RINOs & The UNFAIR TAX On The Middle Class

By: Dick Manasseri

I just paid my taxes, my outrageously UNFAIR Taxes.

How come millions of these low-info guys vote, but pay ZERO taxes?


They face no taxation yet they do have nonstop representation by the DEMs and their RINO collaborators, who want to create even more low-info “handout” voters via Amnesty.

The DEMs and the RINOs are OK with the USA Nanny State of Mind

Having lost its moral compass, the nanny state U.S.A. has become a society reeking of greed, envy, hate, corruption, lawlessness and promiscuity. The takers and the entitled, legal and illegal, have outnumbered the givers.

The takers, who repeatedly vote without an I.D. because they are too dumb to procure one, but smart enough to produce an I.D. for welfare benefits and free healthcare, will guarantee that our society will become and remain a socialist nanny state.

That’s the bigger problem: my taxes are being spent to transform America.

My taxes are paying for big and small doses of Socialism that cumulatively have produced the Cultural Hypnosis that we live with today.

The harsh reality is that my taxes are enabling the Left’s hypnotic deception that is destroying America.

The takers are happily hypnotized by the freebees they receive; they will not protect their own freedom or the Constitution that guarantees it.

Nikita proclaimed that our “children’s children will live under communism.”

For me and the rest of the Middle Class who pay our taxes and care about our grandchildren, it’s time to revolt against the government that we no longer trust.

He [Obama] has acted repeatedly as a citizen of the world, even though he was elected to be president of the United States. Virtually every major move of the Obama administration has reduced the power, security and influence of America and its allies.

The RINOs want power more than they want to protect the Constitution and our freedom. The Heritage Action Scorecard documents just who the RINOs are. The Madison Project and the Senate Conservative Fund do the due diligence to identify the winnable races where RINOs can be defeated by true Constitutionalists, who may yet have the time and courage to save us.

I will send in that obscene check to Obama’s IRS with all of the above misgivings. But, I have decided to send a check to the Madison Project and to the Senate Conservative Fund to do my part to take out Mitch McConnell and the other RINOs.

How could I do otherwise given the risk we face!

Join the Club!

Watch this space for the next RINO Hunt Call-to-Concerted-Action!

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5 thoughts on “RINOs & The UNFAIR TAX On The Middle Class

  1. Conservatives need to get into our public schools and universities if we want to eradicate socialism in the USA. The liberal socialists teachers have done a lot of damage.

  2. Dick, Excellent article and the replies are right on.

    I once heard someone say
    “It’s very important to maintain standards, once they disappear, you will never get them back” I truly believe since 2009 our standards have already gone down the toilet. So ask yourself, will we ever get them back?

    Many of The Low Information Voters that go to the voting booths only know two letters “D” and “R” When they vote with the letter “D” it shows two things; 1. Dumb 2. Dumber. Therefore labeling them Low Information Voters. If you were to ask many of them to answer a question that has to do with current affairs or political history they wouldn’t answer correctly.
    So that brings me to ask this question: If congress is supposed to protect the constitution and pass and enforce laws of the land that is best for all people (even congress) then why do we need to identify candidates with a “D” or “R” after their name?
    That would throw the Young Low information Voter to vote by selecting that person by the best sounding name or to one they may be familiar with or that rings well in their heads, OR such as Madonna, Miley, Snoop dog, Kardashian, M&M and so forth. I think you get the picture.
    The Older Low Information Voters, who worked under the environment of unions, may have to do some research and listen to NBC (Obama’s TV network) to be told how to vote. Or listen to their Liberal church preachers.
    So by removing the “D” or “R” from all the career political bobble heads, could be a start in getting people to inform themselves on what is really best for AMERICA and it’s LEGIT Citizens, and quit giving benefits to people that are not citizens.
    In closing, pass a law that news organizations are required to report the news and not spew their agendas.
    Pete LaBarbera 4/5/2014

  3. Once again, our friend Dick Manasseri has given us powerful food for thought. I was particularly struck by the use of the phrase “cultural hypnosis” in the article. It reminded me of the time I heard a professional hypnotist talk about how when he, as a young boy, watched a stage hypnotists ask three or four people from the audience to come up on stage and volunteer to be hypnotised. When these volunteers were put under hypnosis they were made to bark like a dog, stand up on a chair and crow like a rooster, meow like a cat, etc. The young boy asked himself, if it were possible to hypnotise people and have them do foolish things, why wouldn’t it be possible to hypnotise people and have them behave sensibly? Later in life, after becoming a trained hypnotist himself, he tried to do this, only to discover that it just wouldn’t work for him. People under hypnosis couldn’t seem to be made to become sensible, rational, and logical via hypnotic suggestion. Why, then, he wondered, could hypnotic suggestion be used to make them behave foolishly, and not rationally and sensibly? He discovered that the reason seemingly normal people could be made to do foolish stuff via hypnotic suggestion was that these folks were ALREADY walking around in a mild trance most of the time, and that the stage hypnotist he saw was only deepening the trance in which they were generally functioning. This man dropped then his career as a hypnotist, and focused on getting people to wake up, i.e., to become un-hypnotised. In an awakened and objective state they began to manifest sensible behaviour automatically, and quite naturally. Our current political system is a manifestation of those who are awakened from the trance on both the left and the right. Those awakened people on the left are deeply invested in keeping the masses of people “asleep,” unquestioning, susceptible to slogans, and devoid of logical, rational thought. (These individuals of whom I write have both “R’s” and “D’s” after their names, and are addicted to power.) Then, there are those on the right who are awake to what is going on and see, how for our own historical, societal, cultural, and political survival as a free people, we must, of necessity, make among our first priorities the awakening of those vast numbers of people that the left are firmly committed to keeping in the tranced out state in which they currently are. The “Low Information Voter Thoughts,” poster illustrates that mentality. The poster with the photo of Obama and the statistics concerning his policies illustrate the results of where his “leadership” is taking us. Meanwhile, many, many people are waking up to the fact that there is something going profoundly wrong in this country, but they may not be able to pinpoint, or even admit to themselves, where this all could be coming from. These are the low information voters who we must strive to reach, and to do so with patience, kindness, and compassion. For the truth is, those of us on the right, really do care about them in ways the leftist manipulators never will. We want to see them awaken, become independent, fulfilled, and happy people, responsibly living a life of purpose, and dedicated to something that goes beyond the satisfaction of their own immediate needs, and so fulfill their God-given potential. And, that’s the truth! By the way, once people are awakened, they won’t usually want to go back to the trance in which they had been. Also, when elections come around, awakened voters will vote to stay awake!

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