Explaining Global Communism Today

By J.R. Nyquist



In discussions with former KGB and GRU officers you will run across two apparently contradictory statements. Sometimes you will hear them say that the former USSR is still run by Communists, suggesting that the rulers there believe in Communism. On the other hand, they will tell you to forget about the Communist label; that the rulers of the USSR never really believed in Communist ideology, which was a deception used to manipulate large numbers of unintelligent people.

Former KGB Lt. Col. Victor Kalashnikov recently wrote several paragraphs on this subject, and it is worth presenting. Kalashnikov’s key point is that Communism is strategy, not ideology. Useful idiots believe in Communist dogma, while Communist strategists do not. Here is what Kalashnikov had to say on the subject:

Ideology as such has not ever been the real driving force guiding Russia’s rulers, from the Bolsheviks until the present. Ideological explanations are irrelevant. Consider the deeds of the Bolsheviks rather than the explanations or justifications given by them. Don’t forget that criminals may be very eloquent and even well educated, and are capable of offering convincing-sounding rhetoric. The real problem is located elsewhere. A lot of people, those ‘useful’ ones, will take that rhetoric … seriously, giving it attention and respect, and even protection. Yet if we rely on ‘Occam’s razor,’ we may remove the superficial misunderstandings caused by taking rhetoric seriously.

The Bolsheviks were basically nothing but professional gangsters and terrorists, killers and robbers, and that is unquestionably more relevant than all the ideological explanations provided by them. They were part of a broader terrorist spectrum which spread across Russia since the late 19th century and grabbed power and national wealth UNDER COVER of Marxist and Leftist-sounding slogans. They did so to mislead the Russians themselves and the foreign public – the latter often longing for ‘real’ socialism or communism.The slogans of the gangsters have varied substantially over time, according to the changing needs up until our day. Compare the types of Marxism preached and practiced under various general secretaries, even during different parts of their respective tenures. Marxism-Leninism was used in the USSR rather as a DECEPTION TOOL; whereas, in reality, the regime was a gangster-run state with all the unmistakable features of organized criminal activity.

I can only confirm what Viktor Suvorov once told me about the GRU as applying to the KGB: namely, that if any faithful communists happened to penetrate the intelligence staff by chance, they would be filtered out. ‘You may not entrust serious matters to the people believing in all that rubbish,’ Suvorov said. Take ‘proletarian solidarity’ for example. When and how did it work? Or take ‘pauperization of the imperialist states,’ or ‘inter-imperialist wars,’ etc. What really remained untouched among all the ‘Marxists’ in state power [was] the ever present and aggressive anti-Americanism. Why? – Because the United States is reasonably regarded as an INHERENT OPPONENT of ‘Leftist’ rule and policies. All of this also implies more power for the secret police to suppress dissent and opposition, along with the crucial role of BUREAUCRACY and all its perquisites like nepotism, corruption, etc. That’s where the COMMON DENOMINATOR with Russia is to be found. Such regimes are incompatible with normal countries and doomed to seek conflict rather than cooperation.

Anti-Americanism would probably be the most distinct and unifying feature among them – so that you may take it as the only workable and articulated ideology of substance that they espouse. And, of course, Moscow supplies all anti-American forces worldwide with arms, training, secret police and subversion know-how, plus diplomatic and political cover. Clearly, the KGB and GRU have laid down firm foundations for such international alliances on institutional, material, financial and personal levels. The General Staff of the Russian armed forces has definitely integrated those Leftist regimes of Latin American into its strategic planning, including subversion, terrorism and various forms of soft power, targeting the United States and its allies. As already noted, the ‘Marxist’ or so-named ‘liberation’ ideology rather plays an operational role for the purposes of propaganda and deception.

