Images of the Christchurch Quake

Our family escaped completely unscathed, but much of Christchurch and surrounding areas was not so lucky.

Up to 20% of the homes in the city may be rendered uninhabitable. Damage is at least $2 billion in a city of 340,000 people.

The University is closed, as will be many schools.

Aftershocks are continuing, with one of 6.0 on the Richter Scale expected anytime.

The original quake was 7.1

We’re also expecting gale force winds later today. Sheeeeeesh.

Most of Christchurch looks normal, but some suburbs are flooded and the roads almost impassable. Hundreds of homes have been condemned and many central city businesses are closed.

Many personal landmarks were affected by the quake. A swingbridge I used to cross as a kid in Kaiapoi was wrecked, a place I used to work at in Merivale was demolished.

I used to visit friends in the flat to the right above.

I used to live in this bedroom back in the ’80s.

Amazingly, no one was killed.

The damage is huge, but people love this town and we’ll be back up and running pretty quickly.

There is a lot of pride in this city. We won’t stay down for long.


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26 thoughts on “Images of the Christchurch Quake

  1. like others, thought of you and yours first

    don't expect anything BUT SQUAT from the O-hole – not enuff muzzies – too much capitalism / freedom

    also we got a bit of "charity fatigue" (haiti, gulf, last years crap) saving money for conservative congress)

    FIGHT OFF the progressives and architects DEMANDS that you turn yourself GREEN like greensburg ks
    despite all the happytalk-alot of 'em ain't all that happy with it!


  2. Still getting harrowing aftershocks (5.4, % 5.2 early this morning) Only a little damage , our garage door buckled, TV smashed, my grandmother's gorgeous porcelain antique vases & buscuit-ware "Girl on a Swing" that I adored. Still they are only "things" and we have our lives intact. There are a lot worse off than us huddled in shelters for three days now, their houses completely written off. The ground opened up beneath them. The suburb of Kaiapoi us extremely bad with no water, power, and no sewer. I wish the aftershocks would cease, this old body is getting tired from lack of sleep. from St.Albans, Christchurch. 7th Sept 6.30am. Barbara Hill

  3. I'm so glad that you and yours are safe. Thanks for posting the pics, and just know that you are being sent lots of thoughts and prayers from your blog friends, including those of us in the US.

  4. Glad no lives were lost. I was in Christchurch last November(stayed in Southern Comfort Inn) and was very impressed by the people's hospitality. I could see that the Methodist church was damaged in one of the pictures. Any news about the Christchurch Cathedral ?

  5. Prayers, indeed, of blessings, healing, and thanksgiving that no one was killed. Hope the aftershocks end soon.

    Again, let us know if there is any group to send out some donations.

  6. My prayers are with the people of Christchurch. Having lived in California for many years and experiencing our own difficult earthquake in 1994, I know how unsettling those endless aftershocks can be (and your Richter was much worse!). People who have never experienced a bad earthquake tend to think the worst is over after the initial shock but the aftershocks work on you mentally and physically and it is really, really tough. Hang in there! I know your beautiful city will recover and be better than ever and I thank God for no loss of life.

  7. Wow! It truly is a miracle no one was killed. That is a lot of damage. To repeat many questions, is there a place to send money?

  8. Trevor, can you recommend NZ relief agencies we can support during this recovery and rebuilding?

    We are relieved you are well and that none were killed in this huge quake. God bless you. Keep safe!

  9. Thank God you are all safe. My wife and I visited your country in 1987 an fell in love with it's people and beauty. Our prayers are with you all.

  10. For those who've never experienced an earthquake, it is a horrible feeling. You are walking on gelatin – everything is set on a semi-fluid "thing". There is nothing safe or strong.

    I went through a bad one in California.

    The damage looks very bad.

    I am glad you are safe and can't believe no one was killed. Don't have to tell you that you all are extremely fortunate.

  11. There has been very little news of this in the US. I hope that the reports on this blog about no deaths are true! May God bless everyone affected. Is there a site for relief funds?

  12. Wow, devastating damage. It's miraculous that there were no deaths.
    Keep us posted on the progress and if there is anything we can do for NZ.

  13. Wow, thanks for the pics. Thankful nobody was killed (hope any injuries were minor). And thankful that you and yours are safe, Trevor. Prayers for New Zealand.

  14. Reminding self of what truly matters, and so grateful for the internet to find out so quickly that despite the destruction, no one was killed. May God bless you all with a swift recovery. Sending prayers your way.

  15. You were the first person I thought out when I hard the news. Glad to hear everyone is ok. Hard to believe no one was killed. God bless you and yours.

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