Opinion: A New Zealander’s 9 ‘Starter Steps’ To Save America From Socialism

An American flag hangs outside a home in this file photo. (CC Photo Labs/Shutterstock)

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times

Though I’m a New Zealander, I know America and its people well. I’ve traveled to every state in the Lower 48 and have addressed more than 500 audiences across this amazing nation. My message has always been the same: The United States is heading toward a brutally tyrannical socialist revolution—and if America goes down, every free country follows.

Well, now it’s here, people, unfolding before our very eyes.

So, what can be done? Can the Republic be saved? Honestly, I don’t know.

However, I can suggest some steps that would at least give this country a fighting chance.

1. Face Reality

Millions of Americans are still in complete denial. Many think the military is secretly in control—that it’s only a matter of time until justice is done and President Donald Trump is restored. There’s a “secret plan”—just “have faith.” The truth is that Trump was outmaneuvered by an alliance of communists, globalists, and even traitors in his own party. The “deep state” is now almost fully in control.

Trump isn’t coming back into office any time before 2024—if we still have meaningful elections by then.

To make sure they can never be voted out of office, the Democrats plan to enfranchise 22 million illegal immigrants, abolish the electoral college, gain at least four more far-left senators through Puerto Rican and D.C. statehood, and flood the country with tens of millions more third-world refugees and illegal immigrants. They also plan to nationally introduce voting “reforms,” i.e., mass mail-in balloting, the abolition of ID requirements, etc. that will guarantee eternal Democratic Party control.

If the Democrats can abolish the Senate filibuster and place at least four more leftist “Justices” on the Supreme Court, there’ll be virtually no way to stop any of this if we rely on traditional political methods.

We’re undergoing a Marxist-Leninist revolution driven by China—right now, in real-time.

The military can’t save us, nor can Trump. On the contrary, it’s up to patriots to protect Trump and the Armed Services from unrelenting Democrat/communist attacks.

When enough Americans face the unpleasant truth, then, and only then, can we talk about hope.

2. Stop All Violent Rhetoric

Violence will not save America. The harsh reality is that President Barack Obama had eight years to replace patriotic generals with left-leaning political appointees. He did a great job. If violence breaks out (God forbid) the military will stand with the government, not the insurgents.

Does anyone think Russia and China, and Cuba and North Korea and Iran would stand idly by while their Democrat friends are being defeated by a patriotic uprising? They would undoubtedly use the opportunity to finish off their “main enemy” once and for all.

Beware of anyone inciting violence online, at a public gathering, or in a private meeting. Distance yourself fast. They will be at best hopelessly naive, at worst government provocateurs.

The left is praying for “right-wing” violence. It will give them an excuse for a massive crackdown on patriotic Americans. This country will be saved peacefully or not at all. If significant violence breaks out, it’s over.

Having said that, the Second Amendment must be preserved at all costs. An armed populace is at least some check on tyranny, even if useless in the face of biological warfare or nuclear attack. Americans should keep their guns and work every day to ensure they never have to use them against their own people.

3. Restore Election Integrity in All Red States

If voter trust isn’t restored within months, the Republican Party is doomed. Democrats will continue to vote. Large numbers of Republican voters will stay home. They won’t trust the elections and will refuse to participate. We’ve already seen this play out in the Georgia Senate elections.

Thirty states are currently led by Republican legislatures. Some are already holding inquiries into fixing deficient electoral procedures. Most will be whitewashes unless the public gets heavily involved. If the resulting recommendations don’t include the elimination of electronic voting machines and heavy penalties for organized voter fraud, it’s likely to be a window-dressing exercise. Be alert.

Patriots must work to restore voting integrity first in the red states, then the red counties of the blue states—then after 2022, the whole nation.

Get involved in this process. It’s a top priority.

