5 thoughts on “‘Suited, Booted, and Armed’: Unbelievable Audio From the New Black Panthers on Bloody, Anti-Capitalist ‘Race War’ Against White Devils

  1. Obama’s Presidency has encouraged and emboldened all the vermin to come out of the woodwork. Thugs in Labor Unions, Communists, sick and hate-filled Black Panthers and every other anti-America and anti-white group know Obama wants the downfall of America and its Constitution. They see this as a great opportunity to help bring America down! They know Eric Holder will never stop them. They have supporters in the brain-washed and ignorant people who haven’t the slightest idea of the consequences should Obama and these verminous rabble succeed.

    I hope to God that November will see the beginning of the end to these jackals.

  2. President Obama is the number 1 topic in the news. A word popularity check of rss feeds at http://www.zmerchnews.com shows that the word ‘Obama’ is always at the top – most popular – news headlines criticise and praise him, however a reason for being so popular could simply be the fact that he is the current American President.

  3. Why do you hear crickets from the White House about this hate from the New Black Panthers? No mystery here, because the NBP are Obama’s foot soldiers to foment division. Obama depends on class warfare (as do all commies) and race baiting to remain in power. All you have to do is recall what Obama’s “Justice Department” did in a slam dunk case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers, which was nothing because the perps were Black. Eric Holder made it clear blacks won’t be prosecuted.

  4. http://www.clickorlando.com/news/Trayvon-Martin-protest-closes-Sanford-Police-Department/-/1637132/10365926/-/nl3qdk/-/index.html

    Take a look at the hidden raw video of protestors who succeeded in closing the Sanford Police Dept. today. It is inserted within this article and can be found by clicking on the blue words in the article: kneeling in front of the doors.

    Did you notice that some of the protestors are carrying posters and are wearing t-shirts with what appears to be a photo of Trayvon Martin imprinted in an Obama-like style in red and blue on the front of the shirt, and the statement Obama made on the back “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”. Oh yes, BHO has succeeded in making this sad case into an it’s all about him getting re-elected manufactured national crisis.

    It is incredible how our White House occupant in chief injects himself into stories that he can use to encourage racial division (any division of Americans will serve his purpose: class, gender, religious) in our country, that helps play into his narrative and ideology, but ignores a crime wave in his home city of Chicago in which a young girl and many others have died recently, as well as the story where young black thugs attacked a 78 yr. old elderly man stating that it was in retaliation for Trayvon.

    Absolute silence about these stories as well as no condemnation (or arrest!) of the New Black Panthers and their hate filled statements of violence, death threats and a call for blood in the streets directed towards Zimmerman and white people in general. No call from Obama for people to wait for our judicial process to run its course. No call for people to come together or for unity. He is despicable. I worry that people will be killed because of his actions and inactions.

    November cannot come soon enough.

  5. Why isn’t Barack Obama speaking out on this hate speech? Why isn’t Eric Holder speaking out about his friends hate speech? Oh thats right its part of the DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL CAMPAIGN FOR 2012. This administration has succeded in dividing the country. They do not hesitate to use race, class warfare, lies and deceit. They have no shame or morals. There is NOTHING they will stop at to win.
    They are encouraging rioting and blood in the streets. Its hard to believe but thats what they want. WHY DO THEY HATE AMERICA SO MUCH??

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