The West seems to live with a self-made, or partly imposed from the outside, fairy tale about Russia. I’m really getting tired of continually explaining this wherever I can. Probably, the Western culture and the overall state of mind are in need, for the sake of inner balance and comfort, of an alternative to a decadent Western society. This alternative is somehow thought to be Russia, which still belongs to the European realm with all its great writers and composers of the 19thcentury. This artificial idea about a Russia that never really existed, and by no means is Putin’s ‘Russian Federation’ anyway, is eagerly supported in Moscow. In fact, the present-day Russia is engulfed by CULTURAL REGRESS which is increasingly apparent if you look straight at arts, literature, architecture, media or public life. However paradoxically, this regress may become an effective survival strategy for Russia. Remember that a mollusk can outlive every other thing on earth because of its simple adaptive abilities. That makes Putin’s Russia even more dangerous, and requires a truly fresh look at an ominous phenomenon.

Here we discover, in Kalashnikov’s analysis, the keys to the whole puzzle. Not all Communists believe in the sense of religious belief. Their Communism boils down to a set of strategies. In practice, they are gangsters and terrorists. Their strategy was (and is) to destroy the United States in order to lay the entire world open to plunder. As Lenin once said, “Communism is nothing more than the scientific management of human affairs.” Of all sciences, strategy involves the mass manipulation and management of people. For a criminal, this manipulation signifies mass murder and mass robbery.

It is beyond doubt, of course, that the Cold War did not end in 1991. Inside the former Soviet Union we can discern criminal totalitarian structures at work behind the scenes. These structures appear to control the large Russian corporations, media and, at minimum, maintain a veto power over government agencies in former Warsaw Pact countries and former Soviet republics. If these structures are not Communist in a strict sense, they are Communist in the sense that their actual ideology is anti-Americanism (as stated by Kalashnikov).

In terms of global strategy, these structures aim at the elimination of American power. Furthermore, these structures no longer require Marxist-Leninist ideology to function (though they do require anti-Americanism). At the same time they successfully make use of those Marxist true-believers in the West who still dream of socialist revolution.

When we look at Russian support to Venezuelan arms production, or to Russian support for Nicaragua’s new military preparation, it appears that global communist revolution is still supported as part of this anti-American strategy. Kalashnikov would say that this is “part of the deception.” Effectively, it doesn’t matter whether the FSB/KGB and the Russian General Staff believe in Marxism-Leninism or not. Their behavior is objectively the same as Marxist-Leninist behavior – only without the attending ideological clichés.

What does Putin actually believe? Since Marxism itself is a deception aimed at a specific audience, Putin must sound like a Marxist when speaking to Marxists, but must sound like a non-Marxist when interfacing with Western leaders. In the year 2000 Vladimir Putin was asked by Larry King about the cross he wears around his neck. Putin was evasive and refused to acknowledge a belief in God. When King pressed him for an answer, he said, “I believe in the power of man.” He had to give this answer because true-believing Communists in dozens of countries were listening, and he could not let them down.

When Putin first visited Cuba a journalist asked if he was still a Communist. Putin said, “Call me a pot, but heat me not.” The thing that is most difficult to understand and to relate to readers is that Marxism is two things with regard to two sets of people. Marxism is a lie – a deception strategy – for the strategists. At the same time, it is a religion to the true believers.

When a Communist revolution succeeds, the regime organizes everything around the concept of maximizing strategic power. Society itself is transformed into a tool of strategy. The true-believer always finds that the final end is not Communist revolution but strategic dominance to the point of universal tyranny. This produces the actual phenomenon of so-called “Communist states.” And this is, in fact, what Communism actually signifies in practice.


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57 thoughts on “Explaining Global Communism Today

  1. To the writer:
    ‘A large number of people’ can be ‘NOT well informed’, but you can’t call a large number of people “UNINTELLIGENT”. By the way, this group of “UNintelligent people” as YOU call them, consist of almost half of the world’s population. Moreover no capitalist,no believer in the WEST, no former KGB officer, and nobody else can’t state that the leaders of the Soviet Union didn’t Believe in Communism Ideology.

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  3. Some more attention, please.

    There’s an unprecedented-scale ethnic unrest going in recent days in Moscow. Plenty reporting in both Russian and foreign media.

