3 thoughts on “The American Decline

  1. This decline really started when they the luciferians from Europe took charge totally of the banki g and printing of money all down hill from there now over the cliff shortly I will repeat no man is going to fix any problem except one and he is on the way his name is AntiChrist along with him the false prophet in Rome will give it there best shot till god himself with his Mother interced and finalize the situation this terrible suffering going on world wide will increase and become very horrible daily it was fortold wake up sheeple communism is just one weapon to do the job the other weapons are sold out men who betrayed God country and liberty and freedom and this has nothing to do with freemasonry which is lucifers organizations

  2. This election is, most probably, the most important one of my lifetime. I fear, for my children …but, mostly, for my grandchildren. Their future, is at risk.

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