Stampeding Gun Control Through Crisis

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Never let a crisis go to waste – especially when it is an opportunity to abridge our Constitutional rights. This week, a sociopath went on a killing spree in Newtown, Connecticut. A 20-something-year-old whackadoo slaughtered 20 First Graders and 6 adults, before blowing his own brains out. The loss of those little angels and the heroes who died protecting them is unimaginable. But the spilled blood had not even dried when the Left started screaming for gun control. Bloomberg and others instantly screamed for massive gun control. Clamors to change the Second Amendment, to invoke an Executive Order and even to kill the leaders of the NRA abound. No one ever points out that the vast majority of these deviants are on meds and under a psychiatrist’s care.

I am appalled. Yes, I am appalled that a monster killed children and teachers, but I am more appalled that the first response from the professional control freaks — the political animals across the nation — is to initiate the long-planned campaign to stampede Americans into surrendering their rights, to disarm all the people who didn’t murder anyone, and — most importantly — to eliminate the ability of the citizens to defend themselves from a whole spectrum of evils ranging from common bad guys to government tyranny.

Senator Feinstein has pledged to submit new “assault weapon” legislation, even more draconian than the last completely useless ban, the one that had no effect on crime other than to create new classes of victims. Senator Feinstein, evidently in an effort to avoid accusations that this new bill is a knee jerk response to the shootings, assures us that she has been working on this bill for a year.

Contemplate that for a moment. This “new” bill has been poised to launch for months, waiting only for the (hopefully) inevitable next horrific incident, an appropriate tragedy, to whip this “solution” out while stampeding a frightened, sad and disoriented populace into accepting yet another “DO SOMETHING!” law that constrains honest people while addressing the actual problem not at all. The senseless slaughter of 20 little ones is the perfect political platform for shoving fascist policies down our throats. The media will trot out every profile of every child and teacher who died, to engender guilt, horror and remorse and bully Americans into letting go of their guns. Newsflash, asshats… we aren’t that gullible and stupid. We certainly aren’t that weak.

Over the next several days and weeks we will see lawmaker vultures who have been perched, waiting only for enough carnage that they can stand in the blood of those children, calling for universal disarmament. These politicians don’t care about dead children except as they provide a stage to consolidate their power and control. Dead children are the “broken eggs” necessary for the making of their political omelet. Hey, too bad about those kids, but we’ve got an agenda to fuel, it runs on emotion, and we’ve got to harvest that emotion while it’s fresh.

They will carefully avoid any mention of the broad new classes of victims created by revoking people’s right of self defense and the inevitable murders that will follow. They will scoff at the thought that a disarmed populace is easier to subdue under a tyranny. And you should just accept as totally normal that a legislator will craft a law to disarm the nation a year in advance just to hold in reserve hopefully anticipating some new horror to provide the emotional flame to burn away those pesky Constitutional protections.

In reality, evil individuals will always find a way to kill. If not guns, then bombs, poison or some other concocted deadly weapon. When you outlaw guns, you strip the populace of defense. The bad guys don’t suffer at all, because they don’t follow the law. Despots dance with glee as their absolute control of their subjects is cemented in bloody stone.

From Sultan Knish:

An armed society spends more time stopping evil than contemplating it. It is the disarmed society that is always contemplating it as a thing beyond its control. Helpless people must find something to think about while waiting for their lords to do something about the killing. Instead of doing something about it themselves, they blame the agency of the killer in being free to kill, rather than their own lack of agency for being unable to stop him.

The solution to all this evil is more guns, not fewer. More freedom, not less. Less government, not more. Do not create gun-free, kill zones. Allow open and concealed carry everywhere and you will see far fewer of these atrocities. This latest killing spree is just ammo for Progressives to try and do away with the Second Amendment. Every horrific event causes their fascist blood to rise even more. They see no down side to banning any or all firearms. This has all been done before and failed every time. Every time the Left passes a little bit more, they edge closer and closer to doing away with our rights which were given to us by Nature and Nature’s G-d, not government.

