Michigan’s Red-Green Axis

By: Jim Simpson | Center for Security Policy

Michigan has something of a split personality. The political landscape is a study in contrasts. For most of its post-Civil War history, Michigan politics has been dominated by Republicans. Yet at the same time, Michigan has spawned some of the most virulent leftist politicians and organizations in the U.S., and they have had a disproportionate impact on Michigan and the nation as a whole. At the same time, Michigan has one of the largest Arab American populations in the country, including both Muslims and Christians, a potentially explosive combination. Michigan is rated number 6 of the top ten Muslim populated states as a percent of the total state population.[1]

Republicans currently hold substantial majorities in both houses of the state legislature. The governor, attorney general and secretary of state are all Republicans. The GOP has held the state Senate every year since 1992, currently by a majority of 27 to 10. The house has been turned over to the Democrats intermittently for only seven of those 26 years. Republicans currently control 63 of the House’s 110 seats, with 46 controlled by Democrats and one vacancy.[2]The governor’s office has been held by Republicans for the past eight years.[3]The office of the Secretary of State has been held every year since 1995.[4]

At the federal level, Democrats have fared much better. With the exception of Robert Griffin (1966-1978) and Spencer Abraham (1995-2000), Democrats have held both U.S. Senate seats since 1965.  From 1965 until 2002, Democrats held the majority of U.S. House seats for all but eight years. Since 2002 Republicans have held the majority for all but two years.[5]

The “Red” in Michigan’s Red-Green Axis

A number of prominent Michigan Democrats have shown their red stripes. Here are a few of the more notorious ones:

  • The late Democratic congressman, George Crockett, was a communist.[6]He served in Michigan’s 13th District (Detroit) from 1980 to 1991. He was also national vice president for the notorious communist-front National Lawyers Guild (NLG), an organization he helped found. His last job in Congress was to chair the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, where he had access to much-classified information. He opposed all U.S. action supporting anti-communists in Central America.
  • Democratic Rep. John Conyers served in the U.S. House from 1965 to 2017, in Detroit’s 1st, 13th, and 14th Districts. An extreme leftist, Conyers has been associated with the Communist Party USA for over 50 years.[7]He was also a board member of the NLG. He was forced to retire in 2017 following multiple allegations of sexual harassment.
  • Former U.S. Rep. David Bonior is a Socialist who was notorious during his days in Congress for opposing President Reagan’s Central American policy towards communists. He has been called a “dear friend to the Muslim community.”[8]In 2002, he and two other congressmen traveled on a “fact-finding” tour to Iraq arranged by Muthanna Al-Hanooti, who directed Michigan-based Life for Relief and Development (LIFE).[9]LIFE received funds from Iraqi intelligence for the trip. Al-Hanooti was later indicted as a spy for Iraq.[10]
  • Far Left Democratic U.S. Senator Gary Peters took the seat of retiring Senator Carl Levin in 2014. Prior to that, he served in the U.S. Congress and various state elected positions since 1995. Throughout his career, Peters has been connected to Democratic Socialists of America and was endorsed by the pro-Palestinian, Soros-funded leftist, Astroturf Jewish group, J-Street.[11]J-Street presents itself as a genuine Jewish group, but advocates for the Palestinian cause against Israel. Among other things, in 2011, Peters joined a protest with the anarchist group, Occupy Detroit.[12]
  • Congressman Sander Levin, brother of retired Senator Carl Levin, represents Michigan’s 12th District. In addition to socialist ties, he has spoken highly of the Council for American Islamic Relations, identified by our Department of Justice as a Palestinian terrorist (Hamas) and Muslim Brotherhood front group.[13]
  • Democratic U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow has spent a lifetime working alongside socialists and communists.[14]

This split power structure may account for some of Michigan’s political schizophrenia.  Whatever the case, the state has been a breeding ground for some of America’s most extreme leftist organizations and individuals. The 1960s’ New Left was best represented by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), which had its founding at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1960.[15]The 1962 Port Huron Statement, written by radical leftist former University of Michigan student newspaper editor, Tom Hayden, envisioned grand plans to reorder society along socialist lines.[16]

While it claimed to oppose communism, the Statement excused Soviet excesses in Eastern Europe (which led to mass slaughters of civilians), and the SDS would later become famous for supporting the communist North Vietnamese against the free South and U.S. military intervention. SDS became famous for the pro-communist chant, “Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, the NLF (National Liberation Front) is gonna win.”[17]Tom Hayden’s public pronouncements were broadcast in North Vietnamese POW camps to outrage and demoralize Americans held there.[18]The SDS also spawned Bill Ayers’ infamous Weather Underground, which engaged in acts of terrorism throughout the country in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

We tend to think that universities transformed into bastions of liberalism in the 1970s and 1980s when former 60s radicals took up careers as college professors; however, the poisoning began much earlier. The SDS was formed in 1959 as a rebranding of the pre-existing Student League for Industrial Democracy (SLID) — itself an outgrowth of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society (ISS), founded in 1905 by Clarence Darrow, Jack London, Upton Sinclair, and others.[19]

From 1905 forward, ISS and SLID targeted universities with the specific goal of co-opting university professors to indoctrinate students.[20]This idea gained further momentum during a 1922 COMINTERN meeting held at Moscow’s Marx-Engels Institute, where Soviet agent of influence Willi Münzenberg urged Western Communist leaders to “organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat,” he said (emphasis added).[21]

As early as the 1930s, students were showing the successes of this effort by conducting mass protests and anti-war walkouts.[22]Below is a 1963 photo of an SDS National Council meeting in Bloomington, Indiana.[23]Note the symbolic SDS raised fist is actually the Leninist salute.[24]Doubtless college students of the day, like many now, thought this was just radical and fun.

