British Trotskyite’s Eye Witness Account of Egyptian Revolution

British Socialist Workers Party leader Judith Orr’s, eye witness account of the unfolding Egyptian socialist revolution.

What the people of Egypt… have been doing in these last few days has the potential to change not just Egypt, but the whole  region… the whole world,  because of the  strategic importance of Egypt…

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4 thoughts on “British Trotskyite’s Eye Witness Account of Egyptian Revolution

  1. You forgot to add a Bex, Nice Guy, and so missed out on the cliched trifecta for a rather unoriginal and disappointing response.

    Agree about the ugliness – Ms Orr certainly does evoke that image, partly because of the entirely predictable tirade – a new situation but the same tired old Marxist analysis – one size fits all. Ms Orr writes (well, plagiarises the worn phrases) the script and excitedly finds the shining exemplars of her next 'revolution'. She seemed to have herself revved up, but perhaps those dull eyes did not communicate the revolutionary fervour too well.

    One can only pity any Egyptian running up against her at the barricades and being given the patronising Marxist ticks of approval.

    Anyway, thank you for the reply, the clever diminutive, and keep working on those in-depth analyses. And now with your permission, I'll have a 25yo Macallan – so much better than your little proletarian suggestion.

  2. Reckon you need a cuppa tea and a lie-down Donny……you're gettin' way too excited and silly……to the point of ugliness actually !

  3. A highly unattractive and uninspiring woman.

    The word 'thug' comes to mind. The constant waving of clenched fists is almost a parody of the type, the annoying rhetorical questions appealing for agreement, the dead eyes, and all couched in the worn cliches of "class struggle" and "change".

    Only the vapid could find such a dismally desperate performance convincing.

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