The Obama Strut

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Lights, cameras and a Marxist, political media whore is born. As the media fawns in the presence of the Obamessiah, we all watch in dread the Obama strut on the debt ceiling. Americans would never ask their President to turn away from his ‘true’ vocation. And by the time Obama is done lying today, we’ll all be in search of either a rope to hang ourselves or in desperate need of a roving gang of monstrous aliens we can slaughter. Anything, and I mean anything, to take our minds off the destruction of America’s future by our so-called leadership.

I listened to sanity coming from Jim DeMint when he called for Cut, Cap and Balance. It’s just common sense:

Cut Cap Balance: Reason for Optimism? Jim DeMint Puts Onus on Prez

And then made the tactical error of tuning into the news where I was treated to Obama wobbling like a massive pile of jello – he won’t give a solid number for the Republicans to deal with. Hell, he won’t give a plan at all. It’s the never ending dance of “gotcha” that the Obama administration plays with the American public. And just like Lucie in the skit with Charlie Brown, Americans always wind up flat on their backs wondering what happened. That’ll be 5 cents please…

Sure, there will be a lame vote next Tuesday where the Republicans are proposing we raise the debt ceiling 2.4 Trillion and reduce the debt by the same amount. Wait a minute… I’m not a genius, but doesn’t that cipher to not much progress at all? That doesn’t sound like the salvation we so sorely need; it sounds like classic politics where the can is kicked down the road and we are still screwed financially – they are just going to prolong it while the politicians finish raping the system of every dime in grandma’s couch. They are absolutely shameless.

Those in office who are with the Tea Party need to call Obama’s bluff and tell him to stuff it. Sure, we lose no matter which way we go. But let’s take our medicine and at least save what’s left of the country. If we don’t, I guess China will be more than glad to rule us. Better start learning Mandarin and fast.

But in the end, no matter what Conservatives, the Tea Party and Americans want, Obama will have his way with us. Making Americans feel just like a girl for hire. He wants the system to fail – yeah, baby… I would not be surprised to see him ride in on a white steed at the end of these negotiations and sign an Executive Order raising the debt ceiling. He’ll say the evil Republicans forced him to do it, because they wanted to destroy the county. And after all, he knows what is best for America – him and his minions: Timothy (tax cheat) Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a whole cast of evil surrogates.

Where lies and deception reign supreme, they’ll all dance the Obama strut. It’s just a form of appreciation and elite theft. And don’t forget the race card – whenever things don’t go the Progressive way, they pull the race card from their sleeve and claim it’s because Obama is black.

According to Obama, Armageddon is looming and we are doomed I tell you if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. Never mind that is a bald faced lie – it’s dramatic, no? And in the next evil breath, he says that there is no need to do anything radical – that is as long as you do what he wants. You can’t win with Obama and that’s the point.

Here’s an idea… Cut the damned spending! Cap it while you are at it and balance the budget.

  • Cut – Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the deficit next year and thereafter.
  • Cap – Enforceable spending caps that will put federal spending on a path to a balanced budget.
  • Balance – Congressional passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — but only if it includes both a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing revenues and expenses.

You’re playing with our lives and our country and you’ve got butter fingers! Knock it off, grow up and stop this. And if Obama won’t, well Republicans better grow a set and make sure he does. Stand your ground and get this done. Or all of you will be strutting right out the door come the next election in 2012. Count on it.


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8 thoughts on “The Obama Strut

  1. This country is doomed. This fraud in the WH has two more years in office. If you think the shape we are in now is bad wait till this idiot is out of power. I firmly believe he is out to intentionally trying to destroy this nation. I would celebrate for a week if he would assume room temperature immediately.

  2. Knowing that the last four presidents have bought into this agenda 21 nonsense makes one wonder who exactly is running this out of control government and why. Nothing good comes out of the UN. Our last chance to speak out against the evil enveloping the earth is NOW!

