6 thoughts on ““Paid for by a Vietnam Vet, Still Fighting For His Country”


    Where exactly is the “home of the brave”?

    Where is the current “land of the free”?

    I think this explains a lot:


    The Constitution does not “protect” our rights by itself. It must have the backing of The People or it IS meaningless and thus why it receives the disdain and lack of respect it does today.

    Liberty is NOT FREE! If you want your posterity to enjoy it, you MUST DO SOMETHING to save it!

    If you’re not willing to pay for it, just say goodbye to it.

    Just sayin’

  2. As a fellow vet and Marine, it’s that oath that we all took that is so hard to forget…. I swear to protect this country from ALL enemies foreign AND domestic!

  3. That sent chills up my spine when she said it! It is typical of the radical leftists to think they can rewrite history as well as control scientists and nature all for their twisted political dreams (aka nightmares). God that vet for his continuing service to our country. And to those who would like to make us a third world nation, go to a third nation and work to make them a first world nation!

  4. Remember Michele O said this before the 2008 election.

    “as the wife of Barak Obama that he is who he appears to be, he is not a person guided by politics, he is a person guided by compassion and hope and the spirit of change.”

    “Barak knows we are gonna have to make sacrifices, were gonna have to change our conversations, were gonna have to change our TRADITIONS, our HISTORY, were gonna have to go to move into a different place as a nation”

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