The person who created the SDS was then SLID president, Aryeh Neier, who thought that the new name might be more appealing to students.[25]Neier appointed Tom Hayden, who rapidly took over, and, says Neier, took it ” in a direction I did not endorse.”[26]In short, the SDS rapidly became too radical even for Neier. Hayden quickly made a name for himself as an extreme radical. He later went on to serve for 10 years in the California legislature and was married to Jane Fonda.

But Neier was a bit of a radical himself, though he eschewed violence. He later served as executive director for George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) from 1993 to 2012. Under OSI, Neier was directly involved in funding the many radical groups that birthed and nurtured Barack Obama’s political career.[27]Neier has also worked for John Podesta’s Center for American Progress and today is Open Society’s president emeritus.[28]

The Michigan Left has metastasized since the SDS days and is comprised of numerous different organizations operating throughout the state. Following is a rundown on most of them.


Thanks to the former Obama administration’s wholesale empowerment of jihadis and the extreme Left, Obama is still having behind-the-scenes impacts. Obama’s activity has continued under the banner of OFA, now called Organizing for Action, the group he first formed in 2008 as Obama for America. It has gone through numerous rebirths but is essentially the same organization it has always been.

OFA has partnered with the Indivisible Project, a 501.c.4 tax-exempt activist group formed of former high-level Democratic congressional staff members.[29]Its first project was to publish the Indivisible Guide, a comprehensive blueprint for activists that rapidly gained popularity among the radical Left. Subsequently, Indivisible groups were the prime mover behind much of the early post-election, anti-Trump protests.[30]For all we know, Obama could have ordered its creation. Like so many other radical Left organizations, it gets funding from George Soros and others. Michigan Indivisible (http://www.michiganindivisible.org/) declares:

We are a community of people concerned about the assault on our rights by the Trump administration, the Republican Congress, and the conservative movement. We love our country and our state, and we are committed to taking it back from the forces of authoritarianism, greed, and hate.

Its laundry list of goals (kind of like the Port Huron Statement) includes getting rid of Trump & Co.:

  • Impeach Them for Crimes and Misdemeanors
  • Force Their Resignation Through Protest
  • Expose Their Lies and Defend Truth

It is difficult to square this with Indivisible’s supposed commitment to “legal, non-violent protest and political action,” and other declared goals of defending and strengthening civil rights. What about the civil rights of Trump supporters? What about the legal authority of a democratically elected president? Indivisible claims to borrow its methods from the Tea Party. Former Trump press secretary, Sean Spicer, however, rejected that comparison. The Tea Party was a spontaneous, “very organic movement,” he said, while Indivisible is “a very paid, Astroturf-type movement.”[31]

Ann Arbor’s Indivisible (https://www.facebook.com/A2indivisible/) also lists mutually exclusive demands. To join you must agree to these principles:

  • Resist Trump’s agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt, and it must be stopped.
  • Focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy. We demand that our own local Members of Congress serve as our voice in Washington, DC.
  • Embrace progressive values. We model inclusion, respect, and fairness in all of our actions.

How can a group “model inclusion, respect and fairness” in all its actions if its actions are by definition deliberately disrespectful and unfair? How can it demand that local members of Congress serve as Indivisible’s voice? How does that model square with the majority of Michigan citizens who voted for Trump? These are rhetorical questions. Trying to explain leftists logically is impossible.

One Michigan activist interviewed for this monograph, who asked to remain anonymous, attended early organizational meetings for Michigan’s Indivisible. She described them as being “like communist cells… The initial meeting was held in a public place. We were split into small groups of about 10 people and then told to meet separately at a later date. Subsequent meetings among these smaller groups were held in private homes, away from prying eyes.”[32]

Daily Caller story described an audio recording of one Indivisible meeting, where the organizers planned how best to disrupt a Republican senator’s town hall:

  • The activists split up into an “inside team” — tasked with occupying “as many seats as we can” and an “outside team,” whose job was to “give [the media] the coverage they want” before joining the others inside. Activists were instructed to dress like conservatives and leave at home “any signifier that you’re a liberal” in order to blend in with constituents.
  • The leftist activists strategized how best to “dominate” the question-and-answer section of the town hall and keep anyone “sympathetic” to [Republican Sen. Bill] Cassidy from asking a question.[33]

Over 100 Indivisible locations are identified throughout Michigan on Indivisible’s map, shown here.[34]Each blue dot is a separate group. Many merely reference a Facebook page or contact email, suggesting that the number of sites on the map may exaggerate the group’s actual size. Interestingly, some of these map points list local Democratic Parties, Planned Parenthood, and other leftwing organization offices. As a 501.c.3 tax-exempt “charity,” is Planned Parenthood legally allowed to participate in the blatantly partisan activities of Indivisible? No, it is not. Why no IRS investigation? In addition to the Indivisible Guide, there is a second similar guide for leftists, the Resistance Manual (www.resistancemanual.org), with an entry for each state.

