Breaking! Mark Ritchie’s Communist Party Connection to be Exposed

Click here for Mark Ritchie File 5 which was published Tuesday 9am EST

At 9am EST Tuesday November 30, 2010, New Zeal will post documentary evidence linking Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, to the Communist Party USA.

Why is this important?

A key part of Mark Ritchie’s job is to oversee electoral recounts in Minnesota.

In early 2009 Mark Ritchie judged that his Wellstone Action Advisory Committee and Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party colleague Al Franken had won a Minnesota U.S. Senate seat, even though Republican opponent Norm Coleman was ahead on election night.

The recount was dogged with controversy, with allegations that felon’s votes were illegally counted.

Currently, Mark Ritchie is overseeing another election recount. This could give the Minnesota governorship to another of Ritchie’s Wellstone Action Advisory Committee and Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party colleagues, Mark Dayton.

One of the Communist Party USA members linked to Mark Ritchie, labor leader Mark Froemke used his union to endorse Al Franken.

In October 2009 Mark Froemke was the Fargo Moorehead organizer for a 10 Days of Labor Action campaign in support of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton.

The Communist Party has infiltrated the Democratic Party in several states and openly supports the Democrats against the Republicans in its publications.

The fact that Mark Ritchie has documented covert ties to the Communist Party USA must bring his neutrality as an election overseer into severe doubt.

The voters of Minnesota deserve better.

Mark Ritchie File 1 here
Mark Ritchie File 2 here
Mark Ritchie File 3 here
Mark Ritchie File 4 here

Check New Zeal at 9am EST Tuesday.

Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, email… so that we can get the word out far and wide that Mark Ritchie is unsuitable to be overseeing this contested election.


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14 thoughts on “Breaking! Mark Ritchie’s Communist Party Connection to be Exposed

  1. Mark Ritchie is an anti-American (commie) anti- middle stream Minnesotans ( loves gays) he maybe queer, trying to get illeagle immigrants registered to vote, wants minorities to benefit on the accomplishments worked and died to defend. Acts like he’s above the law. He’ is the enemy of good Christian in Mn. He’d love to disarme all Americans. Give hoodlums less time in prison give preference to all minorities over white people, this guy is dangerous. How this asshole got into power is beyond me . He has to be fired or taken out behind the barn probably both.

  2. McCarthy was right all along. Communists in the U.S. are nothing new, we've been fightig these commies for a while.

  3. Yes. Reagan would recognize this; he read Whittaker Chambers' "Witness" — the book that changed his life.

    What would Joe McCarthy say? JFK? Remember — Bobby Kennedy and JFK both thought highly of the anti-Communist McCarthy.

    Chambers knew that simple Conservatism or Republicanism could not defeat Communism. He knew that if one was not actively anti-Revolutionary then one would be a tool of the Revolution, even if an unwitting one.

    We've GOT to take back our schools. We've GOT to stop being more polite than courageous.

  4. Christinewjc wonders what Reagan's reaction would be to our people's attitude today towards this Communist takeover.

    Reagan knew this situation was a distinct possibility. That's not my opinion, it's fact.

    There's more to Reagan's 1964 "A Time for Choosing Speech" than meets the eye.

    Anyway, Reagan wanted those of us who are aware of the threat to do our best to wake up our fellow Americans.

    There's a You Tube "Reagan responds to Obama and his supporters" that expounds on Reagan's wish for an informed patriotism.

    I call everyone's attention to left wing attacks in the comments section of that video.

    We could use some real Americans to post a few comments there and knock the Commies back again. Reagan and his patriotism are being defended there by one American, against what is likely a group of ACORN or other left wing nuts.

  5. I don't see a KeyWiki on Al Gore. Need one.

    Gore suggested turning our spy satellites to study environmental issues, and we did because of him.

    It's going to be important later.

    We're already seeing that Gore's Global Warming Theory is bs. 30,000 scientists are still suing Gore for fraud over it.

    I also have to mention that in an interview, Gore claimed that he invented the internet. lol.

    His head belongs in the noose along with the rest of the Communist traitors.

  6. Hopefully the information release will provide the catalyst to stop this Commie before he can achieve his objective.

    From ACORN voter fraud to Commie election officials who rewrite election results, the Democratic Party has it covered. Almost sounds like material for a new motto.

    Some of the comments here struck a few chords too.

    I think Cherry MN & Gus Hall needs more publicity. Great comments there by anonymous.

    It's a very important point that the CPUSA began here in 1924. People generally seem to believe that the Communist threat originated after WWII.

    I need to gather documentation from the public domain to support what I've released on my own webs, so that information is going to help my efforts.

