A Message to National Voters.

Many commentators are picking that ACT will take three seats in Saturday’s General Election.

I’m picking more than that. I think ACT will surprise many on the night.

ACT has its core voters, but much of our “cream” will come from National supporters.

So please think about this National Party brothers and sisters (note I don’t say “brethren”).

Rodney is guaranteed to win Epsom, so EVERY ACT vote counts.

Party voting for National give you more MPs from the BOTTOM of National’s list.

Party voting ACT will give you more MPs from the TOP of ACT’s list.

Which do you think will give you a stronger Parliament?

Which do you think will be more likely to give you lower taxes, rein in government wastefulness, smash the nanny state, tackle crime, boost our national defence and slash red tape?

Use your party vote to maximum effect.

Party Vote ACT!


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3 thoughts on “A Message to National Voters.

  1. Fairly new resident from the United States. Happy to tell you that my wife and I will both vote for ACT later today (I like the electoral system here 🙂 ). Great to be in a place about to make a change of government for the better instead of for the worse.

  2. iPredict has ACT set to win 4 seats with 3.47% of the vote. Andy…feel free to go and bid the price up if you think you’re right…

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