Michigan for Revolution

Michigan for Revolution (www.michiganforrevolution.org/) boasts 35 state chapters plus one for each of Michigan’s 14 congressional districts. Almost all utilize Facebook pages exclusively and all but six lists the number of members — in total 1,431. Some chapters have just one or very few members, however, and the administrator for all of the district chapters and 20 of the 35 state chapters is the same person. Also, many of the members of one chapter are members of multiple others, so the total membership is inflated. Perhaps Michigan for Revolution, like Indivisible and the Left generally, is trying to appear larger than it actually is. The 35 chapters are listed below. In Michigan’s 2018 primary, many Michigan for Revolution chapters supported Abdul El-Sayed, the first-ever U.S. Muslim candidate for governor. El-Sayed lost his own primary but came in second with 30.2 percent of the vote. He is likely to be back.[35]

35 State Chapters

Our Revolution

Our Revolution Michigan (http://www.ourrevolutionmichigan.com/), is the Michigan branch of Our Revolution (www.ourrevolution.com), an outgrowth of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign created by former Bernie staff and grassroots activists. Our Revolution Michigan describes itself as “a statewide coalition of progressive grassroots activists in and alongside the Democratic Party:

  • Working on local and state level issues using advocacy and resistance methods including those developed by the Bernie campaign and by Indivisible
  • Developing progressive leadership through campaign staff and candidate training and mentorship
  • Creating a more progressive, more transparent, and more effective Michigan Democratic Party: transforming the Party, recognizing that many progressives have been working within the Party toward change for years.
  • Connecting with our allies in progressive, environmental, Democratic, labor, and other groups.”

Based on Facebook membership numbers listed for each Michigan chapter, there are fewer than 1,000 members overall. As with Michigan for Revolution, many members belong to more than one chapter, and some also belong to Michigan for Revolution chapters. Additionally, some chapters have no online presence to check. Chapters include:

  • Metro Detroit for Our Revolution (members not listed)
  • Keweenaw People’s Movement (329 members)
  • Monroe to Believe In (defunct Facebook page)
  • Washtenaw County to Believe In (defunct Facebook page)
  • Ypsilanti to Believe In (no online presence)
  • Our Revolution – Allegan County (41 members)
  • 14 congressional district chapters (436 members)

The 14 congressional district chapters seek to organize their respective districts and support leftwing candidates, “working within and alongside the Democratic Party and other organizations toward a just, progressive and compassionate society.”[36]

Our Revolution claims to have won significant primary victories throughout the U.S.[37]Our Revolution also endorsed El-Sayed in the primary.[38]

Progress Michigan

Progress Michigan is one of 20 state chapters of Progress Now, an organization under the Democracy Alliance — a secretive group of high-dollar leftists who pledge large amounts of money to fund leftwing candidates throughout the country. Originally headquartered in Colorado, Progress Now’s new headquarters are in Lansing, Michigan.

In 2016, the latest data available, Progress Michigan received $1.1 million in revenues.[39]Progress Michigan is co-located with Progress Now at the same Lansing address and is directed by the same person, Lonnie Scott.[40]During 2016, Progress Now received another $940,472.[41]This money shell game is reminiscent of ACORN, which masked its activities by moving money around various subsidiaries, many of which existed only on paper.[42]

The Progress Now board of directors includes a number of very heavy hitters of the Left: Democracy Alliance co-founder Ted Trimpa; Democratic Socialists of America honorary chair, Eliseo Medina, considered one of the “Top 50 Most Powerful Latino Leaders;”[43]and the very secretive Zach Pollett, formerly of ACORN and Project Vote, who quit his job when allegations of ACORN fraud became public. He never really left, however, sneaking over to another ACORN affiliate under the radar.[44]It seems interesting that he winds up at Progress Now.

The chart below describes the organizational relationships. Note the big names: Taco Bell heir Rob McKay, the ubiquitous George Soros, and Anna Burger, called “the most powerful woman in labor.”[45]In 2007, Burger authored a now-notorious memo with Marxist Service Employees International Union (SEIU) president Andy Stern, and Center for American Progress founder John Podesta. Addressed to George and Jonathan Soros, Progressive Insurance mogul Peter Lewis and other fat cats, the memo called for ensuring that “demographics is destiny,” by leveraging the growing Latino population in the U.S. and turning them into new Democrat voters.[46]

Source: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2010/11/soross_next_target_your_state.html

Democratic Socialists of America

The best-known leftwing group in Michigan is Democratic Socialists of America, with branches in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Huron Valley, Lansing, Northern Michigan, Southwest Michigan, and Marquette.[47]Its youth contingent, Young Democratic Socialists, has chapters at Michigan State, Oakland University, and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.[48],[49]DSA is the largest Socialist group in the U.S., with 44,000 members nationwide.[50]It was a subsidiary of the Socialist International, but broke with that organization in the summer of 2017, because, according to one DSA columnist, the Socialist International “long ago ceased to be a principled organization.”[51]Its moderate-sounding name belies DSA’s extremely radical nature.

