Did Anarchists "Flick Dick"?

If the Wellington anarchist community is wondering why I’m so “on their case” over their links to the “Urewera 17“, here’s my answer;

You buggers started it.

Here’s an article from the October 1999 issue of the Christchurch based anarchist ‘zine Thrall;

Anarchists in Wellington have launched a grassroots campaign to oust ACT leader Richard Prebble from his Wellington Central electorate.

The Flick Dick Coalition has brought together activists with no parliamentary political party links but who are united in their opposition to the New Right policies favoured by ACT.

They plan to use direct action tactics to discredit Prebble and alter the course of the election by ensuring he is not elected. If Prebble fails to retain his seat ACT will have no MPs unless they gain more than 5% of the party vote. National has agreed not to stand a candidate against Prebble to try and ensure he retains his seat.

The coalition believes Prebble is a dangerous henchman of the rich whose job is to push through even more extreme New Right policies designed to give big businesses a lift. He has retained this role since the 1980s, when as a Labour cabinet minister he sold off Telecom and other state assets at bargain basement prices.

You can contact the Flick Dick Coalition at P0 Box 6387, Te Aro, Wellington.

PO Box 6387 Te Aro has been used by the Libertarian Communists/Wildcat Anarchist Collective, Wellington Animal Action, Aotearoa Indymedia, Campaign Against McDonalds, Food Not Bombs, Wellington Animal Rights Network, National Anti Vivisection Campaign and Irrecuperable Press, the publishers of Toby Boraman’s new book on anarchism in New Zealand.

Incidentally, Richard Prebble did lose his seat that year, but whether bolshie anarchists or boundary changes or were blame, who can say?


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15 thoughts on “Did Anarchists "Flick Dick"?

  1. Y I never supported Apartheid. I proudly supported South Africa against the communist controlled ANC-and would do the same today.

    Just like many leftists supported the US against Nazi germany in WW2 despite the fact the US had a racially segregated army.

    I also supported Chile’s overthrow of the Marxist Allende regime and the establishment of a semi-market economy in Chile.

    I would certainly not support the alleged murders, torture and other excesses attributed to his regime, if indeed they did take place as the left claims.

  2. I guess people would also like to know when you stopped supporting apartheid in south africa and the pinochet government in chile, Trev….


  3. Me Again claims that if someone once was against the parliamentary system and then beomes an MP,that’s an example of them changing their politics…well,it maybe,but only infant level two valued logic would claim that as a fact.From my observations,Trevor does understand this simple concept,therefore,Me again,by your own logic 99% of his blog is not a load of nonsense.

  4. Anon people can change their politics and often do.

    However many do not, or just get a bit smarter with their tactics.

    Rod, Nandor and Metiria were all anarchists before Parliament and all them continued to push anarchist causes after becoming MPs

    Keith and Sue B were both Marxist-Leninists before parliament and both continue to do the same now.

    Sue B runs a Marxist training school fer Chrissakes!

    Russel will follow the same pattern, I reckon.

    I think voters deserve to know that.

    What do you reckon?

  5. “Once a commie, always a commie” sounds about right for this blog. It’s always harping on about how such-and-such was a member of the Trotskyist-Anarcho-Feminist-Peace League in 1987. So what does that make those who were once involved with neo-Nazis?

  6. me again,
    It has occurred to me that you are probably referring to the numerous ‘ex anarchists’ involved in the green party.

    I suppose I’m pushing shit up hill trying to convince Trevor “once a commie always a commie” Loudon that people can change their politics.
    If someone says they are an anarchist opposed to the parliamentary system and then they become an MP, thats evidence of them changing their politics, not evidence of a grand anarcho communist conspiracy to infiltrate parliament. Of course if Trevor understood this simple concept, he would have to admit that 99% of his blog is a load of rubbish

  7. what on earth makes you think that anarchists associate with “statist left wing parties”?

    Anarchists are opposed to state AND capitalism. While I sometimes march on a demo alongside marxists and social democrats who both have a niave faith in the state, I can assure you that after the demo in the pub I will be arguing vigorously against their politics. If you or trevor were to come along on an anti war march or whatever, I would happily march alongside you and then tell you what I thought of your silly and naive faith in capitalism at the pub afterwards too. Of course that will never happen because you guys dont ever appear on (to use one example) anti war marches because despite your claim to be interested in liberty and freedom for all, you dont actually give a shit about the right of people to be free from govt organised bombing campaigns.

    as for being “unemployable”, I’m far too busy to work!

    death to capitalism
    Mr G

  8. Anarchists in NZ are pretty embarrassing. I can’t believe they associate themselves with the statist left wing parties. And most of them are completely unemployable… little wonder the movement in NZ is so lame and tiny.

    Prebs was screwed by boundary changes. Even at the time it happened the media said he was toast. A good man, that the entire house recognised as talented.

  9. In winter 1993 while enjoying a sabbatical from the workaday world,I was hitchiking from Turangi to Rotorua,and was pleasantly surprised to be picked up by Mr Richard Prebble MP.
    The following hour and a half was one of the most interesting and stimulating car journeys ever.
    I found Mr Prebble to be very personable,despite cartoonists of the time portraying him as a pitbull terrier,with a depth of street smarts one wold not normally associate with an MP.
    Looking back now,I realise anew how much the mainstream media is responsible for the everyday perception of the common reality,and how carelessly this is exercised.

  10. Unfortunately deductive googling can result in crap like what this site is promoting. http://www.newnation.org/
    Allbeit their angle is to find anything crappy committed by afro USA people, whoever your target group is, yours is obviously the dirty filthy commie….its quite easy to do, just means you conveniently leave stuff out that doesnt fit the mold.

  11. Anon 1-no its not a vendetta, I’m just taking the piss.

    I’ve never taken the anarchists that seriously and have quite liked some of them.

    I never dreamed that some of them would end up running around the bush with pistols and napalm (allegedly), talking about killing people and blowing things up (allegedly).

    However as the media has done such a piss-poor job of getting to the bottom of this (except for NZ Truth), I’ve taken it upon myself to find out everything I can about these people.

    The internet is a wonderful thing.

  12. yeah now he hangs out in the Urewera. You better ask him if he has ever been to one of Iti’s bush wananga Trev, he does hang out at Iti’s marae most every other day.

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