1 thought on “GBR: Socialist to get Medal of Freedom?

  1. Anyone still wondering who Alan West was refering to? Pick any democrat or RINO republican.

    He made traitor Jane Fonda the Woman of the Year, now awarded Bob Dylan, the patron saint of the drug culture and communist instigated Viet-Nam war protester a Presidential medal. Dylan stands for everything I hate, loath, and despise in life.

    Dylan (Zimmerman) was run out of Hibbing, Minnesota (a half hour drive from where I live) by the bohunks inhabiting the Iron Range who didn’t want to listen to his pervert punk music, they wanted to listen to Frankie Yankovich.

    He was a wierd runt in high school who was always picked on by bullies. He left with a vengeance and still hates his home 20. Strange because the Minnesota Iron Range is lousy with democrats, the worst kind, as it is the home lair of Gus Hall and the womb of American communism, the most anti-American real estate in the entire United States.

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