“None Dare Call It Treason” Author John Stormer

John A. Stormer, author of the seven-million copy best seller, None Dare Call It Treason, is our guest on America’s Survival TV. His 1964 book is the most successful in the history of conservative journalism and is still relevant today. John Stormer’s book had a dramatic impact on Ronald Reagan personally and the movement that later elected him as president. The title of John Stormer’s first book came from the famous John Harington quotation: “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”


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4 thoughts on ““None Dare Call It Treason” Author John Stormer

  1. Barack Obama is a communist–the facts are logically irrefutable!

    Barack Obama has never been constitutionally qualified to be president–and everything he has done and has been done for him in his name{which is most things}–is illegal!

    As the Marxist media present him–Barack Obama is a fraud.

    1. Sure
      What’s new?
      Surely the question is why is the GOP
      not fighting him
      They don’t care because they just want the money
      Bachmann, Palin, West, Cruz
      The country is gone
      Your grands certainly are not free
      And your banging on about a de facto situ the military,
      congress, media and any other centre of influence knows about but does nothing to change it
      They all want to hang on to and increase if possible their pile of dough
      The country is over
      There’s no way back as currently constituted
      Remember Peter on the Appian way
      That’s our future

  2. Its frankly an easy shot to say Obama
    and his gang are commies etc
    And yes they are everywhere both here and every other country
    of the world
    If your a wanna be dictator you better have commie connections
    The more interesting question is why no one on the right talks about it
    Palin Cruz and West don’t
    Cos their lining their pockets while all this goes
    Bachmann-a Swiz citizen while raising 20 million bucks in her pres campaign
    So commies are taking over, while your told ‘hey we’re fighting it’
    as they find and take DC $ and anything else that’s on offer
    So this country is over, and our grands will be slaves spitting on our names, cos we could have done something about it before it was too late
    Like wake up and give up the decadent empty lives most citizens live

  3. I’ve been saying that Barack Obama is guilty of treason. The man has thrown our entire nation under the bus…make a list of the damage done. Since he took office, the destruction of America’s allies..tremendous financial debt.. A gutted military…social unrest, non-existent borders, a nuclear capable Iran..soon…..what will it take? He has positioned us so that we could lose status as having the world’s reserve currency..the American dollar! What will it take? All the scandals, the assault on the American Constitution, the lies..Cuba! Once again, what will it take?
    the emperor has no clothes!.. but still he remains in office…

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