22 thoughts on “Sen. Rubio: “Save the Whole House or It Will All Burn Down”

  1. It is really very simple. Two things can save this country–Perry and Rubio–if we can get through the American crisis called Obama

  2. Marco Rubio makes a great U.S. Senator but he is not a “natural born Citizen of the United States” as is required by Article II Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. He was born a Cuban citizen via his Cuban citizen parents who were in the USA 19 years before they chose to naturalize and become U.S. Citizen, a choice they made in 1975. Marco Rubio was born in 1971. Thus Marco Rubio was not born of two U.S. Citizen parents and is thus not a natural born Citizen of the USA and is ineligible to run for President or Vice President. Rubio is a Citizen of the USA but not a “natural born” Citizen of the USA. Same is the case for Gov Jindal of Louisiana. See the post for more details about Marco Rubio and his not being “natural born Citizen.


  3. It would be “handy” if Marco Rubio was a natural born Citizen. He is not. Having said that, it does no disservice to our country to have the best orator in the Senate named Marco Rubio who will stand firm in this critical part of our government. We need less focus on the White House and more focus on sending moral, brilliant patriots into our Congress (both House and Senate) where our important decisions lie.

    The ability for the elitist cretins like Kerry and McCain to occupy the Senate for so long is the reason that we are in this mess. We need an entire Senate filled with as many Marco Rubios that this country has to offer. We need to start this occupation in 2012… if not now, when?

  4. Kerry’s interruptions irritate the heck out of me. That man awarded himself multiple medals for his 3 month stint in Nam.

    Kerry interrupts to score ideological points, and Rubio is the Stateman who lets Kerry speak, then “schools” Kerry on reality.

    Rubio knows. Cause Rubio’s family came from Cuba where Socialism/Communism robbed those people of all independence from government.

    I was born and raised in Hialeah. I grew up and went to school with Cuban refugees — the brave ones who managed to get out. I KNOW what socialism/Communism/statism brings.

    Failure. Poverty. Loss of prosperity.


    Poor health care. Poor working conditions.

    We’ve already getting their educational bias and standards.

    Rubio is one of the good ones. Let’s keep him in our prayers.

  5. After pondering Rubio’s address, I am even more disgusted by Sen. Kerry’s vapid interruptions. How presumptuous and rude to snatch the floor to say nothing of value.

  6. A man with conviction. How refreshing to see any politician of any party willing to speak of what’s good for our country, not their party. Our founding fathers, I believe, would shout “patriotism and courage” during these times and offer real soltion as Marco Rubio has done.

  7. Harry! You got some ‘splainin’ to do!

    Marco Rubio is a genius! As Pat on Glenn Beck’s show sang the day after the November election: Rubio for President!!

  8. If Sen. Ruabio is not Vice President on the Republican ticket, We may never see the light of day again. I agree West and Rubio will be a winning ticket. No racism here. The REDS along with their Fellow travelers will run for the hills anybe this time they will leave this country. The drive by media will go nuts. The talking heads will explode.

  9. In Leftist speak, “compromise” means that conservatives cave.
    Don’t do it, Rubio.

    West/Rubio 2012

  10. How can a rational person argue with Rubio? Sen. Kerry’s interruptions, however, are unnecessary and add nothing the the debate. He looks ready to retire. Too comfortable, too much gray hair, too much blah-blah.

  11. Rubio says that President Obama’s Debt Resolution Offer Does NOT Exist…I say, either does his Certified Birth Certificate!!

  12. How is it that the State of Florida, having in the past sent slimy beasts to Washington, now has sent such shining examples as Rubio, West, and Mack to dig us out of the hole the Dimmocrists have dug for us? Hooray for a may who can think on his feet and now once say, “UMMMMM.”

    Don’t forget that during much of the Bush administration both houses were controlled by the Dimmocrists and he signed nothing that both houses hadn’t previously passed and sent to him.

  13. Marco Rubio Is Obama’s oratorical equal and better. He doesn’t need a
    teleprompter to tell him what to say. He is always refreshing to hear and shows courage and conviction. I believe he has one agendum – The United States of America, and not some World Socialist cause. Rubio is the Patriot, Obama is not!
    Slimy Kerry tried his devilish best to set a trap for Rubio, but Rubio stepped right over it.
    We need a forceful speaker and thinker like Rubio to run against Obama. If not him, who else is there?

  14. When you repeatedly strike a compromise between liberty and socialism, eventually, socialism will win. We can no longer afford to reach across the aisle–

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