    For the first time probably, the involvement of the Russian authorities into drug-trafficking from Afghanistan & Central Asia to Western Europe and further West, got publicly into dispute. In Russia itself already, I repeat.

    That’s really not an entirely new subject for the Western officials (like participants of several international bodies and programs). It’s a separate issue why most of them have been shy and reluctant so far.

    So, isn’t right time to put Russia’s ACTIVE role in the international drug-trafficking onto agenda?

    Sure, not every functionary would welcome that (too harsh, too early, further investigation required, what if the Russians throw my son/daughter out from that USD 100.000/month salary oil company position in Moscow etc.)- but what about your own people’s health and your countries’ safety?..

    So, don’t miss this chance.

    1. Maybe you could recommend some source. Internet is full of articles devoted to Putin’s Russia fighting drug-trafficking.

  4. The Kremlin really does have both what to defend and what to project to the rest of the world:

    Russia took the fifth place in a world rating of a property inequality. About it is reported in results of the research Credit Suisse Research Institute.
    According to the research, more than 35 percent of all profitable households of Russia supervise only 110 people. Experts noted that so high level of a property inequality is noted only in Russia and some states of the Caribbean Basin.

  5. Quotable:
    Russia’s Military Is Back
    One of the distinguishing characteristics of Vladimir Putin’s presidency has been his commitment to revitalizing Russia’s military.
    If, only a few years ago, the shipbuilding budget for the Russian navy was less than 10 percent of the U.S. Navy, the Russians are now in terms of budgetary outlays, spending about half of what will be allocated to the U.S. Navy for new ship construction.
    By 2020, the Russian army will be structured around combat-ready and easily deployable brigades. If all goes according to plan, the Russian military, by 2020, will return to a million active-duty personnel, backed up by 2300 new tanks, some 1200 new helicopters and planes, with a navy fielding fifty new surface ships and twenty-eight submarines, with one hundred new satellites designed to augment Russia’s communications, command and control capabilities.
    A Levada Center poll found that 46 percent of Russians were in favor of increasing military spending even if it led to an economic slowdown
    the American expectation that Europe could become a “security exporter” to other, more troubled parts of the world must now be revised, since Russia is effectively reversing its “disarmed” condition of the 1990s upon which such calculations were based.


  6. Great article, and although it doesn’t touch on this it does also explain the alliance of the American Left (idealogues) w/ the radical Islamists: anti-Americanism is the common ground. Otherwise, you would think the two wouldn’t mesh, Marxism being atheistic at its core, but anti-Americanism trumps all.

  7. Trevor,

    This reminds me of a conversation we had two or three years ago. I told you that focusing on the Communist Party of the USA, now or in the last 80 years was a waste of your time. I’m glad that you’re listening to Victor on this. For he’s saying the exact same thing.

    The real enemies of America are the Politically Correct Progressives (PC-Progs), who now are 99% of the Democrat Party. Forget the whacko losers in the CPUSA (or any other Communist Party).

    The actual threat, which has, in fact eaten away the moral fabric of Normal-America already, is the KGB Active Measure operation that began in the 1920s.

    Run by Willi Muenzenberg, the covert influence operation was designed to infiltrate the transmission belts of American culture–the media, academia/education, and Hollywood. Once inside, they inserted the anti-Normal-America payload that became PC-Prog’ism.

    “America is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, imperialist, capitalist hell-hole. And it must be changed.” Along with that payload, Muenzenberg created the Front organizations that made holding those views cool. He created the Elite Vanguard of Willing Accomplices dedicated to destroying Normal America.

    The irony is that all the KGB operators who created the program died in purges. Their op succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

    Full details are in my book, Willing Accomplices: How KGB covert influence agents created Political Correctness, Obama’s hate-America-first platform, and destroyed America.