4. Close the Republican Primaries Immediately

This should be a no-brainer, but no one is talking about it. Only five U.S. states have truly closed Republican primaries. This means that in most states Democrats and Independents (even communists) can vote in Republican primaries—and they do. All over the country, the GOP’s enemies vote in Republican primaries to pick the weakest, most wimpy candidate they can.

That’s why the Republican base is super patriotic but most of their elected representatives in most states vote like “progressive” Democrats.

Close the primaries, Republican patriots. It will transform your party.

5. Organize a Compact of Free States

MAGA folk need to build a “nation within a nation.” This doesn’t mean secession—Russia, and China would be quick to exploit such division. What’s needed is a re-affirmation of 10th Amendment rights as already outlined in the U.S. Constitution. The already out-of-control federal government is about to go on a rampage against every form of independence left in the country. Every red state with the courage to do so must immediately begin working toward a formal compact to collectively oppose all forms of federal overreach.

Such a formal alliance should start with Florida and Texas, then grow by inviting Oklahoma, the Plains states, most of the Southern states, New Hampshire, the free Midwestern states, and the Republican-led Northern and Western states.

Such an alliance, stretching from the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Great Lakes and the Canadian border and even Alaska, would bisect the entire country.

Adding the red counties of the blue states such as Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California, would create a voting and economic bloc that Washington would find exceedingly difficult to challenge.

When the Biden administration recently suggested that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis close all restaurants in his state to slow the CCP virus pandemic, the governor politely refused—citing the ineffectiveness and horrendous economic consequences of mass lockdowns.

Biden then reportedly hinted at an unconstitutional ban on air and road travel to and from Florida. This threat might work against Florida alone. It wouldn’t work against Florida plus Texas and Oklahoma and 10 to 25 other states.

The United States is technically a federation of free and independent states. It’s time to fully realize that ideal.

Southern states will soon be reeling under a massive new wave of illegal immigration. The federal government will do nothing to prevent it. Texas, Florida, Arizona, and the free counties of New Mexico and California need to be preparing to defend their borders now. This is not an immigration issue that is the Constitutional preserve of the federal government—this is a state public welfare issue.

Of course, the Biden-Harris administration plans to pack the Supreme Court with more left-wing justices to make virtually anything they want “constitutional.” But this shouldn’t even need to go to the courts. State governments already have the power under the 10th Amendment to nullify Federal overreach. They simply have to band together to put Washington back into its constitutionally tiny box.

The Republic will be saved through the courageous application of the First Amendment (free speech) and the 10th Amendment (state sovereignty).

6. Republic Review

Every free state should immediately embark on the adoption of the “Republic Review” process. There’s a small but growing movement in some Western and Northern states to review their engagement with the federal government to eliminate or nullify all unconstitutional relationships.

Under the Constitution, the states are technically superior to the federal government. They’re sovereign under the “equal footing” doctrine and have the legal power to refuse to engage in unconstitutional programs.

For instance, most states only get about 10 percent of their education budget from the feds—but are almost completely subservient to what the Department of Education dictates. Why not forgo the measly 10 percent in exchange for a return to local control over all public education? America is losing its youth in public schools. Every patriotic parent knows that.

This would give parents more control over their children’s education and restore citizen’s control over their own government. Is this worth 10 percent of your state’s education budget?

If the free states are willing to stand against federal government overreach they must also be prepared to forgo unconstitutional federal money.

A thorough Republic Review audit would soon return power to the state legislatures—where it belongs.

7. Form a Multi-State ‘America First’ Popular Alliance

The left has “Our Revolution,” a nationwide alliance of 600 groups operating both inside and outside of the Democratic Party. Operated by Democratic Socialists of America and the Communist Party USA, Our Revolution works in the Democratic primaries to elect far-left candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) into office. Our Revolution is not subject to Democratic Party discipline, but it does get to choose Democratic candidates.

We need an “America First” umbrella group to operate both outside and inside the Republican Party—even possibly within the Democratic Party in some areas.

This organization should be all about pushing the MAGA/America First agenda at every level of government, in every state of the union.

