8 thoughts on “ACORN Reincarnation Targets BOA

  1. Is it any wonder that the address for MORE is the same as the YCL (Young Communist League), Missouri & Kansas Communist Party, People’s World Weekly, as well as a crapload of other leftist subversive causes?

  2. Like Van Jones called for across the board: Pressure, pressure and more pressure…bottom up, top down, and inside out until everything comes down across the board and into the socialist-progressive hands to make it into a nightmare we will never awaken from.

  3. all these shit bums are obama commies who don’t want to work a real job these banks were forced to lend money to people who could not pay for these homes and they new it going into it they have no education by choice and expect something for nothing the obama communist way so screw them all welfare freeloaders no sympathy from me sell your gold teeth and make your house payment whatever who cares not me !!!!!

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