    See this video for a summary: http://my.brainshark.com/Willing-Accomplices-Why-do-Progressives-Hate-America-121281394

    Glad that you’ve finally seen the light! Forget the CPUSA and focus on following the thread of PC-Prog’s foundational beliefs back to its source.

    All the best.


  8. BTW, while browsing through old Polish news-papers, offered by the archives recently, I really was impressed by both quality of journalism (even in the provinces!) and quite strong national identity – nothing of that time-serving opportunism of Soviet/Communist times – am I right?..
    I also was lucky to find here (page 2, the right column) a mentioning of my grandfather Henryk Padzik – convicted by the Russian military court in Warsaw for belonging to a PPS fighting unit in 1907. Have you ever heard about the case?


    1. Definitely you are right here. Overall, the level of education and ethos of a journalist seems to have deteriorated immensely. Personal courage, independent and critical thinking was eradicated by the communist slave system. And it is now coupled with opportunism and rat race behavoiur.
      As regards PPS fighting, I have to admit, that the subject is relatively rarely reminded or described in popular historic publications. Perhaps because it is automatically associated with the communist revolution (or better communist coup d’etat) that followed. Yet it was very important period in Polish history (also the patriotic side of 1905 Revolution is neglected) as a contradiction to overwhelming resignation after failed 1863 January Rising coupled with the capitulation policy of the remaining political factions. The PPS fighting over the years was of even greater dimension that preceding 1863 Rising. And it was the basis for the later creation of Polish military formations under Pilsudski who himself was a member of PPS.
      As I am not professional historian, I hadn’t read about the particular case described in linked paper before. As I mentioned before, there were hundreds of actions and they are not widely described now.
      Of course I’m very happy to hear that your grandfather was Polish freedom fighter. That’s really good news. Apparently you also confirm the truth in saying that it runs in the family.
      On the part of all those who choose to stand on the good side I wish to thank you for your and your late wife Marina’s heroic activity. You belong to the few who are really on the front line.

      1. As a Cambridge professor once told me upon hearing about the Polish link: “Oh, you must have THAT in your blood!”. So, as you see, a Polish connection (and be that for a quarter only) is still a notion worldwide!))))
        Otherwise, you may agree that “the end of history” didn’t happen. Quite in the contrary. I see clear signs of an escalation, and Poland will hardly escape serious challenges, this time yet again. So get ready, there’s simply no other choice – “if Polska still wants to stay Polska”!
        Meanwhile, I also am a dedicated Radio Maryja “user”. Say, the “Mocni w wierze” program is an indispensable weekly injection for me in terms of both spirit and education.
        We probably – alas! – won’t be able to save the world from decay and corruption, but let’s care about our own souls first. That’s largely within our own reach, isn’t it.
        So God bless!

  9. Thank God ! I was afraid maybe there was sth wrong with this Polish connection. Perhaps I’m just a little too oversensitive having seen how many journalists, professors, politicians and military men in Poland chose to be on the evil side in case of Smolensk tragedy [followed by a number of the so-called unexplained deaths or suicides of people closely associated with it or openly criticizing the government for collaborating with Putin’s regime in imposing the Kremlin’s version]. Mr Suvorov said a few years ago that if such deaths became common it would signify that Poland was already controlled by the Kremlin.

    1. My view is that the Poles in general bear more of the right political instincts comparing to many others. That is the ability to distinct between “right” and “wrong” while not necessary being big experts in politics or diplomacy. I used to have many meetings and discussions in Warsaw and elsewhere – it looked the political culture itself was based on sane foundations making it easier to handle even the most complex topics. That was my experience.
      So I don’t think Moscow propaganda may have serious chances in Poland. What I found deplorable, however, was the apparent lack of the path-breaking gurus or the leaders of public opinion like those of the anti-Communist resistance times. But maybe I’ve simply failed to identify such minds and personalities…