DSA headquarters in New York City reports 2016 revenues of $852,761, of which $376,946 is membership dues.[52]The DSA Fund also received $101,732 in 2016.[53]DSA’s annual dues rate of $60 implied a membership of just over 6,000 in 2016. Bernie Sanders’ candidacy helped explode the membership, however, first to 25,000, and following the election of Donald Trump, another growth spurt raised it to 35,000.[54]

Michigan chapters have a total membership of over 590, listed by chapter below.[55](Traverse City, Lansing, and Southwest do not list membership numbers):

  • Detroit – 400
  • Huron Valley – 150
  • Grand Rapids – 18
  • Mt. Pleasant – 10
  • Marquette – 12

DSA is really ground zero for the radical Left in the U.S. Indistinguishable in its goals and methods from Communists, it does not carry the stigma attached to the “communist” moniker. Thus, most American leftists gravitate toward the less-threatening sounding DSA. For example, former President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dolores Huerta, the honorary chair of Democratic Socialists of America.[56]

DSA is attracting more and more Muslim leaders and activists. Infamous co-organizer of the Trump inaugural “Women’s March,” Linda Sarsour, recently announced her DSA membership.[57]Abshir Omar, the former director of CAIR Iowa, openly touts his DSA membership.[58]In May 2018, Michigan congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib announced her DSA membership as well and was endorsed by Detroit DSA.[59]Her bio says she worked at Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, a Detroit-based legal service organization created by Maurice and Jane Sugar. The Sugars helped found the Communist front, National Lawyers Guild.[60]Former Michigan Socialist reps John Bonior and John Conyers worked with Sugar, and the late Communist rep, George Crockett, is listed “in memoriam” on the Sugar board.[61]Tlaib is the Democrats’ 2018 candidate for Congress, having defeated three other Democratic primary candidates on August 7.[62]

Michigan primary gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed does not admit DSA membership, but his platform was indistinguishable from it. The Communist newspaper, In These Times, calls him “the Muslim Bernie clone.”[63]

Another Michigan primary Congressional candidate was Fayrouz Saad, running in the 11th District. Saad shares El-Sayed’s many far-left positions, including the $15 minimum wage, single-payer health care, and blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.[64]In These Times highlighted Saad as one of 12 leftist candidates “taking on the party establishment in 2018.”[65]Saad came in last in a field of four Democratic primary candidates. Haley Stevens, a former Obama administration official who was endorsed by Hillary Clinton, won the primary.[66]

DSA’s Detroit chapter claims credit for having elected “20 stealth socialists” in recent years, who share some or all of DSA’s goals.[67]Of course, Michigan has non-Muslim DSA members running for office as well: for example, state representative candidate Mike McDermott, who ran for the state’s 16th district, but lost in the Democratic primary to Kevin Coleman.[68]

Michigan Progressive Caucus

DSA, along with Bernie Sanders and the Institute for Policy Studies (seeded with money from Communist Party member and Faberge Perfume founder, Samuel Rubin[69]), created the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Now bragging 81 members, the CPC has been called “The heart and soul of the Democratic Party.”[70]

State progressive caucuses have grown out of the national organization. The Michigan Democratic Party has its own Progressive Caucus. Among others, it endorsed Democratic attorney general candidate Dana Nessel, who also received the endorsement of the Progressive Democratic Women’s Caucus of Muskegon County, various Our Revolution and Michigan for Revolution chapters, as well as the Yemeni American Michigan Democratic Caucus, and many other far-left groups.[71]Nessel got the nod from the state Democratic Party at its convention in April.[72]


Antifa groups include Great Lakes Anarchist Black Cross, Great Lakes Antifa, Ann Arbor Area Anti-Fascists, Detroit Antifa and others. There are five chapters of Redneck Revolt (www.redneckrevolt.org), an organization with 45 chapters nationwide, whose slogan is “Putting the Red back in Redneck.”

Antifa groups claim to oppose fascism (i.e., they are anti-fascists), but in fact, they are all anarchist or communist groups, some proudly sporting the anarchist symbol, . The red/black flag combination can either be interpreted to mean an alliance of anarchists and communists, or it is an allusion to anarcho-syndicalists (red unions). There is also at least one faction of Refuse Fascism in Detroit. Refuse Fascism is a project of the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party.[73]

Antifa groups take their name and symbols from “Antifaschistische Aktion,” an organization birthed by the German Communist Party in 1932 to oppose Hitler’s Fascists.[74]Antifa is really a post-election phenomenon, although its members have been around for a long time. Before that, it took the form of Occupy Wall Street, an overtly anarchist movement, organized by prominent anarchist Lisa Fithian, who also organized many of the subsequent Black Lives Matter riots.[75]Before that it simply formed the most violent component of many street protests, most notably the 1999 Seattle World Trade Organization riots, which Fithian directed. In 2012, Fithian came to Michigan to help unions plan a protest against pending state right to work legislation.[76]Antifa is simply the latest rendition of anarchism, which has been around since the 1800s.[77]

Michigan’s Muslim activists can count on support from Antifa groups because they have seized on Donald Trump’s policies on terror and illegal immigration to accuse him of “racism.” But their real beef is capitalism. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc., are merely pretexts to attempt to force change through violence, with the ultimate objective being a Communist state.[78]Look beneath the thin veneer of tired slogans and this becomes very clear. They don’t even try to hide it.[79]

Other Radical Leftists

One Michigan for Immigrant Rights, (www.1michigan.org), advocates to provide scholarships for illegal aliens, for the DREAM Act and seeks to shield illegals from deportation. It includes an Undocumented Student’s Guide to Colleges.[80]One Michigan’s website sports the ubiquitous Leninist salute.

