Global Warming Indoctrination in Schools

Paul Chesser, executive director of the American Tradition Institute, explains that global warming alarmists are spreading their messages through presentations at public schools. Chesser is speaking to  a December 13, 2010, speech to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society.


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3 thoughts on “Global Warming Indoctrination in Schools

  1. Home school your children! It's free and they issue a computer. You just have to pay for the isp. I've been homeschooling my son for 2 years now.
    You want to have control over what they learn? They do teach the global warming garbage but you can put the real science in front of them, they just have to pass their tests.
    I use They have tutoring times if they are struggling.
    It's been worth it. With a lot of work my son went from failing to honor roll.
    Good luck to you all.

  2. My child's Catholic school has the kids watch "An Inconvenient Truth" in religion class. I'm in the midst of a struggle with the teacher and the principal right now, trying to require them to show the children the other side. Parents need to step up to the plate and demand that these institutions show a balanced view or we will lose our kids to this liberal ideology.

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