      1. Generally you are right. Yet the difference is that these people, as you defined them, are now a minority. And in democratic system what counts is majority. And this majority secured by the media supported by postcommunist secret services and leftist academia didn’t allow Poland to regain independence. Lech Kaczynski was the only president of Poland (after 1989) who was not a communist secret services collaborator (Kwasniewski, Walesa) or an outright soviet spy (Jaruzelski – a SMERSH member). Presently holding office of the president of Poland is the man who used to go hunting (with his friend Janusz Palikot, posing as an extremist leftist of the Western kind, and who, during EURO2012 FootballCup, bypassing Polish authorities, placed a petition directly to the Ambassador of FR in Poland pointing to PIS (main opposition party), RadioMaryja (catholic radio) as almost terrorist entities) in FR, organized by the KGB. The man who was the sole defender of the existence of the former communist military secret services WSI (GRU counterpart and affiliate in Poland). I guess you talked to people who now don’t have the power to change the Kremlin-oriented and Kremlin-dependent policy (perhaps in 2005-2007 period). The present Polish authorities contract Mr Czurow as the main consultant regarding election process and they sollicit the profound experience of Mr Patruszew as BBN (Polish Security Council) advisor. Counting of ballots is performed with the use of Russian servers. So the chances of opposition gaining real power are extremely weak. The energetic dependence on Russia exceeds 90% and the Northern pipeline allows Moscow to cut the gas delivery to Poland once they don’t like the Polish authorities. I strongly believe that the situation of Poland (like in case of numerous democratic countries) is dependant on the current policy of the USA and the US policy of reset with Putin is fatal to Poland.

    1. The Polish colleagues were professional and helpful – on a number of occasions.
      Otherwise you may easily find several Chinese transcripts by searching on a written phrase in the clip’s title (or whatever), and then convert it into any language you need through Google.
      I understand the clip itself was made in Hong Kong.

    1. Yes, the film is very nice and patriotic. Yet it reminds of war. Do you think the war is possible in the near future?
      As for my previous comment I meant of course Janukowycz not Juszczenko, sorry for the mistake.

  10. As regards polish president I don’t have any secret knowledge. It’s just that the man is present in politics for over 20 years now and his public statements and activities are to be easily found on the internet. He befriends all the communist apparatchiks like Jaruzelski, Kiszczak and many other members of former communist military intelligence. The first thing he did having been elected for president was to try to erect a monument for the bolsheviks invading Warsaw. I don’t have to tell you that there is no such monument commemorating polish defenders in a Battle of Warsaw in 1920. Of course, since his election over the period of a few months there more visiting and revisting Moscow officials than for the previous 25 years (including appointment of Patruszew as an advisory for the Polish Security Council – BBN, as well as secret meetings with Patruszew or other russian generals.
    As for NATO I only hope you know better and there’s some hidden strategy they follow. I read some time back fragments of US Department of Defense report on threats to US Security. Russia was, as far as I can remember on the 5th place. The other point was that they don’t perceive Putin’s increased spendings on armaments as any real threat to the old members of NATO. These armaments are only targeted at Russia’s small neigbouring countries. To me it almost appears as an invitation. But maybe such reports are of no real value. I would be happy if the report didn’t reflect the actual NATO’s position.
    The question o Ukraine is for me unclear. On the one hand Juszczenko introduces obligatory russian language in all departments where there’s 10% minority, prolongs the presence of Russians in Crimea naval base, as well as appoints former KGB officer for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and no longer treats Hołodomor as a Soviet crime of genocide on the other he pretends (?) to aspire to the membership in the EU. Surly you have better knowledge in this matter.
    Vietnamese immigration no matter if promoted by Poland or not at least until now doesn’t seem to me a problem.

  11. Here in Poland I do not happen to meet many people from China. There’s more people from Vietnam. And their profession is trade. I personally haven’t had an opportunity to talk about politics to people from China or Vietnam. Yet, I heard on a radio about a journalist who called Chinese Ambassador what was his opinion/attitude towards Poland? He answered that Poland was a very good friend of China because it had been Polish 1st secretary of the communist party Bierut who first officialy recognized the PRC. It seems like Poland did not exist between 1989 and 2010 for them. Once polish bolshevik president renewed the military relations with chinese generals (and russian of course) they apparently automatically refer to the good old communist times.