As my friend Bookworm Room astutely points out, this is more about culture than guns. Our society is devolving into darkness. When you take G-d out of the equation, as well as ethics and morality, you breed monsters. Globalist Marxists have all but destroyed our churches, schools and families. We have let evil into our lives willingly, because we won’t face the purveyors of this in our culture — media, politicians and Progressive Marxists.

Obama and his minions are going to use these dead children as innocent pawns in a barbaric attempt to push their political agenda. You see it in Obama’s crocodile tears and his feigned sadness. Mark my words, he doesn’t give a crap about anything except himself and his political power. Bloomberg and the Mayor of Boston exploded over media calling for the immediate banning of guns. They were followed by a whole cadre of Progressive hacks pushing this meme. Americans dare not compromise on this. Do not allow the Left to use a crises to force further surrendering of our rights. They feel emboldened because of the elections to institute their Communist ideals and to redo the Constitution in their image, which is corrupt.

The stampeding of gun control through crisis will become a tsunami from the Left. First, they will want to ban semi-automatic rifles, then semi-automatic handguns, then all handguns, then all guns. They’ll try and do it through an Executive Order if they can get away with it. They’ll come for the ammo and tax everything to do with the Second Amendment as high as they can. They are going to have one hell of a fight on their hands. American’s won’t willingly roll over and give up their Constitutional rights, no matter what the crisis. Doing so would only enable and strengthen evil doers and Progressives.

But, in the interest of sanity, let me say that it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t deal with evil by rolling up in a ball and sucking your thumb and wetting yourself. You don’t banish murder by swaddling the culture in bubble wrap. Making society an even softer target is not the answer. The bad guys and the crazies already demonstrate their preference for soft targets: malls, theaters, schools and so forth. Instead, let us make ourselves, our schools, our malls and other public places into hard targets. Let the citizens and public servants alike see to their own defense. How does a school shooting play out when the would-be murderer is met with ballistic countermeasures?

Until we find a way to improve our culture so that it doesn’t manufacture monsters, we must all be able to meet evil head on when it shows up. I don’t want another teacher to die trying to shield her students; I want the murderer neutralized on the spot and that requires the tools of self defense.

Remember, the Clackamus Mall shooter killed himself when confronted by a CCW holder. Shall we allow ourselves to stampede into the legislative box canyon of victim disarmament? Or shall we instead square our shoulders, accept that evil must be fought and gird ourselves to that end?

Israel doesn’t have school shootings.
Here’s a picture of a school in Israel; it’s not a “gun-free” zone.


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9 thoughts on “Stampeding Gun Control Through Crisis

  1. Very few Americans travel overseas, even fewer travel independently – engage with locals. With my old job I have travelled to the U.S regularly so of which I tagged on holidays, tramping, mountain-biking etc. I have been to over 12 states, probably more than most locals. It amazes me to think Americans like you guys think your gun control laws are working when everyone else on the planet can see they are not. For the record I owned a rifle for twenty years and was in a deer hunting party 6 months ago. I am not ‘anti’ gun. You owe it as a country, to the victims of these massacres, their families to look at how nutters get their hands on deadly weapons with ease and outlaw handguns, military weapons. Restrict ownership to recreational bolt-action. To reject outright gun ownership systems such as the one used successfully in places like here in N.Z is not just foolhardy it is proving fatal. Here in N.Z not even the Police wear guns in the course of their daily duties, yet we don’t feel threatened. Kiwi’s don’t need to have a pistol at their side to drive to the supermarket. Even the great majority of gun-owners in N.Z think our vetting, restricted weapons system is working. It was heart-warming to see your President say he was finally going to do something, look outwards not inwards. You guys should do similar – look at places like Australia and New Zealand not back two centuries – which is effectively what you are doing with deadly results.

    1. “It amazes me to think Americans like you guys think your gun control laws are working when everyone else on the planet can see they are not.” ….and yet you propose more laws??? The massacres in this country have taken place in ‘Gun Free’ zones, and the ones that DIDN’T happen, the stories you don’t see on the nightly news, have been prevented by people carrying legally owned guns. Your logic is, well, not logical.

