5 thoughts on “Socialist Dolores Huerta Campaigns for Illegal Immigrant "Rights"

  1. American "rights" are available only to "Americans". This country was not founded BY Mexicans. It was not founded FOR Mexicans. It was founded ONLY "For Ourselves And Our Posterity".

    Immigrants who wish to be adopted into our American political family are expected to recognize, respect, and abide by this country's founding principles. It is not their prerogotive to avail themselves of our hospitality and then demand our founding principles be abandoned or abolished in order to acomodate them and their incompatible alien customs and beliefs.

    They best understand that this country was not founded for them, this is not their country, they are being adopted in as a "guest" in the house of the host population as a coutesy.

  2. How ironic is it that Delores is extolling the virtues of using oil money to fund her Utopian dreams? Apparently it doesn't hurt the environment if the oil companies are nationalized and owned by Hugo Chavez, but if they are private corporations owned by shareholders oil kills Mother Earth.

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