    1. /Once polish bolshevik president…/ – you surely will know that better )))
      I only dare to suggest the Nato military planning/policy can be more sophisticated as such than it may appear.
      The Ukraine is a much bigger story today, anyway – no doubt also due to the Polish efforts!
      As to the hard-working Vietnamese, I guess that was part of the Polish immigration policy?..

    1. This is really amazing! And all these comments. Surely Putin realizes the potential on the Republican side. Putin as a cure for Obama. That’s a nice move. Though all of them seem to forget who supported publicly Obama during 2012 elections. Putin and Lavrov made clear who their favourite candidate was. (the same with Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez and HU Jintao) Lavrov even advised Americans to elect Obama because otherwise there may be a III WW. Ignorance is prevailing. The man is judged only by appearances. I only hope the percentage of Putin’s fans won’t be increasing significantly.

      1. /I only hope the percentage of Putin’s fans won’t be increasing significantly./

        That prompts me back to the fundamental security feature of our time: the amounts (say, manpower) do not count that much anymore…

        1. Maybe you could also share your opinion about this dual strategy of communism in the context of Kremlin’s military alliance with People’s Republic of China. Presently, many analysts stress the supposed conflict between these countries or even Chinese threat to Moscow.
          Is Karaganov’s Eurussia concept a real option?

          1. The only option-maker in those issues to be taken seriously, is the General Staff of the Armed Fores of the RF. And there we see quite a close cooperation on operational level (say, joint China-Russian countering the US naval presence in the Pacific). That implies a well-elaborated joint strategy based on common strategic interests & attitudes.
            There also is an alliance-like activity in the Arab/Muslim world, in Central America, somewhere in Africa and, of course, in the UN.
            The two empires (with distinct domestic problems) must have a number of common motives or intentions, anyway.
            Also they keep the very-bad-guy of North Korea always ready.
            Ultimately (very-very much so), Russians would let the Chinese, rather than the Americans, to help developing of the deep Siberia.
            Btw, I’ve repeatedly met the expats from the US, Germany or UK expressively critical of their own countries or governments. I’ve never met a single Chinese critical about China (and there’re sooo many of them in Europe, p.e.) so far. Did you?..

  12. Information just came through, by some seemingly independent media in Moscow.
    To what extent is the following correct?..

    “Only two of the militants seized the in shopping center are Somalis, three other terrorists – U.S. citizens, also natives of Canada, Finland, Kenya and the UK. Commanded by a woman suicide. And not an ordinary dzhihadistka – led attack on Nairobi is 29-year-old Briton Samantha Lyutveyt nicknamed the “White Widow”

    Don’t object deleting this if proved to be a fake.

    IF information correct… well, you guys are in an even bigger trouble then…

    1. Were it not for the tragedy I should say the jihadism goes multi culti. It reminds me of the kind of didactic books entitled “You too can become…somebody” In this case jihadist. But seriously, the kind of international team smells a rat, and the red one too (of the Andropov kind).

        1. Well, I don’t mean his personality. Neither did I know him nor even read any biography. I mean here rather his strategy as described by Ion Michai Pacepa of turning muslim countries against Israel and the USA and training and supporting islamist terrorists all over the world. Perhaps these terrorist brigades prove jihad incorporated over the years the so called Marxist Islam ideology from his supporters. The outline of such mutated modern communist ideology was formulated by Amadinedżad during his lecture on the UN Forum some time ago, USA being the counterpart of oppressive burgois classes and the rest of the world being expoited proletariat. Jihadists in this perverted islamocommunist scenario would be the modern-day revolutionaries. Then the international character of terrorist teams could be quite natural.

          1. Well, apart from some terminological catches (terminology, definitions are always somewhat misleading) I basically agree.
            Besides, if you put the current situation into plain military-political terms (with ‘ideology’ and all the totalitarian doctrines serving rather like indoctrination, camouflage, deception or even sort of ‘opium’) that definitely might be helpful in any regard.