  2. I’m sorry but when people in politics and the media start proposing armed guards at kindergartens, supermarkets and picture theatres you know there are deep underlying issues within that given society.

    I have rallied on this subject before but the U.S’s issue with firearms boils down to paranoid people wandering the streets with guns.

    From a Kiwi perspective, and this is believe it or not from time to time a Kiwi run blog, it’s a scary thought thinking the guy walking towards you on a Texas Street could be carrying a weapon, could go ‘postal’ at the slightest affront.

    Placing guns in the easy reach of planets most paranoid populous is a recipe for disaster.

    So many guns there’s 9 for every in 10 U.S civilians.

    Presidents, Congressmen/women are prime targets, now 6 year olds are fair game.

    In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard summed-up the situation down here when he commented after a 1996 mass killings in that country that “we took action to limit the availability of guns, and we showed a national resolved that the gun culture that is such a negative in the U.S. would never become a negative in our country.”

    In New Zealand they vet all potential gun-owners to prevent known nutters like Adam Lanza getting their psychotic paws on them.

    N.Z has all but banned people-killing sub-machineguns.

    The two main political parties here have a bi-partisan approach to gun control, don’t aim to score political points sometimes even alienate their voter base to protect children like the ones in CT.

    We have one law for one country, not one gun regulation on one side to the state-line and another one a couple of miles down the road.

    People here in N.Z generally feel safe.

    Our police are mostly unarmed.

    People in the U.S obviously don’t feel safe, when the only credible non-recreational reason for carrying a gun in the first-place is to shoot someone.

    Try telling the poor Sandy Hook parents U.S gun laws aren’t f##ked-up.

    Start seeing what is working around the world.

    Accept U.S Gun Laws are untenable in 2012.

    1. “we took action to limit the availability of guns” ~ John Howard

      Somebody set Martin Bryant up as the patsy for the Port Arthur killings, with the end result that Australians were less able to use guns to defend themselves.

      Neville Quin: “He [the gunman] appeared to be the best-trained army guy I’ve ever seen; his stance was unbelievable.”

      The gunman shot from his right hip, Bryant is left handed.

      The gunman was described as being younger than Bryant and having a pocked complexion, Bryant has clear skin.

    2. Paul, hard to know where to begin in responding to the progressive talking points… suffice it to say, check your facts. Sociopaths exist in all countries, and people who don’t want to protect themselves aren’t forced to in the US. But for those who want to, they have an inalienable right to do so.

      As far as your anti-American statements about the American people, I’m thankful you’re not planning to live in the US. We have enough anti-American progressives out here as it is.

      Last thought… if just one adult in that school had access to a gun, they could have taken that sociopath down and saved lives. Killers will kill and they don’t follow gun laws, so restricting the right of law abiding citizens to protect themselves only makes it easier for killers. Check the stats – all but 1 shooting of 3 or more people in modern history has occurred in “Gun-Free Zones”. And every state in the US that severely restricts law abiding citizens from buying guns has the highest crime rates.

    3. Obviously a well-memorized,but mostly fact free little diatribe,Paul.Funny how the facts get in the way of that weird little prime minister’s belief that he ‘saved’ anyone with his gun control mantra.Violence goes up in any and every country that becomes’gun free’.England,Austrailia,Ireland,and even Canada have crimes rates that have increased far beyond that of the US rate of increase.Most people don’t walk down the street paranoid that the next armed guy they meet will ‘go-off’.That is a fantasy propagated by anti-gun nuts who mostly live under protection from their mostly harmless fellow citizens.I was much more afraid in disarmed cities like New York,Chicago,and Washington DC than I’ve ever been among people who can carry guns if they wish.I’ve never found it necessary to know if they are armed.But in major,supposedly controlled cities of the American left,you take your life in your hands every time you walk down the street,because the criminal element in those places KNOW you are unlikely to be able to defend yourself.And in an unarmed society,who protects the young,the old,and the weak from the strong and large perpetrators of crime?Police who are at least minutes,if not hours away?Or is it just your smug superiority that protects them?

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