1. This is not what a school teacher should be doing. This is not anywhere in any curriculum that I am aware of. Someone, somewhere should take action that this does not continue. Where is that brave noble person?

  2. Well, then I’d say why not let those that support it, pay for it!! Lets see how long they support it then!!

  3. By their fruits shall ye know them!!!

    This is precisely what Joe McCarthy was trying to warn us about. We should have listened to him as it has now come to pass.

    Are people stupid or what?

    1. Yep people are stupid. Singly they can be handled. But stupid people in large groups are dangerous.

  4. We have allowed this to linger in the system for too long; we now need to rise to the newest challenge = the RESTORATION of the land to the PEOPLE, for we, not one leader who rises up, will be the ones in the end to make the difference.

    So, let us have the challenge begin, call out to one another, and begin the crusade of RESTORATION of the nation to the people, for we will be able to make it happen and with God on our side, there will be no more scenes such as the disgrace in the video of the future being corrupted so in the children of tommorow.

    1. Agree…but we must always remember to remain with us on God’s side…for God doesn’t choose sides, it is for us to choose his side….restore the United States to one nation UNDER God.

      p.s. Gov just sent out a notice to all boards of education in the US “reminding” them that “no child is to be left behind” and it Federal law that even illegals are “entitled” to an education.

      Guess the Justice Dept forgets the law about “legal” immigration. and that “illegal” is still “illegal” immigration…even if that is a law they choose not to support!

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