupie Nihad Awad, Executive Director and Co-Founder of CAIR

The Right Planet : Nihad Awad, executive director and co-founder of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), hijacked a press conference at a vigil for the Charlie Hebdo victims killed by Islamic terrorists in Paris last week. Awad used the opportunity to pump the tried-and-true meme CAIR always regurgitates every time an act of terror is committed by Muslims–namely, that Muslims are the true victims, never mind the real victims.

Author, Hard Left Feminist Termagant, Conspiracy Fantasist And Israel Basher Naomi Wolf!!

Simply Jews: I nominate Naomi Wolf, with one of her more unhinged “moments of truth”. Naomi Wolf, lately famous for her conspiracy theories, wasn’t able to keep her mouth shut even in an event like the recent Paris murderous spree by Islamic terrorists, producing one of her inanities on the spot.

Well, there it is. What a despicable group of Weasels… ANY OF THEM COULD WIN! Check back Thursday to see which Weasel walks off with the statuette of shame!

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