Aocafe Back Online

Subversive Maori website Aotearoa Cafe (Aocafe) is back online.

Police have alleged that Aocafe was used by those attending “Quasi military” training camps in the Ureweras, to keep in contact and to co-ordinate their activities. is registered with to , one of those arrested in the October 15th raids.

Police seized Aocafe’s computers during the raids and have apparently only recently returned them. Aocafe claim that the hard drives were so damaged that no information could be retrieved.

An apparently unrepentant “Urewera 17” arrestee, Emily Bailey is pleased that Aocafe is back online.

Yeah choice to see this site back up. Shame that korero was lost though… eff’in cops grrr but hey, we keep on strugglin’ ne?

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2 thoughts on “Aocafe Back Online

  1. Join us in our campaign to keep Maori off the net.

    The net is a place for talking, not some korero. Whatever that means.

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