10 thoughts on “Australian National Press Club Debate: Christopher Monckton v Richard Denniss

  1. The energy crisis was completely solved in the 1990s.
    IFR plants were invented in America in the 1950s. Integral Fast Nuclear Reactors (IFR) are safe and can burn the existing spent fuel rods sitting in pools at our current nuclear power plants. They can also burn the fuel from retired nuclear weapons. Unlike Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plants, IFR plants shut themselves off whenever there is a loss of power or a loss of cooling, or both. IFR plants burn over 99% of the fuel (typical plants about 5%), so there is very little nuclear waste left. An IFR plant was built in Homestead, Idaho in the 1950s and perfected over the ensuing decades. The plant ran flawlessly for 30 years, but was shut down and dismantled by Bill Clinton and the Democrats in the 1990s. In other words, the energy crisis was completely solved in the 1990s, but the Democrats shut down the [url=http://energytruth.homestead.com/argonne.html] program [\url] and had the only IFR plant in the world dismantled. Many people do not know this is true because the press (an arm of the Democrat party) has barely covered this story. One other thing, since IFR would make electricity cheap, we could use that cheap energy to convert coal into gasoline. This is what Germany did during WWII.

    –DrSilicon, PhD (inventor of world’s most efficient amorphous silicon solar cell)

  2. I guess Mrs. Gillard did not list to the excellent and common sense speech of LORD Monckton.

    She broke a pre-election pledge last year not to introduce a carbon tax. Last week, she announced an A$23 (£15.20) per ton carbon levy to run for two years. She sounds so much like obama.

  3. During my research into the effect of C02 on plants I came across an interesting observation. When C02 levels fell to half of what they are now plant growth slowed to almost nothing. Plant growers supplement their hot houses with up to 10,000 ppm of C02. The modern well insulated and sealed house will have as high as 2500 ppm of C02. OHSA has found that the concentration of C02 required to produce harm in humans is around 30,000 ppm. Before the advent of the modern atmosphere scrubbers submarines had to maintain less than 8,000 ppm of C02 in their atmospheres. So tell me again that C02 is a pollutant.

  4. This “global warming”-climate change (whatever) BS is dominated by Marxists. Marxism’s ordained purpose is to destroy a free market capitalist economy. They couldn’t care less about the “environment”, that is just a smoke screen to divert attention away from their real intentions.

    Their suggested solution is a global Marxist dictatorship, which they will use to loot and plunder us common folk on a global scale. Calling this looting “redistribution of wealth” doesn’t make it any less stealing.

    When Al Gore gets rid of that Lear Jet of his (which produces more “pollutants” at every start up than my little vehicle could in 100 lifetimes) and walks or rides a horse when he wants to go somewhere like he expects us to do, then I will start seriously being concerned about the “environment”.

  5. Thank you very much for posting this. I am a big fan of Monckton and even had the pleasure of having a nice exchange with him on the totalitarian aspects of radical environmentalism. Keep up the good work of getting the word out on the actual debate on the issue.

  6. Thank you for the post. I have thoroughly enjoyed any Lord Monckton appearance and clearly understand the sad state of affairs our “PRESS CORPSE” has allowed to occur. Very frustrating to see science used as a bludgeon to beat back the progress of humanity.

    Would also urge readers to adopt to the new reality of American leadership….we are now under a NeoCOMM administration and will take literally a generation to discover our heritage of freedom.

  7. Just came back from seeing Monckton’s presentation live here in Melbourne! That man is amazing! A bit over the top at times, but the man is a genius!

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