Help KeyWiki Expose Minnesota’s Socialist Elected Officials

Minnesota has always had a strong socialist presence.

Gus Hall
Gus Hall

Decades long Communist Party USA leader Gus Hall (Arvo Kustaa Halberg) was a “Red Finn” from the Iron Range.

’90s Minneapolis Mayor Jim Schneibel was a card carrying member of the US’ largest Marxist group, Democratic Socialists of America. His ’80s predecessor Donald M. Fraser was also a committed socialist.

Then there was the late Senator Paul Wellstone, tragically killed in a 2002 plane crash during his second election campaign. Still an icon to many in the state, Wellstone was a long term friend and supporter of Democratic Socialists of America.

Today’s bunch are no different.

Governor Mark Dayton is a far leftist, with ties to both Democratic Socialists of America and Communist Party USA.

Communist party official, [[Mark]] Froemke, Mark Dayton, January 14, 2010
Communist Party official, Mark Froemke, and Governor Mark Dayton, January 14, 2010

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, the man charged with overseeing Minnesota’s elections, is a hard core leftist, with secret ties to the Communist Party.

Senator Al Franken is also a serious leftist, with connections to both communist and socialist groups.

Congressman Keith Ellison too has strong ties to the hard left.

Workers World party member Abayomi Azikiwe, Keith Ellison, Detroit April 6, 2008
Workers World Party member Abayomi Azikiwe, Keith Ellison, Detroit April 6, 2008

Then there is veteran senior state representative Michael Paymar – a long time, payed up member of Democratic Socialists of America.

Alan Maki
Alan Maki

And we cannot forget Alan Maki. When he’s not fly fishing in the northern rivers, this former Communist Party member is organizing casino unions and serving at high levels in the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

Minnesota has a socialist problem, which is why heartland Minnesota conservatives are forced to endure and pay for one of the most socialist state governments in the union.

Follow the blue links to check out their bios.

Where else but KeyWiki can you get this information? Who else has the tenacity to gather this information and the willingness to disseminate it?

Please help the KeyWiki team get this vital information before the American public.

They need to know exactly how they are manipulating them and hiding their real affiliations to gain control over their lives.

Please contribute today!


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14 thoughts on “Help KeyWiki Expose Minnesota’s Socialist Elected Officials

  1. I live “north of Da Range”, but it is all considerd to have “the blue cancer”, because of “da Range”…Vote these communist bastards out..We are now very close to a communist take over of this country..THIs MF in the white house is on the verge..

  2. Why don’t you tell about how the wife-beating billionaire Richard Mellon-Scaife funds your dirty little organization?

    1. Wife beating has only ever been excused on the hottest days of the year. Sorry. This was in a book by James Michener.

  3. It is a well known fact, that M Dayton keeps all of his financials in the State of South Dakota! Avoiding the laws and taxes he foists upon all Minnesotans. It is also a known fact, that A Franken was helped by the likes of ACORN to secure his “fake win!” Both Franken&Klobutcher(purposely spelled wrong) obtained money for the failing St Cloud airport that serves no one! Not ALL Minnesotan’s are blind to this. But, the corporate biased fake media will never report. And, there are still way to many “sheep” here that have no access to alternative media. Even, if they do~and speak out, they’re coined as “conspiracy nuts!” The “sheep” won’t realize what’s happened till it’s too late! Then they’ll say no one told them!

    1. Both of these bastards voted for the UN gun ban…Both are communists…WAKE. How did a rag like Kieth Ellison ever get elected in minnesota with all the smart Germans and Scandinavians in his territory..WAKE the hell up. WAKE

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