Ted Cruz Nails Eric Holder

Ted Cruz is the toughest guy in the US Senate. Definitely presidential material IMHO.

Here he nails a very evasive Eric Holder over the constitutional permissibility of using drones to kill US citizens on American soil.


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5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Nails Eric Holder

  1. Bottom line: the little communist weasel, like his Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler both should be tried for treason as they both have murder on their hands – Fast & Furious and Benghazi!

  2. Help this needs to go viral for it will make Holder and all of DC powerless and without money to bribe voters – no more IRS, NO more EPA, no more DOE – no more LOBBYISTS for they will all leave when the money is returned to the many States and the power – Liberty – Freedom will again be a State protected right like the Founders designed . .

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