2 thoughts on “Shock Vid: Greek Neo-Nazi Party Official Beats Female Communist Repeatedly on Live TV

  1. Communists and Nazis are like crack dealers fighting over a street corner. The world is not big enough for both of them. They are competing brand names for the ruthless application of absolute political power, and they use so many of the same methods — lies, murder, sowing of chaos, absolute control of the economy. Never forget: NAZI is an acronym for “National SOCIALIST Party” in German. Hence the breakdown of the alliance between Hitler and Stalin at the beginning of WWII. If the Allies had lost, the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire would have wound up fighting over the world that remained, for the same reason. All socialists want absolute power, in the long run. The “success” of socialism is always marked by mass murder and mass graves. Always.

  2. Also interesting is how the moderators just sat there and calmly watched the fight. Were they in sympathy with the Nazi, just interested in ratings, interested in the fight, not interested at all?

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