How Socialist Extremists Took Over the New Zealand Labour Party Part 13

The New Zealand Council for World Peace

One of the Socialist Unity Party’s main avenues for infiltrating and influencing the Labour Party was the New Zealand Council for World Peace.

Founded in 1976 in Auckland, by SUP leaders Bill Andersen and Peter Ritchie, the NZCWP was the local affiliate of the Soviet front World Peace Council.

Its main purpose was to promote the Soviet Union’s anti nuclear line through unions, churches, “community groups” and most importantly the Labour Party.

I quote from a Socialist Unity Party Auckland Regional Newsletter of 12/11/80

To date in the region the Peace Council has made good progress among trade unions but more effort must be made to build on this and take the peace question to the factory floor.

Also needed now is to broaden the Peace Council into other areas of the Community, join up prominent personalities including MPs, increase church involvement, university involvement, other peace groups, community clubs etc.

Here branches and comrades can act as catalysts. We must be extremely careful that in building the Peace Council it does not become overburdened with “SUP” people or be labelled just another “SUP” front.

If our Party is working correctly, only a few comrades, reporting back to the Region and Branches and taking forward issues from the same sources, are necessary to ensure effective involvement in the Peace movement. The broadest possible base is needed if we are to make the Council effective.

Note the blatant dishonesty. The SUP is bluntly stating that the Party must be careful to hide SUP presence and guidance of the Peace Council.

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