Aussie Communists Praise Rudd’s Apology

From the Communist Party of Australia’s latest Guardian

The Central Committee Executive of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) welcomes the apology by Prime Minister Rudd to the Stolen Generations in Federal Parliament on February 13. The CPA sees this as a first step towards compensation, restoration of stolen wages, democratic election of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation and land rights, on the basis of genuine consultation and co-operation.

Hardly surprising as the Communist Party of Australia has been a key player in the Aboriginal rights movement for nearly 90 years.


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9 thoughts on “Aussie Communists Praise Rudd’s Apology

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  2. the accusation is because Trev is AGAINST aboriginal rights and reconciliation.

    he also always blogs agaist Obama and african americans, latin americans, cubans, asians and maori people and always supports the middle class white political parties (such as ACT and the Libertarians and National).

    Racist? Class lover of the rich and a hypocrit. Hates commies and the environment and lusts for white privledge and police that defend property, by force if needed.

    Pauline Hanson is Trev’s Lenin.


  3. So what solution do you have to get the Aboriginal people back to their original state Steve? You would rather promote failure with encouraging Aboriginal people of being indoctrinated in hardcore socialism.

    What about Capitalism? The Aboriginals could learn from their Native American counterparts whom own casinos and could regain the wealth they lost. But with your supporter of Hugo Chavez, I doubt they’re ever going to get what they want back.

  4. I knew, I just knew that Terv would come out condemning human decency, just like he condemned the Burmese democracy forces. ‘Cos her daddy was a leftie apparently…..get some perspective you silly boy !

    I’ve said it before – Trev’s ALWAYS on the side of the dark forces. Check it out. On any issue you care to nominate, Trev’s ALWAYS with the arseholes.

    And he expects us to vote ACT ??? On his self-satisfied, wahanui say so ??? For Freedom ???

    Gotta say it Trev, Rodney’s a FAR nicer guy than you. You’re a conscienceless fulla.

    Does Rodney have a veto on the vice-presidency number ?

  5. The comment above Trevor’s is illustrative of how hate speech is flourishing on the Net. The haters can post their threats and defamation anonymously, and can attack at will with no consequence. Instead of wearing white hoods, these despicable people hide behind a machine.

    Unsubstantiated leftist accusations of “racism” come straight from a particularly nasty intellectual sewer.

    Hate speech is hate speech, whether it’s being spewed by some nut wearing a Nazi armband, or a Che Guevara T-shirt, or by some gnome hunched over a keyboard.

  6. surprising that you, pauline hanson and john howard are about the only people that aren’t sorry for what was done to aboriginal families.

    you dirty little racist.

    prove me wrong if that isn’t how you feel.

  7. I say the solution for Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals is to introduce Capitalism. Just look at Native American tribes here in the U.S. owning casinos. They’re making money.

    Just makes no sense to introduce hardcore socialism to the Aboriginals which only agitates them to rise up against non-Aboriginal people.

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