Michigan United (www.miunited.org) was created in 2012 as a merger of the Michigan Organizing Project (MOP) and the Alliance for Immigrant Rights (AIR). It seeks to agitate and organize “those directly affected by injustice” to “ignite the power of our communities and shift the balance of power.”[81]In this case, there is just more of the same race-baiting and divisive cultivation of grievance by racial and ethnic groups, including illegal aliens and Arab-Americans. It partners with numerous labor, leftwing church, and ethnic community organizations.

The Communist Party USA has a branch in Detroit, and as of last year, a new “club” in Battle Creek.[82]The Detroit branch Facebook page contains almost no information except the location in downtown Detroit. There is a total of 17 likes on the page as of this writing.[83]

In what has now become a tiresomely familiar pattern, leftist groups uniformly play the race card, and protesting America’s perceived “racism,” “xenophobia,” “Islamophobia,” and so forth, has become their cause célèbre. With Michigan’s large, growing, and influential Muslim population, and growing concerns about the state’s large refugee resettlement program, leftist groups have been created for no other reason than to promote that narrative.

All Are Welcome Here, a group in Lansing and Oakland County, claims to “represent millions of people across the United States who reject overt and covert expressions of racism, sexism and misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia, and are ready to put our dollars where our values are.” All Are Welcome Here cites the overtly communist Red Guards Austin as compatriots on its Facebook page.[84]

“Red” Conclusion

There are numerous other leftist organizations throughout Michigan, including Partners for a Racism-Free Community in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Progressives, Ann Arbor’s Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, Kalamazoo Socialist Party, West Michigan United Progressives 243, Kent County Progressive Caucus 76, the Socialist Party of Michigan, Black Lives Matter Detroit, and others. There are also numerous independent student organizations, for example, the Michigan State chapter of Students United (https://msustudentsunited.wordpress.com/).

Despite the huge number of Michigan radical Left groups, the total numbers are likely comparatively small. The Left relies on false perceptions to justify itself and thus does everything it can to appear omnipresent, when in fact it is a tiny group of fringe extremists.  But the Left has an outsized impact in state and local politics because all join in on their shared agenda, which is to force political momentum left. They are willing to engage in relentless defamation campaigns, civil disobedience, boycotts, and even violence to get their way. And they are aided and abetted almost universally by local and national media. Many public officials are intimidated into silence and/or complicity. They are terrified of being labeled.

So, while state government is firmly in the hands of Republicans, most fold like a cheap tent in the face of bad press or strident leftwing activism (which often is the same thing) and are doing little to stop the state’s leftward march. They similarly quail in the face of demands from Muslims and accommodate programs like refugee resettlement, which will guarantee the GOP’s ultimate demise in the state. As Anna Burger said, “Demographics is Destiny.”[85]Finally, local government is frequently run by Democrats, who aid and abet subversive leftwing and/or Muslim political activity.

The “Green” in Michigan’s Red-Green Axis

When analysts warn that Muslims are intent on imposing Islamic Law (shariah) in defiance of the U.S. Constitution, Islamic apologists snicker that Muslims represent only 1 percent of the U.S. population, so how could they be a threat to anyone? In Michigan, Muslims represent about 2.75 percent of the population.[86]Based on an estimated population of 10 million in 2018, that is 275,000 people.[87]A lot more than 1 percent, but still, a population to be concerned about?

There are numerous reasons to be concerned. There is what has been described as a “tipping point,” when Muslim populations migrate to non-Muslim countries and reach a certain level of density and influence there. It is described succinctly in the following quote:

In his book, Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat, Dr. Peter Hammond established a statistical correlation between Muslim and non-Muslim populations on the one hand and the transition from “conciliatory” to “fascist” Islam on the other. Hammond described the transition as consisting of five stages, the first of which was to “establish a beachhead” by achieving a population level of 2% of the host nation. Until then, Muslims are conciliatory, deferential and harmless. But once having reached that threshold, they begin to proselytize disaffected groups until they reach 5% of the population, when they demand such things as halal food in supermarkets, the blocking of streets for prayers, and self-rule within the ghettos they control. As their numbers approach 10% of the general population, their demands turn to violence and vandalism. In short, collectively Muslims behave as chameleons, as their Holy Text instructs them, shifting gears according to the circumstances they find themselves in.[88]

Much of that described above has already begun to happen in the United States. Muslim groups are already demanding halal food in supermarkets, special prayer accommodations, and self-rule, and terrorism has become an all-too-common, almost expected event.

