We Can Win This One!

In the 24 hours since posting this article on Obama’s 1996 membership of the socialist New Party, New Zeal has recieved over 13,000 hits and rising hundreds per hour.

My Technorati rating is now 145. A month ago it was 59.

Aaron Klein of World Net Daily published this excellent this article, which was posted on the front page of the Fox News website.

Leading Obama researcher Stanley Kurtz published this article on National Review Online

With all its lengthy background pieces, has the New York Times ever noted that Barack Obama was endorsed by, and was a member of, the New Party? What about the Washington Post? Has any major television network, any national news magazine, or any major daily newspaper ever mentioned that Barack Obama was endorsed by, or was a member of, the New Party? If any such outlet has ever mentioned that fact, have they ever gone on to explain in any depth exactly what the New Party was? For example, have they laid out the extremely close ties between the New Party in Chicago and ACORN? Especially with issue of Obama’s ties to ACORN so much in the news, isn’t this a major story right now?

Leading US blogs Power Line and Gateway Pundit covered the story as did dozens of others from France, Scandinavia, the US and New Zealand.

The excellent blog, The Real Barack Obama has cross-posted here

I also recieved many, many heartfelt emails from patriotic and deeply concerned Americans from Florida, Kansas, Texas, New York ……..Many have sent links to further information.

I’ve wiped away a few tears today.

It’s been exciting!!!

Thanks everybody who has tuned in today. Thanks for the kind an inspiring emails. I’m replying as fast as I can.

A big thankyou to my friends and research colleagues Cliff Kincaid, Herb Romerstein and Max Friedman-and the rest of the team.

We can win this one!


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4 thoughts on “We Can Win This One!

  1. Thank you for what you’re doing, Trevor. Your USA cousins are counting on you to take the fight to Øbama on our behalf. I know Glenn Beck and Rush will help when they can. Hopefully you and Breitbart media can closely support each other too.

  2. You are right – some of us can’t get through the media noise. I’ve always treated politics like a football game – sure, I have a team I’m rooting for and that I want to see win, but I’m alright if the other guy does. Not this one – and it’s SO frustrating that everyone seems so blinded by… what? I’ve never really screamed liberal media bias, I just always figured they followed the story and the ratings, and that true investigative journalism had died. But this election cycle? How do I conclude otherwise? So yes, very grateful for any attempt to shine daylight on what we’re about to elect! THANK YOU.

    -Linda in Texas

  3. Thank you for all you’re doing, Trevor. Arizona loves New Zealand!
    Righto! Many continued blessings to you!
    * Arizona

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