6 thoughts on “The Fogel Family Massacre

  1. Unless I missed it, — but I did not hear any condemnation from President Obama about these hideous murders. Apparently, our anti-American and anti-Israeli-in-Chief, is too busy supporting union thugs and playing golf,……..

  2. Barbarian is a weak description. So sad. This is one of the reasons I will always support America's 2nd Amendment. No one has a right to stop someone from arming and protecting themselves or their family.

  3. Remember, Jews, our American Left sides with the Palestinian murderers. I am ashamed of my associations with them. I do consider them the enemy, though. The enemy within.

  4. Just a little off-topic point on Obama’s call for more background checks on gun buyers: Did the BATF do a Background check on the people walking guns across the border?

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