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Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture or daily living. This week’s question: How Would You Handle The Current Crisis On The Border?

The Colossus of Rhodey: Since President Lemon has no compunctions about doing what HE wants when it comes to actual laws (including those involving immigration), if I was a border state governor I would do whatever it took to secure the border — including calling up National Guard troops. Does this conflict with the actual LAW? Sure. But again, the president picks and chooses laws to enforce as HE sees fit; let Rick Perry or Jan Brewer do as THEY wish and tie the matter up in court for months or even years … but at least something will have been done to secure the national border.

The time for playing around is past. If you want some sort of immigration reform, then first and foremost, SECURE THE DAMN BORDER. Otherwise, forget about any sort of “reform.” Tell the presidents of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras that they better get their collective acts together, or it won’t just be Bill O’Reilly calling for boycotts of their countries.
But, of course, Obama won’t do any of the above. Therefore, I refer you again to my first paragraph. Challenge him, and federal government, directly and forcefully.

The Noisy Room: I agree with Mark Levin on handling the border. The children under 12 should be fed, clothed and escorted home. The others should, without further ado, be deported. The border should be closed and all funding cut off to countries South of our border, period. And the next time Mexico accidentally sends troops and bullets across our border aimed at our agents, we should call it what it is: ‘An act of war.’

Immigrants should have to follow immigration law and come in the legal way into the US. My son-in-law from Denmark did just that. It took us years to bring him over and he is an engineer and scientist. We had to vouch for him and support him economically. He also already had an American wife and children. We joke with him all the time that it would have just been easier to walk across the Southern border. But that wasn’t the right or legal thing to do for our family. It never would be.

If I had the power to do whatever it took, I would deport and escort all of the illegal aliens en masse across the border and right now. I would launch a state to state effort to round up illegal immigrants and deport them as well. ID would never be given to illegal aliens and citizenship for everyone in the US would have to be proven before employment or services were granted. I would shut down the refugee camps and start impeachment proceedings against the President and his sycophants.

I would bolster the border patrol and erect a two-layered security fence along the entire Southern border with rapid response teams on call. I would sanction deadly force when it was needed. In fact, not one person would be allowed to cross until our Marine being held in Mexico was returned. Gang bangers, rapists, kidnappers, murderers and smugglers, as well as terrorists, would not be released. They would be prosecuted and imprisoned. When needed, they would be executed. They would be held accountable for their crimes. I would employ Israeli-style profiling and the border would be locked tight except for a few entrance points. Sufficient funding would be sent to the Border Patrol to do their jobs and every agent would be heavily armed.

I believe immigration law should be reviewed and tightened. Application can be made for talented individuals who wish to come to the US that have skills and would benefit our nation. The rest could apply with general applications. These should be streamlined and not backlogged for years as has been the case. The immigration agencies should be under constant review and if they do not do their jobs in a timely manner… well, there are plenty of people looking for work.

Without a secure border, you don’t have a secure or sovereign nation. The crisis on the border is a manufactured one to transform America, shift voting demographics and eradicate our borders and sovereignty. The US should emulate Israel concerning border security and not allow Marxists to use the children as emotional extortion to advance an invasion force.

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: It’s simple – tho not simplistic.

First, secure the border so tight a breeze can’t blow across with out getting nailed to the floor.

Send them ALL back to the nation state of origin. Use linkage to start deporting ALL illegal immigrants. Being told it can’t be done is an insult to intelligence.

After all, if the Nazis could load up millions of people and tote them off to kill (at a time when their military really needed all those trains, troops and resources), surely America can haul off several more millions with a sack lunch for their respective mommielands.

Since there will be especial cases, especial procedures can be set up to handle them – with a 5 day limit instead of years.

Another method would be to send Spanish speaking Tea Party cats to the border and the temp storing stations to recruit ppl into the Tea Party. Issue statements about how these new folks are totally digging the Tea Party’s meme. The government would instantly stop immigration and BOTH Pelosi along with Senate Majority leader would be out on the border mixing concrete and erecting fences themselves.

