UK Telegragh "Outs" Obama’s Bent Mentor

Look what an humble Kiwi blogger started.

New Zeal was the first to expose Barack Obama’s boyhood relationship with Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis in this post in March 2007.

After Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media picked up the story in February 2008, the news went viral.

The Obama/Frank Marshall Davis story has been featured on thousands of blogs and websites and has turned an obscure black poet into hot study topic for hundreds of researchers.

Now the British Daily Telegraph has taken things to a new level.

In a major article the Telegraph’s US correspondent Toby Harnden has revealed several new facts about the relationship.

Harnden reveals that Obama’s grandfather introduced the boy to Davis in 1970, at the age of 10. This means that Davis was influencing Obama for eight or nine years until he left Hawaii for university at the age of 18. While Obama has tried to portray his Kansas born grandfather as a source of traditional mid Western values, Harnden describes Grandpa Dunham sharing whiskey and marijuana with Davis.

Most shockingly Harnden reveals that Davis was the author (under the pseudonym Bob Greene) of a 1968 memoir entitled “Sex Rebel”. Davis later admitted that the book is autobiographical. “Sex Rebel” boasts of cruising an Honolulu park for sex with couples and single women, bondage, bisexuality and episodes of group sex with his first wife and a thirteen year old girl entrusted to Davis by her aunt.

This has now gone ballistic on the US blogosphere and has even inspired this cartoon from Day by Day

Harnden slips a little in calling Davis an “alleged” communist.

Frank Marshall Davis was participating in well documented communist fronts in the late 1930s. During World War 2 he formally, though secretly, joined the Communist Party in Chicago. After the war Davis was active in communist cells in Hawaii and was still listed as supporting a well documented communist front, The Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born as late as 1973-three years after meeting young Barry Obama.

Cliff Kincaid tells the story much better here.


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5 thoughts on “UK Telegragh "Outs" Obama’s Bent Mentor

  1. Sorry Cameron-not trouble from my end, I wonder if others are having this trouble.

    Also sorry, but there’s a bit more to come on the Senator from Illinois.

  2. Trevor, not only does your blog now take forever to load, it also is just full of this boring Obama trash.

    Obama most certainly is not a communist. One just needs to look at his policies to work that out. On many issues his statements mirror that of McCain or even President Bush. For example he pledged military and diplomatic support to the incredibly reactionary corrupt murderous right-wing President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, while she was visiting the USA a couple of months ago.

    There have been plenty of good articles on Znet over the past years on how Obama is not particularly progressive.

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