17 thoughts on “Allen West is our “George Washington”

  1. I’m not so sure this man is the Superman he’s declared to be. He’s changed his colors a bit in the last few months. Do your homework and don’t be pulled into some hero-worshiping state of mind. Remember what happened the last time America did this? The only thing King O has done is change the face of our nation. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been for the better. Don’t get too easily sucked in, is all I ask. Be cautious. Be wary. Be informed.

  2. Allen West/Paul Ryan 2012

    I honestly think Paul Ryan is waiting to be asked. Fiscal Conservative; knows Economy 101.

    Allen West …..Honor….Integrity…..Courage

    Nuff said.

    1. NOT a good idea!!!!#1,there is NO way he would settle for VP and Christie only ran as a Rebublican after losing as a Dem.If you don’t live in N.J. and or if you do,go and look at his record for gun laws etc.

  3. Yes, Allen West is the real thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    However, not keen on a Bachmann or Palin as potential running mates.

  4. A politician who speaks the truth! I love him! West or Cain would run a campaign based on ideas and love of God and country and the individual, which would be so refreshing.

  5. I prefer West/Bachmann. We need to be sure that Col. West knows about this groundswell of support for him to run. He says that the only way he could consider doing that is if his constituents would ‘release’ him from the oath he put forth to serve his district. I think they would be happy to see their guy in the WH.,,

  6. I am in agreement regard Congressman West. He is clearly a principled person; he is smart and he articulate. His military career is distinguished and from what I can gather his subordinates had strong affection for him. He has faced death and did not shutter. The current crop of Republican hopefuls appear to be a mixture of bland and maple syrub. They say the right things but when they are in the hot seat, I suspect they will falter. I am not sure about the able Congressman Bachman. I am not sure that she can attract the right leading independents and she maybe a bit to much for them. She is smart and she knows the political territory. I have more confidence in her that with Gov. Palin.
    Mr. Cain is also an admirable person with strong character and clearly knows how to manage people and execute his decisions. A combination of him and Mr. West appears to be a strong combination. It will be interesting on how things unfold.

  7. This is like porn for conservatives as Glenn Beck would say. This man is the real deal. There are only a few people I would want to lead us and I believe he is the only one capable of beating Obama. Please run Colonel West!

  8. West and Bachmann in 2012? Deja Vu of 2008, where we had a military person (McCain) and an attractive conservative woman(Palin). However in West we have a more defined and principled conservative than McCain and in Bachmann we have someone who is now a seasoned tea party spokesperson, whereas in 2008 Palin was an unknown and unseasoned to the national scene.

    1. Or Bachmann and West! West would also be the only Republican candidate who could successfully counter Obama’s monopoly of the Black vote.

    1. Herman Cain was head of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas. You DON”T want Cain unless you want a globalist. Don’t be deceived by rhetoric, do you homework.

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