8 thoughts on “Revolution Now! the “99% Spring” is Coming

  1. Gets out of paying his full share by saying he is a farmer, cheating New Jersey out of about 350,000 a year.

    Bruce you are the 1%

  2. Pity. It’s over and this is the first I’ve heard of it. Likely the real 99% will never hear of it. Awe-inspiring, isn’t it? Since the sponsors generally have to pay useful idiots to show up and protest for them, I hope it was a huge success. That’s $XXX they can’t use to bribe their favorite political tools.

  3. Just one look when they roll the “credits” and you see list of the who’s who in Extreme Left Politics all connected in one way or another to the Communist Pary.

    My question is 99% of what when they claim to be the 99%. Guess they are th 99% of the Takers in society not the producers. These folks actually belive there’s a free lunch to be had if only they could take it from someone else.

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