Such a movement could harness the energy of 70 million to 80 million Trump voters without being under Republican Party control.

America First could unite the Tea Party and MAGA movements, grassroots Republicans, patriotic Democrats, and Independents to mobilize tens of millions of voters to transform the GOP into the truly populist, patriotic MAGA party it should always have been.

Take that Mitch McConnell!

Trump is already vetting candidates to stand against the Republican congress members and senators who betrayed their own base after the 2020 election.

America Firsters should register Republican by the millions to primary out dozens of Republican sell-outs in 2022. The America First/MAGA movement could “own” every level of the GOP by 2024. The GOP needs the MAGA movement way more than the MAGA movement needs the Republican brand.

Meanwhile, there are almost 70 far-left Democratic congress members in red states. Just restoring voter integrity alone could defeat several of them in 2022.

Running MAGA candidates backed by Trump in every one of those races could flip many more. It would be more than feasible to take back the House in 2022 to make Biden a “lame duck” president.

8. Boycott/Buycott Bigtime

Patriots should be abandoning Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for more honest platforms. They should also enthusiastically support efforts by DeSantis to heavily fine Big Tech operators who “cancel” patriots. If 25 or 30 free states did the same, “Big Tech” would soon be little tech.

Patriots need to organize nationwide boycotts of unpatriotic companies and buycotts for loyal American companies like My Pillow and Goya Foods.

Already, local groups are drawing up lists of “unfriendly” local companies and friendly alternatives so patriots can stop supporting their opponents and spend more with their fellow MAGA supporters.

It would also be smart to sequentially target vulnerable unpatriotic companies.

Imagine if 80 million MAGA patriots resolved to begin a nationwide boycott of one such company starting now. The boycott would go on indefinitely until the target company was broke, or it apologized for “canceling” patriots. If applicable, every MAGA family could simultaneously commit to buying at least one of the canceled person’s products this year.

On April 1, another disloyal company could be targeted, then another on May 1, another on June 1, etc.

After two or three companies had collapsed or apologized, we would soon see large companies start to back away from the “Cancel Culture.”

Patriots have spending power in this country, people. We need to starve our enemies and feed our friends.

Again, patriots need to build a nation within a nation.

It should be also a given that every American patriot boycotts all communist Chinese goods wherever possible. Check those labels! Buying Chinese communist products in 2021 is like buying Nazi products in 1939. It’s immoral and it’s suicidal.

The Chinese Communist Party just crippled the U.S. economy with the CCP virus. Then, pro-China communists instigated mass Black Lives Matter rioting. Then the same people worked to influence the 2020 election.

It’s about time Americans stop funding their number one enemy—the CCP.

9. Remove Malign Foreign Influence at State Level

DeSantis has unveiled legislation to massively curtail communist Chinese activity in Florida. The legislation also targets several other enemy states including Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela—all of which interfere in this country’s internal affairs.

In December 2020, Trump’s Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe revealed that the Chinese Communist Party was conducting a “massive influence campaign” targeting dozens of members of Congress and their aides, including through attempted blackmail and bribery.

Currently, thousands of foreign companies from hostile regimes are buying up land, food production facilities, technical companies, educational facilities, and infrastructure.

Tens of thousands of foreign agents are co-opting unpatriotic businessmen, unethical politicians, and sympathetic journalists in the interests of China and other malevolent states.

Under the Biden-Harris administration, nothing will be done to stop these activities at a federal level—but much can still be done by the free states.

If every free state cracked down on foreign bribery, corruption. espionage, and subversion, this country would be transformed.

If hundreds of corrupt academics, journalists, businessmen, and politicians (from both parties) were exposed and punished, this country would soon be well on the way to moral, economic, and political recovery.

What Do You Think?

These steps alone will not save America—but I believe they would be a huge step in the right direction. I will be following up with further suggestions and plans. But for now, I’d love to see your comments, suggestions, and criticisms in the comments section.

Thank you for reading. From a grateful Kiwi, God bless America.

Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. He is best known for his book “Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” and his similarly-themed documentary film “Enemies Within.” His recently published book is “White House Reds: Communists, Socialists & Security Risks Running for U.S. President, 2020.”


Author: Trevor

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37 thoughts on “Opinion: A New Zealander’s 9 ‘Starter Steps’ To Save America From Socialism

  1. Thank you, Mr. Loudon, for your clear analysis. I will send it as far as I can and pray a leader will emerge to “carry the ball” so to speak. Unfortunately, you would be attacked as a ‘non citizen’. God bless……Gerry

  2. Mr. Loudon,

    No one is able to give me a good answer yet, maybe you can. If one of the two political parties in America will ignore election/voter laws to install who they want into office with no repercussions, what good are election/voter reforms?

    1. There is no good in election reforms. America and the Western World is collapsing into totalitarianism. Peaceful reforms are meaningless .

  3. Bravo! This Epoch Times Commentary speaks volumes for us. Thank you

    I’ve always been a great fan of you Kiwi landers.

    Have always wanted to come visit.

    Tho points made “New Zealander’s 9 ‘Starter Steps’ is the key!!

    Electronic voting fraud is understated and should be at the top of the list.

    I have friends there who came here.

    Retired in Maine with Hi Tech background . Silicon Valley 1975 to 2004 .


    John Lawrence

    1. No, you don’t want to go to New Zealand. It is now a fully Communist operating State subject to direction from the United Nations. The people in New Zealand are as stupid as you can not imagine, They are all in the rooms watching TV, listening and obeying and wearing masks

  4. Trevor, I would add to your #1 that not only do we need to face reality, but that we are actually at WAR right now, and unless we, as patriots and MAGA, actively behave every day as if the only thing that is important right now is fighting this war, in everything that we do, from our purchasing behavior to our SEARCH/TV/MOVIES behavior/support, we will just be pissing into the wind. The people who talk about reaching ‘across the aisle’ are dangerously naive. Our opposition wants to dominate and eradicate us, simple as that. They are not misguided people caught up in the moment; they have some serious issues and their leaders are borderline sociopaths. Hate to say all of this because I generally like people, but I know what I see with my own eyes, and I also know that I can’t even focus on making a living while I see my own country, a country I respect and adore, being torn apart from within, and without. Your suggestions are right on the money, and we’ve got to get Trump off the golf course and down to the border NOW, and to stay down there for as long as it takes, because the issue on the border deals with so many of the important issues that resonate with working class Americans and patriots. National Security, Job security, Voting integrity, Health and just general fairness (a uniquely American quality), are all part of the crisis at the Border. Right now, those of us that were gut punched by this theft of the election (and not just for President, we probably lost a few additional Senate seats as well, besides those 2 clowns in GA) need tangible action to occur right away, and what is happening down at the border is an unbelievable opportunity for us to clearly show the rest of ‘reachable’ America the scale of change that the Democrats want to happen to this country. Something people can see with their own eyes, not just a concept. We can’t wait to react to the next Executive order or overreach by Pelosi, we need to be proactive and create the kind of chaos (non-violent) that the Left creates when they see an opportunity to exploit for their agenda. You are an important voice for this country, no matter what country you are a legal citizen of. Thank you for giving a damn about God’s 2nd Israel!

    1. Yes it seem so that as you say > “would add to your #1 that not only do we need to face reality, but that we are actually at WAR right now,” and this being so what way is there of fighting war when Trevor at #2 even advises abstention from violent rhetoric. Does he think there is a peaceful solution..There is not a peaceful solution.

  5. Thank you so much for the article and thanks for caring about America – I’ve asked those who follow me to comment on your site – Keep up the good work and with the wise and intelligent articles.

  6. Isn’t the biggest problem in America the erosion of morality? If most Americans don’t mind communist or criminal opinions, then there is no way to peacefully save the republic.