JoshuaPundit: In order to really solve the problem of illegal migration, I think we have to recognize several factors.

First, the catch phrase ‘secure the border’ is easier said than done. Many Americans are not familiar with how difficult the terrain is. Some of it can be fenced off and patrolled, but much of it can’t. And if it were possible, that does nothing about the 11-12 million illegal aliens already here. It also doesn’t account for two border state governments, California and New Mexico, whom essentially wink at border enforcement for political reasons and will continue to do so, fence or no fence.

Another factor no one’s mentioning is the obvious complicity of the Mexican government and the influence of the cartels. Mexico is notoriously brutal to immigrants coming through its own southern border, yet these immigrants from Central America are being shepherded through easily.That ought to suggest something to anyone who understands what Mexico is like these days. It’s also worth considering that at present these ‘unaccompanied children’ (and many of them aren’t children) are being released to anyone who claims to be a relative. One can only speculate as to how many of these ‘relatives’ are actually gang leaders springing new recruits or pimps picking up the latest shipment of prostitutes for sex trafficking – with Uncle Sam’s help.

To change this, we are going to have to make some decisions. The first one is whether we wish to be an immigration society or a welfare state. We can’t be both.

Second, we’re going to have to decide whether we’re going to continue to wink at what is in fact an invasion. I’m not exaggerating. At present, since April, an estimated 300,000 illegal aliens have crossed our borders. By contrast, the Normandy Invasion in 1944 involved a mere 150,000 troops.

We have law on the books that dates back decades prohibiting illegals from Central America from being deported without an immigration hearing. That law has been extended by Democrats several times. If I were president, I would abolish it by executive order, which seems to be fashionable nowadays.

We are also going to have to come to terms with the fact that a substantial number of illegal aliens currently in America are going to have to be deported, and some are going to have to get green cards. We can facilitate that by requiring them to register and receive a tamper proof ID that needs to be renewed every 90 days on penalty of immediate deportation and permanent barring from the United States. Once they’re registered, they can continue to live and work in America until they are evaluated in terms of the point system and then either deported or allowed to start their citizenship waiting period from the date they receive their green cards. Chain migration for those who entered the country illegally would be prohibited. We will also need to change our laws so that it becomes far too costly for anyone to knowingly employ or rent property to an illegal alien. Or for any state governments or local jurisdictions to fail to enforce our immigration laws or cooperate with ICE.

Likewise, we need to abolish our entire byzantine immigration law structure in favor of a points system that changes as America’s requirements change, similar to what Australia and Canada have . It would apply equally to everyone. No more country quotas or diversity lotteries. We would only take in as many immigrants as we require with skills we need, and vet who comes in based on skills, education, ability to speak English, lack of a criminal record, ties to America, lack of disease and lack ties to terrorism or politically questionable groups. A certain fixed amount of exceptions could be given extra points if they have a member of their immediate family or an employer willing to be a guarantor that the immigrant in question would not become a public charge.

Much of that used to be the criterion at Ellis Island.

To deal with the current influx, we are going to we need to essentially need to recreate Manzanar and similar facilities near the border so the illegals whom are here can be processed as quickly as possible for deportation. At present, they are deliberately being scattered around the country to make them more difficult to find and deport.

None of this will be quick or easy , and it will be messy. But that’s what it’s going to take.

The Glittering Eye: I’ve already given my prescription several times over at my place but I’ll repeat it here. First, we need to set up facilities near the border adequate to handle the inflow of unaccompanied minors. They need to be clothed, housed, receive food and medical attention, as appropriate. Concurrently, the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act should be narrowed to address only the cases it was intended to address and no more or repealed entirely. Existing law must not require a status hearing for these unaccompanied minors.

