New Zeal Obama/New Party Photo Goes Viral

My hit rate is still climbing.

UK journalist Melanie Phillips has given New Zeal another good plug on her Spectator blog.

Melanie posted my photo of Obama celebratng his 1996 Illinois State Senate seat victory with members of the New Party.

US megablog Powerline has also picked up on the post here and also published the Obama/New Party photo.

Powerline sank Dan Rather-maybe they can help defeat Obama?

The photo has now been duplicated on blogs all across the US and Europe.

You saw it here first.


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11 thoughts on “New Zeal Obama/New Party Photo Goes Viral

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  3. Absolutely good work. Leftist group-think is their new tactic, this shows it for what it really is. Like you reported here; “Judging from statements in the article Palmer was completely seduced by what she saw;
    “We Americans can be misled by the major media. We’re being told the Soviets are striving to achieve a comparatively low standard of living compared with ours, but actually they have reached a basic stability in meeting their needs and are now planning to double their production.””.
    They like socialism.

  4. Looks like there’s a lot more to this born in Kenya thing too. I reckon he might have been. His grandmother now claims she was present (in Kenya) at the birth.

    Look it up on Free Republic.

    In true “Bush National Guard papers” fashion, the MSM is ignoring this Trev. Something for the bloggers to scoop them on once again.

    PS- Congrats on your international acclaim. You deserve every bit of it. I know all the work you’ve put into this site. Well done.

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