    Given the tyrannical rampage happening worldwide, it seems more likely inevitable end times reality than it does something that can be fought successfully by a minority of the world’s population that is outspent by the communist left in every situation. And yes money does seem to work against freedom these days.

    To me it confirms an end times schedule just before the antichrist arrives and the rapture that would follow.

    1. Your point about the contribution of moral decay to the descent into socialism is well taken. An article that appeared in the Federalist in July 2019, “Russian Totalitarianism’s Bravest Dissidents Explain How To Defeat Socialism” (https://thefederalist.com/2019/07/25/russian-totalitarianisms-bravest-dissidents-explain-defeat-socialism/) seems particularly relevant in today’s climate. However, what they describe is only one element (an important one for the long game) of a multi-front effort to overturn a socialist totalitarian regime. The active measures outlined by Trevor in this article offer an excellent starting point for organizing resistance efforts.

    1. Thanks, Trevor. Good to know.

      Your research is outstanding and so important to the future of our Republic. I think your proposals 5-7 comprise a package of actions that hold real promise for near-term impact. Nullification pursued through a multi-state alliance should be an immediate priority. This will have positive knock-on effects and help awaken a shaken American citizenry to action. Tens of millions of Americans are in limbo looking for guidance on strategy and action plans for a non-kinetic counter-revolution. We also need to get familiar with the writings of Marx and the history of communist active measures and insurrections in the 20th and 21st centuries to better understand what we are facing. “Know your enemy” is essential to success. We are facing an existential threat to the Republic that has been decades in the making, and your site and related resources are an important contribution to the response that is required.

      An armed rebellion at this stage would be a clear loser (your point #2 above), as the false-flag ops on Jan 6 at the Capitol and the subsequent Democrat psyop to demonize and criminalize all Trump supporters made all too clear. A civil war that goes kinetic would be quickly exploited by our adversaries and magnify the catastrophe. At American Greatness (amgreatness.com) you will find three recent articles by Max Morton (retired USMC lieutenant colonel, CIA paramilitary ops officer, and veteran of many war zones, revolutions, and contingency ops) that reinforce points you make above and provide some guidance on effective actions based on deep experience in conflict zones around the world.

  7. “8. Boycott/Buycott Bigtime”

    A good start would be to continuously log official complaints against dishonest media over dangerous, libelistic posts, citing media’s rules of conduct. It can be effective if organized and done in large numbers. Stockholders won’t be happy.

  8. I have submitted two on-point comments today and neither have been allowed to post. What is the matter with your site monitors? If you want any helpful feedback for Trevor Loudon, you will need better filtering criteria. This may account for the surprisingly low number of responses that are posted to this excellent site.

  9. We have more than enough information. We need strategy and action. The Bolsheviks behind this worldwide coup have been planning their strategy for years, maybe decades. They launched their assault against us last year, using a fake pandemic to hide their real objectives. We must not let this stand.

    Misguided super wealthy financial interests are behind this global initiative. They have unlimited fiat money, tight organization, and control, They don’t have all the power. We vastly outnumber them. Tens of millions, in arms if necessary, would swamp their agenda. They can’t let us organize if they wish to succeed. Hence masks, social distancing and lockdowns. Widely expose their agenda, form a grassroots people’s army, and end this nonsense hard and fast.

