2 thoughts on “Dem Rep. Schakowsky: ‘You Don’t Deserve To Keep All Your Money’

  1. We don’t deserve to keep all of our money? Then why bother earning it? (Marxism = FAIL!) And exactly who does the gov think it is to tell us how much we deserve? What have they done to deserve our earnings (besides building a police sate with our money that empowers them to loot us with the threat of deadly force if we don’t comply)? How is it that the gov can steal from us with no retribution, but if we steal from the gov we go to prison? More evidence that the State is nothing better than an extortion racket.

  2. So we do not ‘deserve to keep all of our money’?

    Then here is a most excellent and simple idea, why do you not become a monk who swears of taking any form of income, gives up everything in the world, and labors for food and shelter on a daily basis.

    Of course this means walking everywhere you go, no cars, boats, planes or the like.

    Try doing that first before wanting to swipe more of what we have honestly earned.

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