  13. Well, I still meant Syria. I think that if Assad’s regime wins then it signifies further strenghtening of Putin’s position in the Middle East with the precedent of wmd use going unpunished. If, on the other hand, islamist rebels headed by Al Quaida won that would also be a failure for the USA because these islalmist terrorists are still the Putin’s allies fighting against the USA. And, of course, the longer the conflict lingers on, the higher profits on oil prices for Putin’s regime and higher economic and political costs for the US (e.g Benghazi case). Add to that further advance of the Iran’s nuclear program and a call for widespread acts of terrorism against the USA (e.g Kenya). Unless the Americans elect the real politician and patriot the prospects for free and democratic countries will grow dim.

    1. In that your sense I basically agree. Let me repeat the West ought probably to have had completed the Cold war agenda first. ‘Probably’ – I stress.
      I only believe, the presidents in the US (by all their importance etc.) are by far not the only ones to decide, let alone implement. It’s not about issuing presidential orders, but rather about day-by-day facilitating the proper work of the security machinery. A great deal of trust, management skills and, yes, political instincts are required to carry out that supreme commander’s mission.
      Frankly, we’d refrain from any ultimate judgement on what Obama declares or – publicly – does in national/global security issues as we, the outside observers, hardly know the real motives yet meanings.
      We must admit anyway the US together with its allies are still on their way in seeking the key to the strategic terrorism problem. And some of the impediments really seem to be of ideological, cultural or, say, values-related nature…

      1. For example:
        by all the horrors the media, pocket-books, movies etc. have come up about the CIA or Mi-5 atrocities, I doubt any Western agency has accumulated the experience of experimenting with humans like the Russian Bolsheviks did. That’s however the very basic terror ‘know-how’.
        How would the West catch up here regarding all the limitations, supervisions, regulations and so on?.. That’s what I don’t know…

  14. Thank you for the explanation. Maybe you can also add your short opinion about the present situation in Syria as an element of wider Kremlin’s strategy. Is it possible that the use of chemical weapons (regardless of who used the weapons, Assad’s troops or rebels) was the result of deliberate plan to allow Putin to emerge as a world peace stabilizer and an important geopolitical player further downgrading USA as a superpower?

    1. My understanding with the limited overview I have: the core of the issue is of tough military nature. Initially, Moscow was attempting to keep its stronghold by deterring the US through any possible means (after losing Libya and with the Ukraine clearly moving away, too). So far I don’t see how the US would ensure that all chemical stockpiles will be eliminated or shipped out. What kind of pressure/bargaining does Washington deploy?.. They maybe let Putin play savior of the world peace whereas the actual security problem is being resolved in a less apparent way (albeit by tremendous amount of efforts; e.g. how did they manage – in case they really did so – to keep Hizbullah within limits?..). I’m ready to assume Moscow would prefer to have its Olympic games (with some $25 billion already put into Putin friends’ personal pockets) to that Syrian mess in the end…

      1. … Still, there also are some “wild cards” and those could be certain Russian militaries with their strongest connections in the region – not necessary controlled by anybody else…

          1. You mean the current situation in Nairobi? or the analogues to that elsewhere?..
            Both Somalia and Kenya do belong to me into certain backgrounds and networks, anyway.
            The rest (say, how Russians or Americans perform publicly on the UN podiums) hardly matters.
            Anyway, the campaign is by far still not over yet.
            My point is that contrary to the case of Europe up to 1989, the armament numbers do not count as much anymore today as they were supposed to do previously.
            Quite a limited amount of resources (manpower, equipment, etc.) may produce a huge strategic effect (as 9/11 has shown). So the big question of today is to which extent the US is up to these strategic requirements & challenges.

  15. If this is true, then wouldn’t the Communists as well as the Capitalists simply be puppets for, let’s say, The Bilderbergs? Or the Russian counterpart? Was Alex Jones right all along?

