Obama’s Jobs Bill Ends State Sovereignty – Wake Up Governors!!

By: AJ for NoisyRoom
Contributor: Toddy Littman

Section 376 of Obama’s tax and spend “jobs” bill ends state sovereignty, turns our Republic into a dictatorship and destroys the foundation upon which our country was built. The fundamental transformation of America is almost complete.

Read the bill. (Emphasis added)


(a) Abrogation of State Immunity- A State shall not be immune under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution from a suit brought in a Federal court of competent jurisdiction for a violation of this Act.

(b) Waiver of State Immunity-


(A) WAIVER- A State’s receipt or use of Federal financial assistance for any program or activity of a State shall constitute a waiver of sovereign immunity, under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution or otherwise, to a suit brought by an employee or applicant for employment of that program or activity under this Act for a remedy authorized under Section 375(c) of this Act.

(B) DEFINITION- In this paragraph, the term `program or activity’ has the meaning given the term in section 606 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d-4a).”

Here is the link to 42 USC 2000d-4a which defines “program or activity”:

“For the purposes of this subchapter, the term “program or activity” and the term “program” mean all of the operations of

(A) a department, agency, special purpose district, or other instrumentality of a State or of a local government; or

(B) the entity of such State or local government that distributes such assistance and each such department or agency (and each other State or local government entity) to which the assistance is extended, in the case of assistance to a State or local government;”


any part of which is extended Federal financial assistance.”

The above is stated as an extension of the actual citation of the general section itself.

More from Section 376 (emphasis added):

“(2) EFFECTIVE DATE- With respect to a particular program or activity, paragraph (1) applies to conduct occurring on or after the day, after the date of enactment of this Act, on which a State first receives or uses Federal financial assistance for that program or activity.”

Wake up Governors!! Wake up America!! Tell Congress about Section 376 and why they must not pass this bill.

Obama’s tax and spend “jobs” bill is a stealth move to end state sovereignty and transform what made our nation the greatest country the world has ever known. If Obama’s bill passes, kiss freedom goodbye and say hello to tyranny.

The American Form of Government


42 USC 2000d-4a which defines “program or activity”


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21 thoughts on “Obama’s Jobs Bill Ends State Sovereignty – Wake Up Governors!!

  1. This is illegal and unconstitutional, this man is on a power trip and it is time impeach him and demand full payment of all the monies he has illegally spent and throw him out of our country right along with the rest of corrupt anti-American regime.

  2. This entire situation should be of no surprise to anyone, unless of course you are uninformed. Unfortunately, 80% of the American people are in fact totally uninformed. Barack Obama said he would fundamentaly transform America, and now he is doing as he promised. He was elected by uninformed people, and he is seizing power because uninformed people are allowing him to do so.
    The really frightening thing is that Congress, both sides of the aisle are well informed, and they are allowing this Progressive/Communist takeover to take place.
    While we still have a Constitution, I regretfully feel that making use of the second amendment is at hand, or soon will be. America, as we know it and have known it is about undergo a dramatic and very detrimental transformation. If this Obama Jobs bill should pass, there will be no stopping Obama by peaceful Constitutional means. Facts are facts.

  3. Anytime someone from Washington says we must pass this and pass it quickly, or without reading it, you know they are up to no good. Why aren’t the Republicans screaming the truth from the rooftops? Why is Fox News doing their little cutsie “The Five,” while Obama continues his destruction of America?

  4. These are sickening times for us freedom defenders. Collectivists, even having lost part of the legislative branch, aren’t about to let a small thing like the constitution get in their way. Congress refuses to pass a piece of progressive legislation? No problem, just pass a new regulation or an executive order to correct the problem.

    We have truly become a banana republic folks.
    It is tough to fight these goons within the parameters of a just society governed by laws. They simply disregard laws.
    I can see a bloody conflict eventually – one that will unfortunately not take place till we are all serfs.

  5. Thank you to you all, Mr. Loudon, Terresa, and AJ at NoisyRoom for helping this information reach the American People.

    Glad to see people appreciating exposures of what our National Government is doing to destroy the republic and establish a financial democracy (a modernized feudalism, he providing the most funds rules), exactly as Our Founders feared, warned us about, and told us Our Written Constitution is meant to thwart.