  10. Thank you so much for your suggestion, insights and ideas in defeating global tyranny.
    I am not sure you understand the extent of the deep state power in a few areas:
    1) vote fraud (deep capture.com, Sydney Powell)
    2) weather modification (HAARP)
    All public officials, all elections are rigged. The deep state has been wise in not misusing this power obtained as early as ??? Several decades ago, carefully placing in positions only enough to take control and run amuck when mandatory. To fully understand this mafia like global group, a person may need to read a book I could refer. But many of the suggestions made cannot with effectiveness be implemented. Deep state is not only in control of the media, making it difficult and unpopular to support what is correct or true in any venue, but for example, when Texas leadership stood up to them their weather and energy sources were quite suddenly destroyed. No more talk of Texit.
    We are in so much trouble, and trust me, I do believe the statement, work as if everything depends on you, pray is if everything depends on God, but if this people, does not get upon their knees and repent of all addictions and immoralities and boastful pride and Thank their Maker for all the liberty HE bestowed and beg Him for help, we are done as a nation and as a globe. They have sole control of the government. Those who oppose are threatened and punished, and a Supreme Court that could even think to not rule against such blatant proof of vote fraud could overturn just rulings by every other judge. 100% of America could have voted for a Trump and he would have lost the election. Local leadership, even to city councils, is controlled by the same vote counting machines with the needed power to overturn important decisions at every turn. I live here. I know. Deep State tules.
    Please extend your list and place as the number one item, PRAY.

  11. Love every suggestion you make here and I’m sharing this with everyone I know. Would love more information on “how” groups like “Our Revolution” are formed, organized, and funded. Conservatives need to organize and “influence” the same way progressives have been for decades, we just don’t know how! Look forward to your future writing, this piece was exceptional.

      1. I heard he was born in Kenya, and anyway I could do a dam sight better changing records and documents than Barry Soetoro’s people did for him [ before the Afghanistan campaign] and later .

  12. Your article is exactly right!
    We are seeing 15 states now opening fully up against masking and shit downs.
    If it’s TRUE, since such major disinformation out there but to see this is great and more and more needs to step up, have the balls and say no more!
    Class Action suits needs to happen.
    They are destroying from within, the PPL need to destroy their plan from within along with each states leaders.
    The PPL. Need to make their stance, their voices heard.
    Boycotting is great!!
    Even Truckers need to boycott delivering to specific stores.
    Heck if each person would donate a dollar would help with loss wages to protect their living.
    Many ways can be done.
    America is a great nation, we are the forefront to other nations.
    The problem is weak, lazy americans that think it will fix itself attitude is the reason why we are in this position in the 1st place.
    That thinking must be changed.
    Every true American needs to ask themselves this.
    Do you want a dictator controlling every aspect of your life?
    Do you want America demolished.
    Do you want torchure camps?
    Do you want your voice completely removed?
    Freedom to travel removed?
    What you can have and not have controlled?
    Flat wages for all across the board?
    Taking everything you worked hard for?
    Torture you at any givin time or place?
    If your a person that thinks your answere should be no on all.
    Now ask, what can you do to stop this from happening.
    I’m sure most already know the basic start.
    Even if big tech sensors online, what’s wrong with the old ways before online crap started.
    Word of mouth without big tech will reach the the same.
    Yes a bit longer than a few seconds but can be done.
    Why throw in the towel because of more time?
    Time has become our enemy. Let’s now take back that time and make it work for you, your kids, your friends, your neighbor, your store clerk, your nurses, doctors, your truck drivers, your future children and their children, your restaurant cooks, your waitress, your equipment runners, your builders,
    Your store stockers, your seamstress, for yourselves, for our nation, even down to our animals that we protect, yes it effects them too.
    If you like seeing homeless ppl growing, ask yourself how much at risk are you?
    Pretty high right now.
    We must all work together.
    Let’s start getting more hardworking blue collar honest workers to start running .
    let’s get word of mouth going by leaving your phones behind, removing your smart TVs, stepping outside just like the old days.
    That’s the 1st step.
    Heck step outside your cars for that matter.
    Leave the techs quiet.
    Let’s bring back the old solid ways, that actually , knowingly works and not controlled.
    When America was America.
    God Bless

  13. Italy was not mentioned they also interfered in the election.
    My question is what was the the point of Trumps executive orders for voter fraud if they are not held up?
    I thought the military was partisan they have to protect the people.
    So we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
    The elite will always get a pass if the corruption lies in all branches and no one will investigate it what is the answer for that?
    It’s only low level useful idiots that will get prosecuted to make it look good. The instigators are untouchable.
    We are under an evil elite mafia with rooted power. So how does the average joe fight that ? Dr. Shiva in Massachusetts seems to be the only one getting anywhere in the court system. He has won a couple cases for voter fraud. But no one talks about that.