    This is an important blog post for several reasons. Now let's try to stop this Commie puke before he can do the damage.

  7. Can you find any links to Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and Kate Brown. Bill is a close personal friend of Al Gore and I suspect Kate Brown runs in the same track.

  8. p.s. first anonymous (you lie)I hope that's just a bad attempt at sarcasm or else you my just be the one i'm addressing here.
    Trevor Loudon, love ya man.Keep Inspired and know we all appreciate your efforts.

  9. I honestly think the power to hide and assasinate the character of your accuser was present even in the 40's and 50's by the communists. I now believe Sen.Joseph McCarthy has been vindicated,that is he was telling the absolute truth.It is so sad that Honorable men and women have sacrificed so much including their very lives in many cases to prevent these bastards from overthrowing resistant governments and peoples to now see this shit going on around the plantet.Represent commie assholes,show me where ANYTHING HAS GOTTEN BETTER FOR ANYONE AS A RESULT OF YOUR PRESENCE AND IDEOLOGY.Any proof is acceptable and will get my promise to rethink the whole issue.

  10. Couldn't agree more with "Anonymous" from MN. I, too, grew up near Cherry- have gotten out of there since- but understand the mentality of the folks there. They simply vote for the (D) with their eyes closed, never understanding the true nature of their vote. I love what you're doing, Trevor, in exposing these communists. Shining the light on some of these politicians will at least start a dialogue and give those of us who are conservatives some talking points when we come into contact with the liberal world.

    The DFL is no longer a democrat party…it is a communist hotbed of policies.

  11. This is typical of Minnesota, the most anti-american state in the entire union.

    The Iron Range town of Cherry (a half hour drive frome where I live) is the home of the notorious Gus Hall, the infamous long time head of the American Communist Party, is the very womb and lair of the communist movement in the US.

    This seething cauldron of anti-american Marxism is the cesspool of the nation, nothing has changed here since Gus Hall's day.

    Arguably the only worthwhile things to come out of Minnesota are Senator Henrik Shipstead's refusal to sign on to the Marxist-secular humanist generated United Nations Charter in 1945 (one of two Senators who even bothered to read it); and attorney Jerome Daly's successful challange to unredeemable Federal Reserve Notes after the country was taken off the silver standard in 1968 (Credit River Money Opinion).

    This state has spawned the most anti-american politicians ever to hold office – Humphrey, Mondale, Wellstone, Franken, and now Dayton, etc.

    Access to Soviet Archive documents and release of the Verona Papers shows CPUSA origins of the democrat party (under the direction of the mother Soviet communist party) in 1924, beginning with the labor union movement (which is what communism is – "Workers of the world-UNITE"; "dictatorship of the proletariat", etc.). Simply google "communist origins of the DFL party" and see for yourself.

    A comparison of the DFL Party Platform with Ch. 10 of the USSR Constituion will show word for word similarities. The DFL is an appendage and front organization of the Communist Party USA.

    Don't expect Minnesotans to accept truth, most of them will support democrats anyway because their great-great-great grandfather (when he still had fur) voted democrat and that is good enough for them.

  12. I just can't even imagine what Ronald Reagan would think about the deliberate and outward infiltration of communists into the government of the U.S.A. After all that he did (along with Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul) to pound communism down during his presidency, what would be his reaction to the reality that many Americans today hold a "so what" attitude towards those who publically admit to being Marxists/Communists/National Socialists running our government?

    It made me so sick to see a member of the rabidly liberal/progressive Daily Kos blog appear on C-Span this morning, spewing her socialist lies with the sub C-Span host apparently secretly nodding in agreement with all that she had to say.


    Fortunately, a few of the American patriot callers put her in her place and made her look like such a fool! Yet, she sat there thinking that she was making her points with the audience. I would venture to bet that most of the country was nauseated listening to her.

    How sad that many American universities have so brain-washed (actually, brain-dirtied these clueless liberal students into believing that socialism is something desirable. They need to see all of the documentaries out there that share the truth about the horrendous results of socialist, Marxist, and Communist dictatorships of the past. How many actually know that National Socialism is more commonly known as Nazism?

    Those who don't know the truth about the past are sure to repeat the horrid mistakes of the past!

    Thanks, Trevor, for all that you are doing to expose all of the "isms" out there that lead to evil, sin, and death through the iron fist of elitists who would persecute and kill innocents in order to achieve their evil "utopia" goals.

    It is my hope and prayer that Americans who just shrug their shoulders at what is happening at the hands of the communists in our land are awakened and join the fight to save our nation from the grip of communism before its too late.

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