  3. “Armageddon is coming.” No. It’s here.

    The debt ceiling argument and Obama’s strut and swagger is a drop in a bucket with no bottom. It’s an incredibly important issue — and is helping to further the doom of the dollar.

    But, unfortunately, there are other battles here at home — with our own town councils who have been selling us out — because they have been duped into it by wily Communists and their fellow travelers who lie and cheat to get their “agenda” enacted.

    A town in TN has signed away its own sovereignty to Agenda 21. It has “proudly” celebrated its place as a “Transition Town,” a “Permaculture” that will limit its citizens to agriculture. Period. End of story. No industry allowed. It has created its own local currency. Do the people of Hohenwold, TN not realize that they cannot use such scrip anywhere else in the state, the country, the world????

    Liberty lovers of the World, this is a WORLD PLAN, not a plan just for Tennessee or the US. This vision for the 21st Century — for which NONE OF US VOTED — was signed here in the US by Bush Sr in 1992 — and has been furthered by every President since. But it’s for the entire world.

    Individuals in Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, even California have been winning battles through educating the public. But it isn’t easy. Agenda 21 sounds so much like a “conspiracy theory.” Sometimes I wonder if that, too, wasn’t part of the design.

    But it’s a real document. With real consequences.

    We are losing our sovereignty. We are losing private property rights.

    Development Rights for private property are being bought and sold, so that certain areas will never be able to be developed, while areas in urban centers are being “given” those development rights so more people can be herded together. “Density.”

    Animal and plant rights precede human property rights.


  4. You know I really get tired of everyone, Republicans, Demoncrats, the Media talking about a budget “Deal” and “Compromise.” I cringe every time I hear that, when you start compromising, or making deals ultimately we the people are the ones who get screwed.

    And why are the Republicrats talking about raising the debt ceiling if the President agrees to a balanced budget ammendment that will never happen. Just say NO, we are not going to raise the Government credit limit…that will just creat additional spending. How about the Repblicrats start promoting eliminating UN-Consitutional spending which is probably 80% of the budget. Or how about an ammendment which says federal spending cannont exceed 10% of GDP.

    So far all I see from Obama is “Shut up” I’ll do what I want and if you stand in my way, I’ll withhold SSI checks, Whaaaaah!

    And from the Repulicrats, I’ll I’m hearing is what promises can we get for giving in. We know that when Democrats “Promise” to cut spending publicly, privately they have no intention of honoring that promise, quite the opposite.

    It not that hard to make the cuts, what’s hard is breaking the spending addiction that politicians have.

  5. Mr Trevor, I would like your oppinion on thst, do you think the 36 hour ultimatum given to the Right is due to the Obama administration having an ‘event’ set to happen shortly, say tommorow?

    This guy is just strutting his stuff too much and too smoothly, even for a professional liar and socialist crook he is known to be. I feel something is coming down the line.

  6. Cut, cap, and balance so far is among the best of the plans presented to stop this madness. Unfortunatly it appears that the conservatives will cave in on the matter instead of holding on and calling the bluff of Mr Obama as he warned them not to do…indeed Obama was such a strutting pop-n-jay rooster today that I nearly choked on the air I was breathing.

    May the freshmen tea party members hold onto their ideals and make the stand that is needed; and may the others do so as well. This is the moment when the tipping point has been reached and needs to be moved back into the control of the people and common sense.

    Failing to do so and we will as a nation, move into the night of the government taking total control under a socialist progressive regime that will finish everything off completely.

    If Obama has his way, this is the end game.

    One part though I am concerned about, today he stated to the Right that he wanted a solution in 36 hours…to me, this is an ultimatum, and I wonder what plan does he have up his sleeve for when no one else watches over the weekend.

    Maybe him and the treasury are already planning to have a declaration of the government running out of money, and declaring the debt will no longer be paid.

    Something is going on deep in the shadows, and may spring forth with ferocity tommorow…and if it does, it will be terrible.

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