2 thoughts on “‘This Spring, We‘ll See Action’: Piven Issues Dark Prediction on Occupy Wall Street

  1. Maybe people should look up Cloward and Piven to get a better understanding of what these communist idiots were all about! They took a page out of Hegel’s Dialectic and attempted to use his methods for their own sick purposes!

    1. You are absolutely on target. She and her buddy Cloward are hard core communists and are pleased as can be that Obama is carrying out their theory of bankrupting the country into its demise. They see this result as being their opportunity to sweep away the Republic and installing Marxism.

      Those two are only a fraction of the radicals infesting Columbia Univ. A once great school is nothing more than a training ground for Socialism. And parents pay a fortune to have their children brain-washed!

      The general public is too absorbed in watching “American Idol” than learning what is being done to their Country while they “fiddle”.

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