The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watchers’ Council Results – 01/03/14

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Happy New Year from the Tea Party

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and we have the results for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up…

This week’s winner, Liberty’s Spirit’s J”accuse the Ultimate Anti-Semite (Update): The “as a Jew” Meme Returns, is her take on the phenomenon of Jewish anti-Semitism. Here’s a slice:

I have UPDATED the following post from 2011 in response to the rekindled “as a Jew” meme. Somehow, without fail, whenever some politico or pundit (in this case Obama/Kerry) decides Israel alone has to put her children’s lives at risk for peace, these “as a Jew” court-Jews seem to come out of the woodwork.


“J’Accuse” The Ultimate Anti-Semite

There are many definitions of antisemite. Just who are these people who denigrate anything Jewish. They use Nazi-like imagery to denounce Jewish society and Israel. They use false allusions to try to destroy the right of the Jewish nation to exist and the Jewish people to live free in their ancestral homeland. They extend their reach into the secular world and deny Jews the right to practice Judaism, be it circumcision, kosher slaughter or the right to wear religious garb for fear of being attacked. They take from the Jewish citizen the right to be counted among the nations of the world and be counted as a human being. Whether it takes its form as those that deny the holocaust, deny Jewish history and attachment to Eretz Yisroel or the senseless need to dehumanize, delegitimize and equate the Jewish people with their persecutors, this is antisemitism. The anti-Semite teaches their children that Jews are descended from apes and pigs. This is all part and parcel of modern antisemitism. It is also an accepted part of society and welcomed worldover. Sadly antisemitism is more open and accepted today as anytime since the advent of Nazi Germany.

Whether it comes from respected journalists, politicians, “peace activists,” Nobel prize winners or religious leaders, it is a daily barrage of hate aimed at anyone Jewish. Yet the ultimate anti-Semite is not the gentile that spouts the hatred and bile that has become commonplace once again in the world. The ultimate anti-Semite is the Jew who joins with the persecutors and tries to use the fact that they emerged into this world from a Jewish womb, as a right to destroy their own people. You can’t call them anti-Semite after all they are Jews, they shout…but they are Jews without a shred of attachment to the Jewish people, to history or to reality.

There is a wonderful book written years ago by the well-known author Erica Jong, called Serenissima. It was a masterful look at the Merchant of Venice through different eyes. In that book the author discusses the character of Jessica. Jessica is the daughter of Shylock. She betrays her father, her people and her heritage to win the love and approval of a man and his friends who will never accept her as an equal because no matter what she does in life, she was born a Jew. Erica Jong, wrote that in the end, it was not the courts, nor the Christian community that were the ultimate anti-Semite in the story, but that it was Jessica herself. Denigrating everything that she was born to be to win the approval of those that would never accept her because in the end, no matter what she did they would always think of her first and foremost as a Jew. Unfortunately there are many Jessicas today, both female and male in positions of power, influence and education.

In fact today’s ultimate antisemite can even claim to be religious Jews. Some are religious like the Naturei Karta, or Satmars, who are Hasidim, but I am not sure how helping kill your fellow Jews follows the Torah or the Talmud. However, at least it appears that the vast majority of these ultimate anti-Semite Jews, never enter a synagogue, are not married to a fellow Jew or have Jewish children or grandchildren. But what they do is to try to denigrate the Jewish religion, history, and attachments while trying to change it to suit their needs. That is not reality. Religion, its symbols, its history, its essence, has meaning. All aspects of religion have purpose. All aspects of history is reality and has created who we are today. To try to change the religion to make it meet your criteria for reality is hubris, narcissism and above all disrespect. To promote revisionist history to serve your politics of hate is evil. It is the act of the ultimate anti-Semite to change what God has put forth. It is the act of the ultimate anti-Semite to rewrite Jewish history to blame anti-Semitism on the Jews. It is the act of the ultimate anti-Semite to think that they know better than God. You either accept the religion or you don’t. Ultimately, it is the act of the ultimate anti-Semite to rewrite Jewish history and suffering to promote their hate filled politics.

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In our non-Council category, the winner was Sherri Mandel with I’m Glad My Son’s Murderers Have Not Been Found, submitted by Joshuapundit. Mrs. Mandel’s heartfelt cri de couer is an indictment of everyone who advocates that Israel free terrorist murderers convicted in Israel courts ‘for peace.’ It should be required reading for them.

Okay, here are this week’s full results. Both The Mellow Jihadi and The Right Planet were unable to vote this week, but neither was subject to the usual 2/3 vote penalty.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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