Beware the Peacemaker

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I watched in horror Obama‘s speech yesterday where he literally threw Israel to the Middle Eastern wolves encircling her. Brazenly traitorous, smug and arrogant, the evil of this man is now fully on display. I say to you now, beware the peacemaker. In the name of peace, he will bring war, misery and death. In the name of an enforced peace planResponsibility to Protect (R2P), he will attempt to bring about the destruction of Israel – he will lead the ungodly armies of the Middle East to the borders of the holy land and Obama will be damned for doing so. And I mean what I say here.

Our President has betrayed our largest, closest and last real ally – Israel. He is calling for a return to the 1967 borders, which would be suicide for Israel. It would leave one strip of land only 8 miles wide with their airport absolutely vulnerable to attack. Israel’s enemies would literally be able to drive her into the sea as they have threatened for so long. Obama sided with the Palestinians, but Americans don’t and they don’t side with their President. We are sickened by his weakness and by his treachery.

Netanyahu and Israel will never willingly surrender their land and their holy sites to Islam. Nor should they… And Christians must stand with Israel now. If America as a whole turns on Israel, we will fall.

Obama’s so-called ‘Arab Spring’ that he so ardently embraces is leaving hundreds dead and total chaos throughout the Middle East. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth, working with Syria and yet rebuking them at the same time. He gives the impression to me that his protestations are token at best and quiet acquiescence in the extreme. He has rewarded the Syrians with their attacks on Israel. I honestly believe that Obama wants Israel destroyed and a new caliphate to form. He would then have a new global government ascend and help enslave our world in ways I cannot even fathom. He is already constantly shredding our Constitutional rights and prepping America for the ‘change’ to come.

Obama is accusing Netanyahu of not wanting peace. What a load of crap. I will say what I have said previously. What Glenn Beck and other bloggers have also said… Come September, the United Nations with the backing of America, will use R2P against Israel. First they will sanction them, tying up their banks and trade. If Israel does not cave at that point, they will use military might to force Israel to give up her lands. Israel will not fold and we will be plunged into a bloodbath. The radical Islamists will cheer and drool in anticipation of Jewish bloodshed. Nothing less than the annihilation of all the Jews will satisfy their evil bloodlust. They will believe that they will get to finish what Hitler began. Obama may not be the one to open the oven doors or to dig the mass graves, but his actions will be the motivating factor.

Americans, specifically Christians, at this point will be forced to choose between their country and Israel. I choose Israel – they are God’s chosen people. Our President does not speak for America and this must be stopped. The clock is ticking… Will we really let this devolve into nuclear warfare, the death of innocents and the end of freedom? Or will Americans stop the evil at their helm? I no longer believe we have until 2012.

Stand. Stand with Israel. Go to Glenn Beck’s ‘Honoring Courage’ in August if you can. If not, tune into it online or wherever he will be relaying it. You can find the details here and here.

Beware the peacemaker… He’s not just fiddling anymore while the Republic burns, he’s pouring gas on the fire and locking the exit doors. Evil is descending on the West – time to choose. First they came for the Jews…


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9 thoughts on “Beware the Peacemaker

  1. What would you do if you were US president. and the problem to solve is to have peace in the Middle East? Obama’s predecessore have tried it (Camp David), “roadmaps” have been created to show a way out of this misery, but nothing seemed to have worked out. Of course, it’s not the best policy to go ahead proposing the boundaries before 1967 including East Jerusalem should be the new territory of the Palestinan state. On the other hand: how far will the Palestineans go in a compromise that is acceptable to Israel?
    A compromise must be found. However, only intelligent people and
    not fanactics are will to find it!

  2. There was a lot in the message that Obama gave to the IAPAC today. America be forewarned. He said it in his speech on Thursday and he said it again today. He spoke of the fact that many from Palestine had crossed the river and there was as a result a change in the make up of the population in Israel. Be forewarned! He will be saying the exact same thing about us here in America about our southern border. It will be the exact same excuse….reasoning. Listening to his speech today I was speechless. Could all of those in attendance at IAPAC be so completely blind to the real intentions of Obama towards Israel. Talk about body language. pay attention to his speech. At the point in which he declares that there needs to be open communication, he holds his mouth closed and clenches his jaw drawing his lips tight across his face. Body language can not always be hid and his spoke volumes today. Please…America… pay attention.

    I did find it interesting in the manner in which Obama managed to get himself a standing ovation at the opening of his speech at AIPAC as he entered onto the stage. The President of AIPACE made a few preparatory remarks and then stated about Mr. obama going after and getting UBL. With that remark everyone clapped loudly and stood with applause. It was exactly at that moment that Obama made his entrance resulting in him receiving a standing ovation on his arrival on stage. Through out the whole speech obama repeatedly congratulated himself on what America has done for Israel these past years (before he was president) projecting the image as if it was he who was responsible.

    I stand with Israel!

  3. Mr. Obama is selling all of America down the river. The vast majority of the people in this country do NOT support his policies. The elite minority is now in control. Americans stand with Israel. It makes us sick to hear Obama say “us” when he speaks of what should be done to make “peace.” The man is a usurper, a phony and a liar. We want him OUT before he sinks the entire nation.

  4. This article is so on the money; Mr Obama has sold Israel down the river and made allies with the mortal enemies of us and of Israel against the wishes of the nations people. WE the PEOPLE for the most still hold true and strong in supporting Israel indeed despite the efforts of the administration.

    Mr Obama is sewing the wind with strife, and soon enough the whirl winds will come back to claim its due.

    So many people fail to understand one constant with Obama; his sheer hatered for all things British, from the colonials his own grandfather fought in Kenya to today is all based in part for his actions…Israel came about based from territories held by the UK until Truman recognized Israel as a nation…just as the origins for most of the USA is the thirteen english colonies who broke away in the revolution war.

    He sees the need to destroy everything with the taint of the UK in or upon it; so the last two true free states of Israel and the USA need to be destroyed and uprooted at all costs.

    1. You seem to have it. Obama hates the British (BRT-EESH — “covenant people”) because his father and grand-father were “communist instigators” (community organizers) in Kenya opposing British rule. His grandfather was captured by the British and tortured.

      He hates this country and its founding principles because it emerged from England, and that it made slaves of “his people” (convieniently ignoring the fact that it was the “white” population that died by countless thousands in the bloodiest war in our history to also free them). To him its “payback time”; he is now “punishing” us for our percieved past sins, as he sees it.

      He is obsessed with the destruction of the USA. To him its revenge.

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