8 thoughts on “Obama’s Real Health Care Plans

  1. You must all be dimwits, obviously the precious president Obama is gonna outsource US healthcare , it has worked so well for the US economy, why wouldn`t he?

    Sometimes it is hard not to despair at the remarkable decline in peoples intellect all across the world.
    Once BO has nationalized the US health system all US citizens will then become wards of the state, govt can then dictate nearly all previously personal or private decisions simply because you all belong to govt.Look how easy it has been in NZ to turn the people into lemmings.NZ would be the perfect template to use if your goals were communism.
    I look forward to the day when it is mandatory for the states to pharmaceutically enhance the towns water supply, maybe prozac or something similar just to help ease the burden on people during this western recession.

    Keep up the good work Trevor :))

  2. "I really hope he makes a huge free universal healthcare system, not some sissy health insurance crap."

    You call yourself some sort of an anarchist? Who's going to be responsible for flipping the bill of this "free" universal healthcare? Answer…eventually you via taxes.

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  4. This makes me so angry. All essentials to life must be privatized. I'm personally looking into patenting the air

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