This Week’s Watcher’s Forum Question: What’s Your Opinion On President Obama’s Treatment Of President Bush During His White House Visit?

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As many of you may have noticed, President Bush made his first ever visit to the White House since he left office in January of 2009. The occasion was the unveiling of President and Mrs. Bush’s official White House portraits, and he and Mrs. Bush were hosted by President Obama and the current first lady.

Several members of the Council have weighed in with their opinions of what occurred that day:

Rhymes With Right: It was, dare I say it, the sort of no-class performance that we expect out of the unworthy occupant of the Oval Office. That he had to get his licks in at Dubya even on what was supposed to be a day honoring his predecessor shows that Barack Obama has failed to grow into the job. Bad breeding will tell. George W. Bush showed the very sort of class and grace that he learned from his parents — and his acceptance of the invitation for an event during the height of the campaign season instead of pleading a busy schedule and seeking a delay until February of 2013 is one more example of his willingness to put country ahead of partisanship. Too bad Obama could not do so for a couple of hours.

The Noisy Room: Obama’s treatment of George W. Bush during his trip to the White House for his presidential portrait hanging was the most ungracious and un-presidential behavior I have ever seen by a sitting president. In contrast, President Bush’s conduct was the epitome of class and humorously dignified. As the beautiful portraits of the President and First Lady were displayed, Obama droned on and on about how all the US’ financial ills were really Bush’s fault. Typical… as he has never taken any responsibility for what I deem to be the 2nd Great Depression under his leadership. Bush contributed, but Obama took it to an entirely different level and is busy trying to finish us off. With glee I might add.

It is tradition for the sitting President to praise the former President and his wife during this ceremony. Obama slyly and crassly insulted President Bush and the First Lady during the presentation. What a weasel. It was not only rude and mean – it was evil in intent. It is one of Obama’s greatest vile hits to date. Bush in true fashion, joked and thanked the President and the First Lady for inviting him and his “rowdy” friends and family to the White House and his ‘hanging.’ And you know he meant it both ways. Once again showing that he has a quick wit and is very intelligent as I have always said he was. Although I did not agree with all Bush did and he did many things I consider ‘progressive lite,’ he was heaven compared to the Communist in the White House. I miss our cowboy President when compared to our Marxist President.

Joshuapundit: I didn’t cover this story on my site, and I was in two minds about weighing in, but here goes…

As far as President Obama goes, you simply have to consider the source. Such people don’t change, particularly when an election is in the offing, and blaming others for your failures is a key point of the narrative you’re pushing.

Second, it’s no secret that I consider George W. Bush one of our worst presidents, although it’s his good fortune to have someone like President Obama following him to make him look like a far better president than he was by comparison. One of the most gag worthy moments for me in reading up on this story was to hear President Bush recount how Dolly Madison saved the Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington when the British burned Washington during the war of 1812, and to jokingly get first lady Michelle Obama to promise to save ‘the other George W. portrait’ in case anything like that happened again.

I think The Father of our Country would look with disdain and horror on both of the last two presidents. And being the student of history that he was, I’m sure he would have made some sober pronouncements to his countrymen about avoiding putting such men in positions of public trust ever again if we wish to preserve our Republic.

The Right Planet: Obama’s treatment of Bush at the White House recently was unconscionable for a sitting president, but it certainly wasn’t unexpected. Obama’s disdain for protocol and tradition was on full display, as we have seen in the past. I believe it’s Barry’s way of giving traditional America the finger – all part of the “fundamental transformation” via Marx and Saul Alinsky. I can’t stand people who are unable for one moment to drop their hidden agendas and political motives and take the time to show some respect from time to time. It’s puerile and pathetic. But, once again, hardly unexpected coming from Obama. Is there anybody BHO won’t throw under the bus? He seems to be hellbent on offending every branch of our government and anybody he perceives as deviating even the slightest from his trans-national, Marxian socialist, utopian worldview. I think George W. Bush summed it up quite well: “Thanks for welcoming me [Bush] to my hanging.”

The Independent Sentinel: It made me so angry that I wrote an article about it. Expect nothing less from a narcissistic opportunistic Marxist.


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4 thoughts on “This Week’s Watcher’s Forum Question: What’s Your Opinion On President Obama’s Treatment Of President Bush During His White House Visit?

  1. Barack Obama has shown his true feelings before—Churchill’s bust, Benjamin Netanyahu, the constitution, traditional Christianity, capitalism,etc. The way he treated Bush was classless and crass, but not surprising. I hope to God that the American people will vote him out of office in November. He was groomed and bought into office by some who have a very progressive agenda. If he wins again, especially with a liberal congress, we may never recover.

  2. Thanks for the info. Don’t cry for Bush, though, he’s just playing sock puppet good cop to Barack’s bad cop.

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