This rapid advance toward the “tipping point” has occurred because American Muslim organizations, leaders, and populations (collectively, the Islamic Movement) have allied themselves with America’s radical Left in what has been called the Red-Green Axis.[89]As such, they enjoy the commanding heights of popular culture, from the media to Hollywood and the universities. So, they are not merely 1 percent of the population anymore. They count on support from Democrats, who comprise about 50 percent of the U.S. population, and whose Party is today wholly owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by the hard Left.

As Michigan’s Islamic population has grown, it has partnered with the Left to leverage the Left’s power and has adopted the Left’s socialist agendas as well as its unscrupulous but effective vilification tactics. Gubernatorial primary candidate Abdul El-Sayed advocated for all the policies of the extreme Left such as single-payer healthcare and a $15 minimum wage. He claimed marijuana legalization would solve the state’s financial problems. Among other things, he wanted to create MI-Fi, a state-operated internet service provider, to offer an “internet plan for all,” — a fancy (and much more expensive) version of Obama phones.[90]

As mentioned earlier, Congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib won the 13th District primary and is unopposed for the general election. She will become the first female Muslim member of the U.S. Congress.[91]Formerly, she was the first female Muslim state legislator in Michigan and was minority (Democrat) chair of the state House Appropriations Committee. She has a standard leftist agenda and outlook, as well as radical ties.[92]As noted earlier, she worked at the Sugar Law Center, an organization with close ties to the Communist Party.

Fayrouz Saad lost her primary bid for the 11th congressional district seat, currently occupied by GOP Rep. Dave Trott. But she reflects the leftist bent of most Muslim candidates. She calls herself “a proud progressive,” and her website states, “Voters need to know that Fayrouz is the most progressive candidate in this race.”[93]Her most recent work was for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. She also served in the Obama administration at the Department of Homeland Security.[94]

But El-Sayed got all the ink. He adopted the now-standard vilification tactics used by many Islamic activists and leftwing radicals. At a May 2018 Michigan gubernatorial candidate forum, El-Sayed called GOP primary candidate Patrick Colbeck a “racist” and “Islamophobe” because, in an earlier presentation, Colbeck had expressed concerns over the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic goal to impose shariah in the U.S. Speaking of the media, Colbeck said, “They pitched this comment around my concern about the Muslim Brotherhood as a concern about Muslims in general. I love Muslims. It’s not an issue. The issue is about terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.”[95]

Completely ignoring his statement, El-Sayed repeated the racism charge and lambasted other Republicans, “…what I have not heard is the Republicans on this panel, decisively and swiftly call out this kind of Islamophobia, this kind of racism, in the context that they are wanting to represent the state that has the highest per-capita number of Muslim Americans in the country. Now you may not hate Muslims, but I’ll tell you, Muslims definitely hate you!”[96]

Many of the Michigan for Revolution chapters and other leftist organizations have expressed support for El-Sayed in Facebook posts and other announcements. Following Colbeck’s presentation, the Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party launched a furious attack in a press release, stating:

A long-anticipated explicit, xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist attack against Dr. El-Sayed was launched earlier this month. The hate speech did not come from a fringe organization but from Republican candidate for governor Patrick Colbeck. Mr. Colbeck made an unfounded outlandish accusation that Abdul was part of an extremist conspiracy to take over the country. According to Buzzfeed, he made those remarks at an event held by United West. The group has been classified as an “active anti-Muslim group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the activity of hate organizations.[97]

Citing the Southern Poverty Law Center as a credible source is a red flag. It is actually a communist-inspired organization that was created specifically to attack and vilify anyone opposed to the extreme Left agendas by name-calling and ludicrously associating them with Nazis, the KKK, skinheads, etc.[98]Like many communist-inspired organizations, the SPLC embraced the civil rights movement early on to establish legitimacy, and serve as a basis for fundraising. A 2000 article published in Harpers magazine, which quotes numerous famous liberals, described SPLC as little more than a fundraising racket, pointing out that it spends more on fundraising than legal services.[99]In one famous case, the SPLC represented the mother of Michael Donald, the last man lynched by the KKK. They obtained an historic $7 million judgment that bankrupted the Klan. SPLC raised $9 million on the news.[100]Donald’s mother received $50,000 and the Klan’s headquarters property.[101]

It almost defies belief that any credible organization would take the SPLC seriously. The SPLC has been widely condemned for its bias and inaccurate information and any group that cites the SPLC discredits itself by that very association. Despite this, other Michigan media also turned out almost universally against Colbeck for a presentation that bravely pointed toward the dangerous new world we are entering.

The national press turned this kind of vilification on Michigan as well. A CNN reporter used the SPLC “Hate Map” to list the various “hate” groups in Michigan, like ACT for America, Secure Michigan, and other mainstream groups. This is to be expected from the SPLC. But the shock is that CNN would refer to it as a credible source and treat this story as “news” rather than the blatantly biased hit piece that it is.[102]Note that at rallies and protests across the country, the real haters as displayed by their often-destructive, violent actions, banners, and chants are Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Refuse Fascism, the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, and other hard-Left groups. Yet, none of these is listed on the SPLC’s “Hate Map.” The SPLC somehow even justifies not listing Antifa as a hate group![103]