The third prong of my proposal would be bilateral negotiations with Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and other countries as necessary to stem the flow. Bilateral, i.e. individually with each country not multilateral. Mexico should be blocking free passage and these kids should be repatriated immediately. We should pay their countries of origin if necessary to maintain them.

We’re already doing that but we need to increase those efforts. IIRC only about 20% of the funds President Obama has asked of Congress was for that purpose. Most was for bureaucracy expansion.

What we’re doing now is no more responsible than putting these kids on top of railroad cars headed north.

Ask Marion: As ‘The Great One’, Mark Levin said the other night on Hannity, and as most people who understand what is really going on at our Southern Border have said: “(1) Deport… Send Them Back Immediately (2) Secure the Border and (3) Don’t Give Money or Aid to Any Countries Who Export Their People into Ours illegally… or to Mexico Who is Facilitating This Illegal Onslaught (They Certainly Aren’t Keeping These People in Mexico, Because They Have One of the Strictest Immigration and anti-Illegal Immigration Policies in the World!).”

If I were Queen, instead of Obama being King… 😉 The National Guard and militia volunteers would be lined up on the border, armed to the teeth, and everyone would be turned back immediately.

Option 1:

Fill the buses up with gas, give everyone a sack lunch and some water, arrest the obvious coyotes and facilitators, and send the illegal immigrants back immediately!

Option 2:

Have planes ready and escort the buses directly to an isolated takeoff and landing strip. Move everyone from the busses to the airplanes, fly them immediately back with a nurse and facilitators on-board and reunite them with their families in the countries they came from. If they have families here who came legally, the so-called refugees can go through the legal channels. If they have families in the U.S. who are here illegally, send those families back to the county of their origin as well.

For 8 million dollars America could send every illegal alien back… they could be flown home and reunited with their families in their countries of origin. And according to Governor Rick Perry of Texas, only 100 million dollars of the $3.7 billion President Obama (who refuses to visit the border but has plenty of time to play pool, attend fundraiser in Texas and Colorado, eat Texas BBQ… and yes, wait for it… go on his regular family vacation to Martha’s vineyard) is asking Congress for will go to border security. So it would not secure the border or solve the problem. Leaving the big question: “Exactly why and for what is Obama asking Congress for $3.7 billion dollars… what does he plan to do with it?” We are obviously being had again!! Luckily for now, Congress has not authorized the Obama’s request.

Congress should authorize the $8 to $10 million or send everyone back… period, along with a specific plan. And in a separate bill, with a delineated plan, the money should be authorized to secure the border, and the entire process needs to be published, supervised and reported on daily by the media for the public to watch (on C-SPAN, Fox as well as the MSM).

Because of this manufactured crisis, we have gang members coming in, people with diseases that we have eradicated are coming in; people are flying on the airlines all of the U.S. without ID; illegals are traveling all over the country freely once they have their court date; people who should never have crossed into the country are complaining that they aren’t being treated well enough… and getting media coverage; and in some facilities it looks more like Summer Camp than a holding facility or a refugee camp (if you buy the refugee angle). And the illegal drug, arms and sex trade is flourishing right now because our border agents are overwhelmed babysitting and changing diapers.

We really will be remembered as the stupidest people who ever lived if we allow this influx to continue and the rest of the world is either laughing at us or crying at the final decline of what many had hoped would beat the 200-year (nation and empire) decline cycle and continue to be the beacon of hope for world.

It is time to decide if are are still a sovereign country of if we have already rolled over and become victims of the ruling elites’ plan for a New World Economic Order (NWO) that they will control. And if the decision is that we are still a country, it is time for people all over the the United States to get involved like the patriots in Murrieta, CA, like the militias who have headed to Texas and like Governor Sarah Palin who called for President Obama’s Impeachment. As Donald Trump recently said, “We have to decide… We either are a country or we aren’t!” And if we don’t have a border, we aren’t!! In a shocking poll: 73% of Americans now support the impeachment of President Obama NOW and 14% more at some point. So what are we waiting for?

Well, there you have it.

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