Christchurch Earthquake Update

123 confirmed dead, 220 plus still missing. No survivors found since Wednesday.

30% of buildings in the Central City will have to be  demolished. The CBD will be closed down for months.

Power back on to 80% of the city, water to 50%.

10,000 people a day leaving town for temporary accommodation elsewhere.

Schools closed all next week at least.

Things slowly returning to normal and people generally holding up well.

Lots of gratitude here for all the international help and money flowing into our city.


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14 thoughts on “Christchurch Earthquake Update

  1. "friend of Beck"

    There is a time and place for opinions and sarcasm…..this time in Christchurch is not one of them.


  2. Hi Trevor! This is a really tough one. I am so grateful you and your family are ok. But for the poor families who are suffering, my heart and my prayers. We will all pitch in to assist as always – because essentially, mankind will always help his neighnor. Particulary those of us who ;ive by Christian principles. God Bless and stay strong.

  3. Trevor, As always thanks for the great posts on your site. Glad to hear that you've survived relatively unscathed in this last aftershock. I lived through the the last earthquake in San Francisco 1989 and the aftershocks had us on edge for moths after the main shaker.
    I see in photos on the web that there were a lot of unreinforced masonry bldgs. -similar to SF- that sustained substantial damage. Newer/replacement bldgs will be built to minimize that with upgraded code requirements I imagine.
    I'm a residential remodeling contractor, do you know of anyone organizing skilled volunteers from the US?

  4. My family's thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Keep up the good work! We need you!

    MLF Kansas U.S.A.

  5. I believe in Small Government and personal responsibility.
    Government should only concern it self with defence from external enemies and criminality.
    All other services should be privatised. Education, firefighers, Health, etc.

    So based on these fundamenal principles, government has no role in Earthquake support, and giving handouts to those that make wrong decisions in life.
    If I gamble 1 million in a casino, then government shouldn't bail me out. If I gamble on living in a earthquake prone city, government shouldn't bail me out.

    It's such simple logic. If you don't follow this basic principle then you are like all the other bleeding heart liberals I come across daily.

    1. Sean, I am amazed at the Memorial Tree Garden and your commtiment and dedication to this wonderful project. As a member of Hays Hills, I want to say thank you for all your hard work and tell you how much I appreciate having such a beautiful place to go to for prayer, reflection, and meditation. May God be praised and my His blessings be upon you.Tim Snowden

  6. To Trevor [and my buddy Sam in Christchurch],
    I hope your community gets back on your feet quickly. Your community has been hit repeatedly with misfortune as of late. Please know we're all pulling for you and send our well-wishes and are in our prayers.

  7. Good discernment guys.These communists have nothing to contribute to the debate so they attack and destroy.Look for more in the days ahead.They can't tell us what is so good about commieworld,but it's in the mans face dude.Well I'll tell them the real version,"hey useless idiot see that boot,it's on your face dude.You ain't no friend of Beck.

  8. Friend of Beck … Ha!

    “Show Me Your Friends and I'll Tell You Who You Are”
    You know what ? Don't !!!
    I'm vomiting already !

  9. @Friend of Beck –

    You're a real piece of work.

    May you suffer ten times more than the victims in Christchurch.

    Have a nice day.

  10. Government shouldn't be helping the people of Christchurch. Why should an earthquake be an exception to the rule of helping the less fortunate with tax payers dollars. Governments all over the world are needing to take serious austerity measures to cut their deficits. Budgets to social services are being slashed which they should. Unions need to be crushed.

    There is no difference to losing a job or home to an earthquake than to the economic recession. When money goes from the top to the bottom we all know that is socialism. Let's keep to our principles and demand no government support to earthquake victims, after all is was their choice to live in Christchurch, and government shouldn't be giving handouts to people who make the wrong choices in life.

  11. We are with you, and pray for all those injured and passed.

    Thanks for all you do Trevor.

    Joe and Lani
    Lakeside, CA, USA

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