But vilification has become the go-to tactic for both the Left and hard-core Muslim activists alike. For example, Take on Hate (http://www.takeonhate.org) is a Michigan Muslim organization that incorporates this tactic in its very name. It is a Dearborn-based project of the National Network for Arab-American Communities (NNAAC). NNAAC is, in turn, a subsidiary of the Dearborn-based ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services), which describes itself as “the largest Arab-American community nonprofit in the United States.” According to its latest tax-exempt IRS filing, ACCESS took in $26.7 million in Fiscal Year 2016, $15.2 million of which was from government grants.[104]The following governmental entities provided that funding, according to the ACCESS 2017 Annual Report:

Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Wayne County Health Department, Macomb County Community Services Agency, Macomb County Health Department, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Wayne Metro Community Action Agency, Michigan Office for New Americans, National Endowment for the Humanities University of Michigan and Wayne State University.[105]

In addition to its other activities, ACCESS is a refugee resettlement contractor, taking in $5.7 million since 2008 for that activity alone.[106]This is a poignant example of how the federal government enables self-interested organizations to expand their power. Here the government is providing funds for the Arab community to shore up its Muslim base by importing Muslims at taxpayer expense.

Take on Hate counts CAIR, the Arab American Institute, the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Arab Muslim American Federation, ACLU, the Center for New Community, and others as its partners in Michigan.

Take on Hate’s non-Muslim partners confirm its alliance with the hard Left. For example, the Center for New Community is an open borders group that works with the Southern Poverty Law Center to vilify opponents. It published an Islamophobia Movement in America reference guide in 2015 which targets Frank Gaffney, Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and others. It was followed by another report titled Islamophobia, the New Nativism. The report blames immigration opponents for inspiring “racism, nativism, xenophobia, or Islamophobia” that leads to violent acts against immigrants.[107]So if you oppose any aspect of immigration, you are automatically guilty of “racism, nativism, etc.” Never mind the crime, disease, terrorism, and astronomical welfare and other costs associated with inadequately vetted immigrants and refugees. None of that counts.

Leftist student organizations have joined in. Michigan State’s Students United protested a June 2017 ACT for America march against shariah in Lansing, MI. ACT was trying to bring attention to Islam’s totalitarian system of law, which is already being practiced in parts of Michigan. Students United joined Women’s March Michigan, Women Organize Michigan and others, partnering with the Islamic Center of East Lansing, in a “Wash Away the Hate” counter-protest.[108]Students United posted the following announcement on its Facebook page:[109]

The irony is inescapable. ACT describes real, genuine issues with shariah that should be of concern to all people, especially women. But as the Left picks up the cause of “anti-Islamophobia,” it bends over backward to accommodate the Islamic agenda, abandoning in the process its much-touted support for women’s rights. This hypocrisy is apparent throughout the Left-dominated popular culture. And the media encourages it.

For example, Democrats recently blocked legislation that would outlaw female genital mutilation (FGM) in Maine.[110]On honor killings and the second-class stature of women in Islam, the media are silent. But it spares no expense to smear any groups which raise the issues.

When former Muslim women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ani Cyrus speak out about their treatment under shariah, they are vilified by the press and threatened by Muslims.[111]For example, Hirsi Ali’s good friend, Theo van Gogh — a descendant of Vincent — was murdered by a jihadi in the streets of Amsterdam in 2003.  The killer used his knife to pin a note to his chest addressed to Ali. It said:

Dear miss Hirshi [sic.] Ali,

Since your appearence [sic.] in the political arena of the Netherlands you are constantly engaging in terrorizing Muslims and Islam with your remarks. You are not the first at this and will also not be the last who has joined the crusade against Islam.

With your defection, you have not only turned your back on the Truth, but you also march along the ranks of the soldiers of evil. You mince no words about your hostility against Islam, and for this, your masters have rewarded you with a seat in parliament.

They have found in you a companion in their crusade against Islam and Muslims. A companion who gives them the “gunpowder” so they don’t have to do the dirty work…[112]

So, according to the killer, Hirsi Ali is terrorizing Muslims by talking about her horrible treatment at their hands. But the insanity grows. U.S. courts have dismissed violent criminal acts as being allowed in Muslim culture, for example, in the notorious New Jersey case where a Muslim man raped his wife. The judge refused to allow a restraining order, claiming that the husband’s “desire to have sex when and whether he wanted to, was something that was consistent with his practices and it was something that was not prohibited.”[113]An appellate court, fortunately, reversed that decision.

And while the liberal education establishment increasingly imposes Islamic teachings in U.S. public schools, and encourages university campus Muslim organizations, it concurrently attacks even a whiff of Christianity and tolerates increasingly malevolent demonstrations of antisemitism on college campuses.

The 600+ odd branches of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) seeded in universities throughout America have turned many college campuses into toxic, anti-semitic havens and are supported in their campus activities by the radical Left. The situation would be absurd were it not so disheartening to see leftist student groups accusing Americans of bigotry, while unselfconsciously demonstrating an increasingly vile and very overt form of antisemitic bigotry on campus.