    Original article, “American Jobs Act: ‘The Illegal Alien & Unemployed Civil Rights Act'” posted Sept 16, 2011 at http://changingwind.org

    Again, thank you all for reading and sharing, and glad to be of service,

    Toddy Littman

    1. Hi Toddy! I had no way to reach you and wanted to thank you SO MUCH for bringing Sec 376 out in the open! I hope it’s ok that I listed you as a contributor because, if not for your fantastic research, people may not have realized the danger of this bill. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      1. AJ, Thank you! It’s perfectly fine and my pleasure to do whatever I can to help keep America a People whose Integrity, Honor, and Character forged an instrument to institute a government subject to the Will Of The People, and thereby the beginning of the end of subject servitude in Feudalism and replaced by the voluntary servitude of those who run for office, always subject to the Will Of The People.

        This is the historic significance of America that is being decimated by Progressivism and the socialist collectivist hold-over, the idea of continuing subject dependence on some central government, and why our “Progressive-Terrorist-In-Chief” would even think for a moment a section of a law, like 376, could even begin to result in a State’s abandonment of a Constitutional provision.

        Back in the day when the Senators were appointed by the State Governments, before the unconstitutional (failing to Amend last part of Article V) 17th Amendment was passed, such a provision in a law like Section 376, once passed by the Senate, could be considered such a waiver, but even they the Senate would have sought instead to Amend the Constitution, and not appear to subject States’ Rights to mere legislation by the, then, Federal Compound Republic Form of Government.

        Today this is shear abuse by the popular elected National Democracy Form of Government, abuse by exploitation of the lack of knowledge of the American People about our Constitution, our station in America as the Sovereign Power (http://govote.avoiceofthepeople.com/quoting-the-founders/james-wilson-signatory-to-declaration-of-independence-the-us-constitution/, and the meaning of private property and our property in rights to know it is by capitalism we assure our freedom (See James Madison on “property,” http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.96).

        Cannot recommend enough the book “Your American Yardstick” by Hamilton Abert long either (yes it’s “Abert”), some of which is here, http://www.lexrex.com/enlightened/AmericanIdeal/.

        I apologize if I am setting forth too much in this reply, just the freedom of my country is so important to me, and the basis of what that means being comprehended by as many as possible to thwart the Communist Coup masquerading as the President Of The United States, I felt compelled to express more.

        Toddy Littman

      2. I would like to add my thanks to that. Thanks to you, my Congresswoman and my two Senators have heard form me on this matter. They are very good at getting a reply back to me almost every time. Can’t wait to pot it o everyone can read it. Thanks again.


    1. I’m with you George! That’s why I wrote about it so that people can spread the word to warn Americans of the danger and destruction Obama intends… we need to be a united and loud voice.

      1. make copies and videos take to football tailgate parties,parking lots,hospitals,dr offices,put in enevelopments,like bills,one stamp will do.Pass out at state fairs.Town hall meetings,have block parties.Then to the capitol,& DC.

    2. George,

      Most that read this site are off of our knees and up on our hind legs. It is why we read Trevor et al. The comments on this page are mostly a cry in the dark. “We” are always looking for something to do.

      Shouting does not work. Like Beck said yesterday, when you say “the ship has hit an iceberg” and get “I’ve got to get my stuff out of my room” in response, you must move on to the next person that MIGHT listen.

      I will keep telling anyone that will listen.

  7. WHO THE HELL WROTE THIS BILL???? Time to start burning up the phone lines to DC. Ron Paul and his promise to help clean up the US Code and undo Executive Orders is our only hope. He IS change we can believe in.

    1. I don’t yet know who wrote it, but Obama says it’s his bill. You’re right that we need to burn up the DC phone lines about this. And spread the word so that people will know what they’re trying to do. This will be the final nail in the coffin of freedom.

    2. This kind of stuff comes out of the major government think tanks like The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, we (the taxpayers) pay for stuff like this, they use our own money to bring us down.

  8. The US Constitution cannot be overridden by federal law. A federal law cannot waive the constitutional rights of any State or of all of them.

    Sadly, we cannot rely on the Supreme Court to knock out every law that violates the US Constitution.

    1. Although they “cannot”, they’ve been doing it for decades. So if this bill passes, they will violate the Constitution and it will be beyond what we can imagine.

      No more ‘states fighting against Obamacare’. No more ‘states fighting to protect their citizens from those who enter the U.S. illegally’.

      Think of all the other issues where states would have no standing to fight the Federal government once they’re transformed to subserviance. Gun control, religious freedom, etc.

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