    1. Thank you for mentioning the case of Dr. Shiva in Massachusetts. This is a very important example of State government collusion in vote fraud and the use of their special relationship with Twitter to effectively shut down his campaign for Senate in the Republican primary. Check out Dr. Shiva’s videos about this massive vote fraud in MA here:
      and more recently
      He also testified in state hearings on his analysis of presidential election vote fraud in Michigan and Arizona (those videos can be found on YouTube). There is clear evidence of not just vote fraud but also outright violations of Federal law by the Secretary of State and his office in their destruction of ballot images from all the counties that used electronic voting machines (which were used in all but Franklin county, where the votes were counted by hand and where he won by 10 pts).

  14. I Wish the GOP or conservatives had some sort of regional campaign training program (like the Dems) to recruit and train non politician types on how to run for an office. I should be able to call my local GOP office and say… “I want to run for something. I would even move if necessary. Can you help me identify open or unopposed Dem positions that I could target. Can you teach me how to be a politician?”

    It’s seems like every tom disk and jaunita have had succesful campaigns on the left, and they have a huge network of support to get even the most ignorant indigent elected (see Portland city controller).
    There are many many many normals out there that would be awesome candidates, if just given some support. Every town should have at least two training seminars per year to entice interested patriots to become powerful public servants. We are all going to end up working for the government in the near future… may as well get paid for it before the enslavement happens

    1. Excellent suggestion. To this I would add the need for GOP infrastructure and communications support for local organizing, canvassing, networking, alliance building, campaign outreach, and all things related to election integrity. The GOP is the JV player in this blood sport, and they need to step up quickly before it’s game over for all of us.

      1. I see such things beginning to happen within my area’s GOP. Regional campaign training has been available for years. Leadership Institute is a good, nationwide source.

      2. The GOP abandoned grassroots party building 25 years ago – in favor of relying on their K Street friends. Thats why we need a grassroots mass organization outside of GOP control, but able to influence GOP primaries

        1. True. I live in Georgia, and my county GOP party has been non-responsive to my attempts to get involved so far. I’m persisting with the help of a few people I know on the inside, but it’s as if the GOP acts as a firewall to keep undesirables, aka MAGA Patriots, out of their circle. No wonder the Democrats are outsmarting and outmaneuvering them at every turn.

    1. I didn’t say it was right or should be allowed but what I stated is how it works in reality. Closed primaries can be rigged just the same as open primaries.

      1. Youre missing the point Karen. Anything can be rigged. Its just that limiting the voting pool to GOP members only – and I mean members will give the activist base much more leverage over which candidates are selected.

  15. Strange that Lodon hasn’t called for a competent comprehensive official investigation of the queer bastard communist Quisling pretender Barack Hussein Obama d.o.b. 4 August 1961.

  16. Good suggestions but I do not agree with #4. Believe me states with closed primaries game the system just the same as they do in open primary states. I have worked in politics and on campaigns in both closed and open primary states and they all figure out how to game the system to accomplish their goal. Closed primaries make micro targeting easier but it can be done in open primary states too it just takes a bit more skill. I have done micro targeting in both open and closed primary states. When I lived in PA and registered as an Independent I could not vote in the primary and that is just not right. The primary is an important election. It decides who the final candidate will be in the general election and when people cannot vote in the primary they have no say in who ends up in the general election. In an open primary as an Independent I can vote in the primary. And yes people can play games but like I said they play games in the closed primary states too. Another thing, people in open primary states want closed primaries and people in closed primary states want open primaries. Election integrity MUST be the top priority. If we do not end election/voter fraud we will never again have a fair election. Blue states are blue because of fraud. I say no matter what state you are in you must start fighting for laws to prevent election fraud. Thanks for the great ideas.

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