R.I.P. Jo Giles

The police have just announced that Canterbury identity Jo Giles is among those confirmed killed by the Christchurch earthquake.

Jo was in the Canterbury TV building when it collapsed on February 22, killing more than 20 people.

I knew Jo through our work together  in the ACT political party, but thousands of Cantabrians and New Zealanders knew Jo through her broadcasting, sporting and community activities.

Jo represented New Zealand in pistol shooting at two Oceania Games and a World Cup. She was New Zealand’s first female jockey, and competed in motorsport and rock ‘n’ roll competitions.

Jo was an hairdresser, office worker, psychopaedic nurse, training officer (teaching intellectually disabled), dairy owner, prison officer, sales person, radio announcer, and for the past several years a TV Presenter.

Jo was a very kind hearted person, extremely community minded and very, very sociable.

She leaves behind four children Anna, Samantha, Olivia and James.

Jo Giles will be missed.


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12 thoughts on “R.I.P. Jo Giles

  1. Wow – she sounds like she was quite a woman, with all those wonderful attributes! My condolences to her family and friends – may she rest in peace.

  2. As one of your regular readers, my heart cries out with agony right now, Trevor … agony for her children, first of all. Since you mentioned her in your first report of this quake, I know with certainly that you were very close to her, and that heart-agony extends to you, too. It is clear that the whole community will sorely miss Jo.

    Prayers for you, for her, and all involved.


  3. An inspiring woman, her life certainly was lived to its fullest, and I am sure she left a mark on the souls of many. Keep on keeping on Trevor, I'm sure you are deeply touched to have had her friendship, you and she were both lucky to have crossed paths.

  4. It sounds like she took Christ at His word when He said He came that we could have Life and more Abundant Life. I am saddened by your loss, but truly inspired by the description of her Love for Life!

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