Similar to the New Left, the MSA traces its early years to the University of Michigan (UM), where one of its first chapters was founded in 1964.[114]And as with other Muslim organizations, the MSA has adopted many New Left agendas. As stated on its UM-Ann Arbor website, “By the 2000’s, the MSA broadened its scope and started to become active in facets such as social justice and community.”[115]

According to MSA, over 2,000 Muslim students attend UM-Ann Arbor. It states, “While we don’t expect to be able to serve each and every one, it is our duty to make the lives of Muslims at UM easier by fostering a community where they feel comfortable.”[116]

That comfort comes at the expense of others. Under its “What we’re up to” tab, the Ann Arbor website urges members to attack Gubernatorial Candidate Patrick Colbeck:

The link goes to a Left activist website, YouPower, alerting Michigan Muslims to an upcoming meeting of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce at the Mackinac Center, the state’s premier think-tank:

The Mackinac Policy Conference is the “who’s who” of Michigan state politics and is held annually by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. The conference is the single biggest media event in Michigan each year. This year, the conference is planning to host Republican gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck, who has repeatedly espoused anti-Muslim conspiracy theories with no basis in fact. Colbeck’s conspiracy theories were first revealed by Buzz Feed News, when they found he gave an anti-Muslim campaign presentation to a group identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. At a time when hate crimes against Muslims are at their highest point in recent memory, and the rise of conspiracy theories is a growing threat to our democracy, the Chamber of Commerce should not give a platform to Colbeck’s dangerous bigotry.[117]

There is the discredited SPLC mentioned again as a legitimate source. The page asks the reader to sign a petition. The map of the location and the demand that Colbeck be denied the opportunity to speak, however, is a not-so-subtle threat of an on-the-ground protest, perhaps even inspiring Antifa to show up, if their demands are not met.

They needn’t have worried. After the vilification he received by the press, and with spineless Republicans disavowing his candidacy out of fear of being labeled “Islamophobes,” Colbeck placed third in the GOP gubernatorial primary with 13.1 percent of the vote.[118]The damage to the Republic cannot be understated when self-serving politicians and their media allies discredit the few candidates willing to speak frankly about the dangers facing our nation. Patrick Colbeck was one such candidate.

Michigan currently has MSA chapters at the Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses of the University of Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan Tech, Western Michigan State, Saginaw Valley State, Wayne State, and the Washtenaw Community College. There are also chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine at UM-Dearborn, Wayne State, and Michigan State, and a third organization, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE).[119]All three have engaged in various forms of harassment against Jewish students at Michigan universities, from hateful emails, phony parking tickets and mock evictions, to demands for boycott, divestment, and sanctions of Israel, and even an apartheid wall.[120],[121]The Pakistani Student Association at Western Michigan maintains a much lower profile.

YouPower disingenuously charges that “hate crimes against Muslims are at their highest point in recent memory,” when in fact most alleged Muslim “hate crimes” turn out to be hoaxes.[122]Hate crimes against Jews, on the other hand, are verifiably much more prevalent and are increasing.[123]Antisemitism is particularly in evidence at the University of Michigan, where there are large populations of Jewish, Muslim, and radical Left students. The history of the New Left, which had its founding at the University of Michigan, has already been reviewed. The University first drew Jewish students nationwide with its relatively open policies early in the last century, when pre-WW II antisemitism saw many top universities, including Harvard, restricting entry.[124]Muslim student growth at Michigan universities has followed the long history of Muslim migration to Michigan.

“Green” Conclusion

Michigan is a state being pulled in many different directions. The hard Left has its influences, both in local politics and at the federal level. As the Muslim community grows in size and influence, it is also flexing its political muscle, especially given the Muslim leadership’s alliance with the Left. Refugee resettlement, along with other liberal immigration programs, has been facilitating a flood of Muslim populations from around the world, and Michigan is a major target state for the refugee program.

But other factors are serving to enhance Muslim power in both Michigan communities and elsewhere around the country. In yet another alliance with the Left, this time the religious Left, Islamic leaders have sought to blur the distinctions among Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It is called Interfaith Dialog and has captured the imagination of even some evangelicals. These trends will be discussed in other chapters and upcoming papers.

The Michigan primary decided that for now at least, Michigan will not become the first Muslim-led state. But because Muslim candidates are allying themselves with the extreme Left, expect to see many more candidates in the future. And banish the hope that they will lead in a manner beneficial to any community except their own. The frightful examples set by alleged wife-abuser,[125]Keith Ellison (aka Hakim Muhammad), current deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and candidate for Minnesota attorney general, as well as the overtly racist Democratic Rep. AndréCarson,[126] do not present a rosy perspective for America if more such candidates obtain influential political positions.

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3 thoughts on “Michigan’s Red-Green Axis

  1. Butt out of Michigan. You don’t live here. The Muslim & Christian communities here respect each other, so forget the “potentially explosive” nature. The Republican party holds Michigan only through gerrymandering. We progressives will fix that. The root word of progressives is progress. It appears you’re selling positive change without progress or maybe you’re selling a perpetual status quo or regression to past days & ways. I suggest you get a job in Michigan, work in a production job for a while, then comment.

  2. Butt out of Michigan. You don’t live here. The Muslim & Christian communities here respect each other, so forget the “potentially explosive” nature. The Republican party holds Michigan only through gerrymandering. We progressives will fix that. The root word of progressives is progress. It appears you’re selling positive change without progress or maybe you’re selling a perpetual status quo or regression to past days & ways.

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