    1. As historically proved, Western ‘conspiracies’ ultimately don’t apply for Russia. That is a military & police state run by the respective HQs, networks or communities (the so-called ‘siloviki’). Putin is there to front for that ominous power conglomerate, in fact.

      1. Are these western “conspiracies” a product of soviet disinformation aimed at attracting the public attention to false enemy, or is there really any hard facts behind such an agenda or plot? From what I’ve read in the article in Pravda.ru published in the internet it semms like Kremlin’ s propaganda line very well fits with those “conspiracies” in that responsibility for communism, the economic ruin of the Soviet Union and millions of its victims is portrayed there as the result of some kind of machinations or plot of imperialists and bankers on the Wall Street.

        1. Individuals, communities, institutions – all of them have qualitatively different meanings or roles in Russia comparing to the West (to the “English-speaking peoples” in particular). The value of human life, freedom and dignity is incomparably lower – and so on.
          To bring it to the very point: the Russian society is similar to a military organization; the basic social relationship there is (against traditional perceptions probably) not “master-slave” but rather “commander-soldier”. Most Russians feel committed to the common cause – outspokenly anti-Western in its nature, no matter what social niche they may dwell in.
          That hardly fits into Western public theories, esp. those “liberal” ones. Both universities and media are highly in the debt to the own public in providing basic facts and ideas on the issue. There’s a growing need in that anyway.
          I believe American, British, Polish military have developed so far the most coherent perception about the Moscow-run state, its features, activities, motivations.
          Put your own security interests (not some obscure intrigues by the international banks) into focus meanwhile, and you’ll get closer to the truth.

          1. Personally I don’t believe in those theories. Yet I see a lot of people in the West and the Usa falling for them easily. Even on the coservative websites seemingly professional writers or analysts tend to blame some obscure forces standing behind US military complex and the CIA for modern-day wars, conflicts and assassinations (like for instance JFK assaaaination).

          2. I believe ‘theories’ do emerge mainly when citizens lose their supervision. It’s indeed a problem either in the dictatorships (political, military, criminal ones) or in the really big, complex entities. That’s like ancient pagans used to call for their ghosts to explain natural events. I’d not overestimate the distance separating ourselves from those simple guys in that regard…

        2. A while back, I was curious to know more about the Bolshevik Revolution. One day I decided to google information on it, and all the Antony Sutton books and videos came up. I believe he is the one who originated the conspiracy theory that evil western powers installed Trotsky/Lenin/Stalin, and that Russia was just a victim of some American illuminati plot.

          As I watched the videos, I kept thinking that the woman interviewing Sutton looked familiar. It took me a while to place her, but then I suddenly realized who she was……the new age author and cult guru Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

          She died in 2009, and that is actually when I first heard of her. I watched a documetary about her cult compound in Montana. Anyhow…..from my perspective, if Antony Sutton found an audience for his conspiracy theories at her “church”, then they have to be complete lies, because she was one satanic lady.

          1. This is really interesting. The question remains whether satanists repeat Kremlin’s propaganda or Kremlin propagandists make use of satanistic conspiracy theories. Or maybe these theories are used by them independently. Anyway I think these theories serve to divert attention from the real threat.

  16. Putin just declared he’s envisaging to get ‘reelected’ 2018 yet again. That implies the regime with all its features & policies will, some necessary adjustments expectable, stay, too.
    My only comment is that must make the longer-term planning for the West the more easier.

    1. I assume it must be clear the major motive behind Putin’s intentions is the longer-term military strategy of Moscow itself. Putin has proved ideal to facilitate it.

  17. Trevor, thank you for bringing this subject to life and to light. Also, thank you Mr. Kalashnikov. I’m a USSR immigrant and I know exactly what he says. I HATED COMMUNISTS SINCE I WAS BORN. I actually expressed the hypocrisy of communism in the first grade, in front of the class to the teacher. This was during the brainwashing session of how great lenin was.

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