17 thoughts on “He’s Going to Break the Unpatriotic, Crazy Tea Party Bubble: Van Jones Reveals the Strategy Behind Why the Unions & Left Are Villainizing the ‘Enemy’ Tea Party at a Progressive Convention

  1. Poor, poor Van Jones. Ever since Beck outed him as a Communist traitor (like most of the Obama Regime’s Praetorian Guard), he’s been searching for a way to make a living being a rogue tape worm while he decries the unfairness of living in the digestive tract of the productive host.

    We’re about to let you pass from the gut of America into the world, Van, and you can moan about how terribly unfair it is that you were ejected from the digestive system into a steaming pile of progressive fecal matter.

    May you fertilize the pasture of freedom, you parasite.

  2. “The Chinese are taking care of their people.” What!? Seriously?

    “A fundamental policy of the Laogai states that ‘forced labor is a means toward the goal of thought reform.”‘



    Van Jones is a charlatan. He’s deliberately mangling truth. His words are poisonous. And I have no doubt that he believes there must be thought reform–and political re-education camps–in the US if peoples’ minds cannot be inoculated with this poison. These kind of people would do the same as the Chinese authoritarians because they’d believe they’re “taking care of their people” (i.e. controlling them). This is part of a full spectrum, Machiavellian attack on the American way of life. It’s part of a total ‘restructure,’ to include thought, political-economics, and anything else standing in the way of control. I believe average Americans have a latent understanding of this, despite all the lies.

  3. I love America and van jones hates it. That is the difference between us. He wants socialism which favors very few and leaves everyone else to pay for the elitism. I will stand up and speak against this theft of my country. It is the best on the earth because we have so many who will sacrifice for it and bring freedom to the world. What will van jones and obama sacrifice for. Nothing. They are takers and never put themselves on the line but use others to do their dirty work. Military, I can only hope you will stand beside us for our freedom. This is a battle for our freedom and freedom around the world. Who else will stand with us?

  4. One problem we have here in the United States is that when we hear the clear and precise words of Van Jones, or anyone like him, they tend to be dismissed as — dreamers, delusional, etc.

    The fact is very clear, that like Soros, Van Jones and his allies in the administration have come up with a clear plan, goals and the ways, means, and ends to achieving it.

    Knowledge is power, and in this case, there have to be people in the nation capable of peacefully countering their efforts and getting the word to the rest of America…send the video as well.

    The line is drawn, the final calls being given and the new battle for America is underway — will we go into the socialist night or into the light of restored freedom and liberty.

    1. William, I was going to send an email this morning explaining to friends why I keep sending them these news items especially the one denoting words and plans of the far, far, left.

      You said it all. With your assumed permission I sent them your words first before mine. Thank you.

  5. I don’t know what sort of audience this guy is speaking in front of, but the applause they give to Van Jones sounds lame. I think he’s either sitting in front of a very small audience, or most of the audience doesn’t agree with his views. Whichever, he’s welcomed to go to any one of those other countries that are taking such good care of their people…. like China…. enforcing the one child per family policy and anyone that disagrees with the party line gets sent to work camps for reprogramming (or worse)…. or Germany…. or Brazil…. I know our country’s not perfect, but I think it’s a darn site better than any other form of government that is currently out there. We can’t let this great nation fall into ruins and let petty would-be tyrants run roughshod over the few remaining liberties we have. We need smaller government not larger. It is NOT the job of the Federal Government to take care of us!!! This is where our liberty and freedom gets lost, when you want someone else to do for you what you should rightly do for yourself!

  6. Why if this idiot and his communist allies have such a good product don’t they just sell it on it’s merits? All I have ever seen communists do is find a healthy host and sucking the life out of it and leaving everyone in misery and abject poverty.He is right though about the need to openly call a group what it really is and that is communists.van jones go sell that idiot. The tea party are those who have refused to go along to get along with a bunch of idiots like you.Show us anywhere in the world where your great panacea of communism is working so good.This is merely the godless and wicked waging a war on those of some moral fortitude.

    1. His product has been sold and tried and failed. Over and over again. It was rejected. But when the liberal press give him time it is something new to the young heads full of mush.

  7. Jones is foolish if he thinks we will cower to his bullying. The American people were fooled once by Obama, but now that his true colors are showing, we’ll do the right thing and vote him out.

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