3 thoughts on “Exclusive: In heated ’07 speech, Obama lavishes praise on Wright, says feds ‘don’t care’ about New Orleans

  1. This shows the man’s closeness to Wright and the Religous language will sound Black evangelical unless you dsicover that wright views Jesus as an oppressed Black Jew African which is very poor history since even the Egyptians were not all black and in Northern Africa there is a lot of berbers which are not black people. The Romans or Italians and the US are the oppressors also poor history but fits black theology. Obama doesn’t mean that Jesus is the savor in the tradional sense or sins in the tradional sense the only sin among the seven deadly sins are greed or gluttony certainly envy is not a sin in OBama or Wright’s eyes.

  2. This shows Obama anti-burb biases unless the burb is old and mainly minority like Cicero mention above. I think Obama wants to give to cities over the 300,000 mark but have a lot of Minorties, so even liberal Portland or Seattle which have minority populations lower than some of their burbs mightnot get as mention money in regionalism since by large cities they are whiteopias.

  3. Well, Chicago has a good public transporation system. Most cities do Obama is a bit dated here. Chicago has more jobs than a suburb like Cicero which is mainly Mexican. La may not have as good public transporation but illegal Mexicans ride bikes to work or borrow someone’s car if the bus doesn’t work. The poor that live in the burbs have more problems with jobs wihout cars, some people try to assist by donating cars which Obama opposes.

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